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  1. There are some questions better left un-asked. You know he's popular at the end of the night in the bar, holding court with that story.
  2. Are there any differences between "egg rolls" and "spring rolls"? They taste the same to me. Just wondering.
  3. Four letters... E X I T If it disturbs you that much, then by all means, sit there and stew instead of dismissing yourself and taking your leave.
  4. After 20 years of home ownership, I never want to touch another paint brush.
  5. She's a tramp. ...and she needs a spanking. Somebody spot me a C-note.
  6. How do you get a room full of nuns to say the "F" word? Yell out "BINGO!"
  7. Guess who's buying stock in potatoes... and apple pies. This guy.
  8. Save your stamp. i can be there in 45 minutes. ...think she'll mind sitting in the back with the future ex-Mrs. KWal?
  9. I haven't heard an update in awhile, but I've yet to hear of any related fatalities. Masonry can be rebuilt. Lost lives not so much. While the loss of History may be great, the lack of lives lost is far greater. Perspective, my Friends.
  10. Rudy? I hate that little ****. Stop drop and roll you little turd.
  11. You need to learn how to handle these types of people. Turn it around and play their game on them. Respond to everything they say with their name include... only, change the name each time. i.e. - Sure, Frank. Okay Joe. What about this Kyle? When can you get here Gary? Bonus points if you can start with a name that begins with an "A" and make it all of the way through the alphabet to a name beginning with "Z". My mama raised some ugly children, but she didn't raise any dummies.
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