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  1. pfigment

    new game

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. pfigment

    new game

    The Donald
  3. pfigment

    new game

    Brad Pitt
  4. pfigment

    new game

    Roy Orbison
  5. pfigment

    how long have you been married ?

    Got hitched February 1969 so 49 years plus......
  6. pfigment

    keurig or better k cup maker

    Don’t like the keurig’s myself, they only make about a 5 or 6 ounce cuppa Java.
  7. pfigment

    Hello Old Friends

    Welcome y’all......
  8. pfigment


    Howdy, welcome.....
  9. pfigment


    Welcome aboard....
  10. pfigment

    I Just Got Here

    Welcome sir...
  11. pfigment

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Welcome aboard dudes and dudettes!!
  12. pfigment

    Bojangles is now on my ban list

    wrong thread....
  13. pfigment

    The stomach flu for Christmas

    Pfeel better ma’am.....
  14. pfigment

    Snow down South.

    Northeast Georgia
  15. pfigment

    prayers needed

    Best wishes sir!