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  1. You'll hear no complaints from me. Just remember, you break it, you bought it.
  2. I gotta party with you Cowboy.
  3. I don't often go by the non de plume "ChrisS", but when I do, citizenship is denied. You can't make this **** up.
  4. My chow does something similar. We peruse thrift stores and buy large stuffed animals with which he performs his "manly" duty. Often times the victims are larger than he is. When the urge strikes him, he'll grab his betrothed from the corner and drag into the middle of the room before performing his act. If we leave the room, he'll drag it to wherever we move to. I'm not sure where he gets his exhibitionist streak from...
  5. Paul Stanley can choke on a bag of dicks.
  6. What's a Scotsman wear beneath his kilt? Socks and shoes.
  7. Pete Zaria Jim Shorts Pete Moss Jim Nasium Sandy Beach Hugh G. Rection Guy LeDushe John Boat Mike Hunt Al Kaholic Andy Madercum
  8. If you're paying the rental fee AND the cost of suplimental insurance, you may as well get your money's worth. Hell, drive around with the emergency brake on just for good measure. Just don't smoke in it. That'd be rude.
  9. You take them home, just not to YOUR home. And NEVER home to Mama.
  10. People like this is why the fires of Hell burn hot and for all eternity.
  11. Hell, Yeah!!! That guy could play a shoestring and make it sound good. (And ya gotta love when a drummer gets locked in the pocket.) Thanks for sharing!
  12. Airborne, Sir. Death from above.
  13. My beautiful mother, God bless her, is ambidextrous. She has that "mom arm" brake that whips out across the width of the front seats saving any front seat occupant from meeting a painful demise from the dashboard anytime more than 15 ft. lb of force is applied to the brake pedal. It doesn't matter if she's driving, a front seat passenger, or a backseat passenger. She's like a superhero.
  14. I'm the age when I'd appreciate the memory of a good slut in my future. Hell, she doesn't even have to be "good". Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere. I like everywhere.
  15. On the plus side, you must get great gas mileage. On the negative, I don't see much in the way of dead hooker storage.... er, "trunk space".
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