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  1. “She was one of those rare vocalists who could do it all.” https://www.oann.com/grammy-award-winning-jazz-singer-nancy-wilson-dies-at-81/
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    Dramatic Pictures

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    Dramatic Pictures

  8. Awesome but frightening at the same time. "Judie Johnson of Hahei, New Zealand recently took a dip off the coast of Coromandel, she never expected to be surrounded by a pod of orca whales." https://www.foxnews.com/science/killer-whales-surround-new-zealand-woman-in-stunning-drone-footage
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    Bombers over and around Arizona

    B17 and B25 WWII Bombers over and around Arizona 's Superstition Mountains and Saguaro Lake. The backdrops are stunning. Music is from the mini -series JohnAdams.
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    Snipers Row

    Not familiar with red on the magazines, a training aid?
  11. Students Rally Behind High School Teacher Fired for Refusing to Call Female Student “He” "Not long after the decision was made to essentially fire Vlaming for his religious beliefs, students walked out and rallied outside the school to show their support for the former French teacher, Life Site News reports. Student chant “bring him back”. Most of them have been outside for nearly an hour at this point. There’s a mix of high school and middle school students out here right now. #VAnews #NBC12 pic.twitter.com/GOfLCD4PmN — Karina Bolster (@KarinaNBC12) December 7, 2018" https://activistmommy.com/students-rally-behind-high-school-teacher-fired-refusing-call-female-student/
  12. Seems a bit extreme. "After a four-hour hearing, the West Point School Board voted 5-0 to terminate Peter Vlaming, a French teacher at West Point High School who resisted administrators’ orders to use male pronouns to refer to a ninth-grade student who had undergone a gender transition. The board met in closed session for nearly an hour before the vote." https://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/virginia-high-school-teacher-fired-for-refusing-to-use-transgender/article_65be1826-50b2-5d38-be58-47d9b9480917.html
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    Snipers Row

    Now this should really bother the muzzle guys. These men are protesting the New Jersey large-capacity magazine ban!
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    Before and After: Socialism Hits Havana, Cuba