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  1. KWalrad

    Random Posting

    Huh. So it is. i'll be damned.
  2. KWalrad

    Random Posting

    What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin' on here? i ain't eatin' that!
  3. KWalrad

    Watch Security Guard Taser Obnoxious Loudmouth

    180 grain lead poisoning is the only solution to that nonsense. It looks like the next generation is learning the tradecraft well. Frickin' sad.
  4. KWalrad

    Secret revealed, pancakes

    Put a spoonful of bacon grease into the mix. You're welcome.
  5. KWalrad

    Anyone here still have a Plasma TV?

    My 50" LG gave up the ghost back in November. We averaged six years out of our two LG plasmas before the power supplies went out. I toyed with the option of repairing it, but at the end of the day just replaced it. We picked up a 60" 4k for a 1/4 of what we paid for the plasma.
  6. KWalrad

    TBO's laugh of the Saturday

    And your response was?
  7. Location, location, location. In order to be successful in business, one must have clients. If the clientele can't or won't come to you, then you must go to the clientele. This is a teachable moment on so many levels. Don't do drugs, m'kay. Drugs are bad.
  8. Naughts and gazzintahs. I'm gonna need a bigger calculator
  9. Are we supposed to start at the bottom and work up, or start at the top and work down? He (or she) with the most point wins? Challenge accepted!
  10. That should be enough to make it ten feet taller and ten feet deeper. And electrified.
  11. Minutes. Minutes ago... Whoops. Seconds. Seconds ago...