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  1. Race remote control cars. Just for fun now. I'm at the stage "the older I get the faster I was"
  2. I spent the best part of a day there on a St Louis visit. So much rolling stock and each car/engine is unique. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.
  3. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. USASA Berlin 71-72. I Did not have any pfennig checks. 100 pfennig to a mark, at that time 3.14 marks to a dollar. A pfennig was not worth much.
  5. Back in the day I knew someone with a 55 Chevy whenever she shifted into second the horn would beep Rrrrrrrrr beep rrrrrrrrrr.
  6. Electronic logs deadline is this December for truckers. WSJ Article: ]https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-trucking-firms-seek-to-put-the-brakes-on-electronic-logs-1505390400?mg=prod/accounts-wsj
  7. My cat's name is Hyde. When he was younger in the evening "Hyde" would come out and he would want to attack/play.
  8. I get two daily newspapers The Wall Street Journal The New York Times I like to see both sides in the editorials BUT I have to admit reading many of the editorials in the Times is difficult. I gave up on the local paper years ago. I used to get National Speed Sport News when Chris Economaki published it. This was a few years ago!
  9. Not if I can help it. Too much slowly wandering around looking at stuff.
  10. Vanwall

    iOS or Android

    I use IOS but only because of my hearing aids. My hearing aids will bluetooth directly to apple products but not to android (unless you use an intermediary device). I dislike itunes and miss the ease of moving files that android allows. I now have an iphone and ipad both are good but I feel like I have been assimilated.
  11. I was an android user both phone and pad until I purchased hearing aids that would blue tooth to apple but not android. I now have an iphone and ipad. They work great and there are nice features but I hate itunes and miss how easy it was to move files in android. If I had a choice I would choose android but now I probably will not go back I have been assimilated (resistance is futile).
  12. Link Sys AC1900ACS prior to that a WD N900 (not that great) I'm surprised the AC1900 is working right now. I must have had a close lightning strike when I was away about a month ago. When I came home I found the following issues: Two ethernet wired pc's had on board NIC's not working 1 switch was dead 1 ethernet wired WD Player was dead Two Squeeze box units ac/power adaptors were dead. One of the two Squeeze boxes was dead. The two units were wifi not ethernet The WD900 was dead . This was setup just as an access point/shared drive. The drive may be good I have not checked it yet The reason I'm surprised is that the AC1900 survived and is working OK. The PC's and router were on UPS's I installed NIC cards in the PC's and they are working with no issues. I had always heard that lightning can do strange things, well now I know.
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