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  1. Of course I do. It's not like you see me on message boards all day pissing and moaning about medical doctors, pharmacies, and democrats, complaining about persecution against practicing (or non-practicing) Jewish people, telling stories about my bad-ass days as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, and blaming other people for my medical woes, all while making threats to school staff because they don't realize that I'm a National Hero that should have my own website for people to worship me and tell me how I'm 100% rightous and should never be called out for my b.s. stories or for making every thread on a message board about me. That's something that only a Class A Choad would do. I'm sure that you of all people would agree. Right? Right.
  2. So, in this instance, you're saying that it takes a tool to know one? Got it. You forgot to throw religion into your comments.
  3. "Even some Marines have figured it out" THAT is funny!
  4. Thanks for making yet another thread all about you.
  5. Brennan should be waterboarded as part of America Has Talent.
  6. Who me? When I'm not hanging with my homies Secret Squirrel and Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, I'm just a dude playing the dude, disguised as another dude. You've got all of the answers Captain Reynolds Wrap. You tell me what I did. Chop-chop. Time is money.
  7. Check the backside. There should be a brand that'll identify the ranch she wandered off from. That ought to teach them to leave the barn door open.
  8. Dammit. We miss all of the fun.
  9. Patricia Roberts? That bitch owes me money! You lucky sumbitch. Can I have your old guns now that you're buying all new ones?
  10. Except honey badger. Honey badger don't give an eff.
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