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  1. KWalrad

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Chemist. They can both turn Purina products into copious amounts of fertilizer.
  2. KWalrad

    just ordered this bed set named "AMORE"

    In your defense, the My Little Pony set was getting a little thread bare.
  3. KWalrad

    Birthday Weekend...

    Happy Birthday Tom! May you have many, many more, with each one healthier and happier than the previous one.
  4. KWalrad

    Anybody win?

    There are no losers here. Only winners. Except for that guy. Yeah, you know who I'm talking to.
  5. I'm gonna get a tattoo of my penis on my penis.... only bigger.
  6. KWalrad


    Still here. Still drinking.t Anyone left?
  7. KWalrad


    We're all local if you live nearby... Keith is somewhere in the wilds of Michigan. OGW can give you directions if you need them.
  8. KWalrad

    Mexican beer?

    Dos Equis Amber, Pacifico, Modelo Negro, and Tecate. Pretty much in that order. No Corona if I can help it. That's a headache in a bottle every time.
  9. How much would it cost to run a pipeline from the Shiner Bock brewery to Dallas?
  10. KWalrad

    what is your favorite at home meal

    Beer. It's not just for breakfast anymore.
  11. The scary thought is what would fornicate with it. Eeewww! I would image it looks like 200 pounds of chewed up bubble gum that had been dropped on the barbershop floor.
  12. KWalrad

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    I see your fourth, and I raise you.
  13. KWalrad

    Annual Hangover Finalists

    This is one of those times where I'm actually releved to NOT see my photo posted.
  14. KWalrad

    New Cookie Recipe?

    As they say in West Virginia - if she was good enough for Grandpa, she's good enough for me.
  15. Dishwasher. ... And she can take her mother and two screaming brats with her when she leaves.