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  1. I'm too embarrassed to show what my cabinet full of spices looks like. Can you please share pics of your awesome spice racks to get me motivated to do better? Thanks!
  2. My dad had a friend who fought in the botb. He used to keep his house blazing hot during the winter. He said that he swore to himself if he made it back home that he would never be cold again.
  3. I have been using an electric percolator for years. I also have a jetboil with a French press built in for coffee when camping. How bout the rest of you?
  4. I pretty much only cook in cast iron. Anyone else?
  5. Happy birthday! I tilt my barrel to you.
  6. Only 43 men have held the title before Trump. Grover Cleveland messed up the count.
  7. Biden's assistant secretary of health.
  8. All hail the new Covid Queen!!! Good luck, sir!
  9. https://youtu.be/AYnMeCFIgZA
  10. It's just molecular, man.
  11. Maybe there's a snuke in her snizz.
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