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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I noticed it said language, violence, & nudity. I get the violence as it's an active shooter story. How much language and what's the point of adding nudity to the story? Just curious to know as I consider watching it with my kids. Thanks.
  2. Rumors are flying thick these days. I think, as usual, most are nonsense. At best, they are built on half truths or, in some cases, just wishful thinking. My own feelings are that all we will see between now and the 20th is more TDS, more antagonism toward conservatism in general and Trump supporters in particular, and more trampling of free speech. Whether that is merely a flurry of temporary activity before our government returns to their usual self-serving corruption or if it is the beginning of truly challenging times for our freedoms remains to be seen.
  3. You lost me at "after the tree has been taken down". Today is the 10th day of Christmas. Still two more days to go before Christmas is over. That makes it a proper, on-time Christmas gift to yourself. Oh, and go put your tree back up until Tuesday.
  4. While that wouldn't fit my needs, that's still a really cool setup you have there.
  5. Merry Christmas, all! Y'all get my first Christmas greetings. My mom trained me that the season starts on Christmas and I still refuse to say the words beforehand, because it's technically Advent, not Christmas, no matter what the radio stations and big box stores claim. Christmas Eve, however, is close enough, so...
  6. Sorry for the childhood Christmas garbage you experienced. Obviously, adults with emotional or mental issues don't always recognize what they're doing, but it's still a raw deal for any kids to have to suffer under the adult's baggage. I'm glad you and your family have found ways to redeem the day and enjoy the season.
  7. Ah, yes, the 2nd Day of Christmas is a good day! Personally, I prefer the 7th Day of Christmas. Fireworks, friends, & family staying up to welcome a new year. But my favorite part of Christmas is... At some point in the 12 Days of Christmas, before my tree and lights come down on/after Epiphany, I will sit alone in the living room after dark with only the Christmas tree lit and listen to Handel's Messiah (or at least select choruses from it) and let all the busyness, distraction, & seasonal hoopla fade away while I reflect on the One Great Christmas Gift and the grace He brings. Second to that is time with family, including an annual viewing of Elf and Charlie Brown Christmas (and sometimes a version of A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story, but always the first two). Third would be singing all the Christmas hymns at a candlelight service culminating with Silent Night & Joy to the World.
  8. I don't see the certainty of a Trump win in that. I agree we're in the end stretch (but Peter already told us the End Times began on Pentecost when he quoted Joel as being being fulfilled), but if we're really down to the last inning, I think the odds are better that the good ol' US of A will turn out to be on the wrong team. Not to say all individual Americans are enemies of God, but looking at the state of our nation, it's politicians, and it's general moral direction, the US appears more of a servant of the Dragon than being in faithful opposition. I wouldn't connect America with the verse above. It says the wings of an eagle, not an eagle itself, so it doesn't seem to be describing one singular nation. And, before Irving, Darby, & Scofield invented a whole new Dispensational teaching about the end times that never existed for the first 1800 years of the church, the woman was always interpreted, not as Israel as a nation-state, but as the whole believing people of God. The church, including both Gentiles grafted in and Messianic Jews, all of whom trust Messiah Jesus/Yeshua. (Or interpreted as Mary, who represents all believers). God protects His people from the attacks of the Dragon , although they must flee to the wilderness for times of trial, just as ancient Israel wandered in the wilderness and they will be there for the full length of the appointed time (the Church Age), until they enter their eternal promised land. Time, times, & half a time =1260 days = 42 months = a symbolic parallel to the time Israel spent between the Exodus and entering the promised land. (2 years between Exodus & Paran [Num.10:11] + the 40 years of wandering after refusing to enter Canaan [Num.14] = 42 --> the full time in the wilderness before getting to the new land). That passage is less about Israel as a political entity within certain borders and more about faithful Israel and all who are grafted in to her that are scattered across the world (as 1 Peter 1:1 reminds us). So, long and short of it: I would love for Trump to prove victorious and for justice to prevail in our land. But, the odds are against us, in terms of institutional precedent and the perverting of justice, as well as in terms of God's habit of judging nations that get too powerfully corrupt. The faithful often get caught up in the judgment of the nations in which they live. It's not judgment on the believers per se, but it is part of bearing the cross and sharing in the sufferings of Christ. So, hold on to your hats. There's no guarantee that justice & righteousness will prevail in this broken world.* Not until the big wrap up anyway. Edit: *Not that doom and gloom is guaranteed in this moment either. God may be gracious to a nation, as he often is. We just can't know for certain.
  9. I'm sure we can trust our elected officials and the leaders in the tech industry to be guided by sound moral principles and use this technology wisely.
  10. +1 While I do own a cheap electric blower, this has often been my method over the years, too, with my push mower. Just walk it along the edge of the driveway and sidewalk to blow the grass clippings back into the yard.
  11. The Gen 5 G26 doesn't have the wider slide of the .40 models. I don't think there's any difference at all. I didn't notice any while I briefly owned a G26.5. The official width of the pistol may be larger on the gen.5, but that would be because of the ambi slide stop lever. The Gen.5 G26 felt and looked great. I loved the idea of it, especially the absence of finger grooves like on the G43, which I much prefer. My G26.5, however, was problematic. First, I learned that I've been spoiled as a lefty because the slide stop lever is never in the way for me on guns that only have a left side lever or those with very low profile ambi levers (like the double stack M&P line). I didn't care for having to worry about where my thumbs were. Worse and more importantly, my early model gen.5 would do this at least once every magazine: While I realize my experience was the exception and not the rule, 600 rounds of break-in with constant jamming and a trip to Smyrna to sort it out kinda soured me on the new gun. Meanwhile, my G26.3 fired all the same ammo on the same range trips with no problem, despite the less than ideal finger groove placement. The gen.3 stayed; the gen.5 went away.
  12. Sounds like you've got the perfect opportunity for a test run. No shopping needed. Because I prefer thin & minimalist, traditional wallets are an automatic no-go for me. A basic bifold has the outer layer, the inner layer of the bill compartment and then at least one more layer for cards, sometimes multiple layers if each pocket is a full piece of leather. Fold that in half and you have 6-10 layers of leather. That's already the thickness of 10 credit cards while it's still empty. A tip for convenient access in a business card case: Because everything is stacked up together in one of two pockets, put your most used items at the top & bottom of each stack. On one side, I have my driver's license on the top and my most used personal credit card on the bottom. The other side has a business credit card on top and any soon to be used gift card on the bottom. This prevents needing to pull out the whole stack of cards and fanning or sorting them to find the one you want.
  13. That option in the OP looks sturdy, but even with only 2 bills and 3 cards (as shown) it would still be WAY too thick for my preferences. At least the many layers of leather in a traditional wallet are flexible. That one not only has thick side panels, but doesn't look comfortable to me. Over the years, I went more and more minimalist. Trifold to bifold to bifold with as few pockets as possible to reduce layers of leather. For the past decade or so, I've been pleased with a simple business card case. One pocket on each side provides plenty of room for several credit cards, licenses, insurance cards, business cards, bandaids for the kids, etc. Even with all that content, when closed, it's the same thickness as a Streamlight Microstream, which I keep clipped to it. Cash goes in a money clip in the other pocket to keep my back pockets balanced. And, on the off chance I get held up, I can toss the cash and not have to cancel all my cards and get new licenses.
  14. Thanks for preliminary report. If you don't mind spending as much or more on extras as you did on the gun itself, you may already know there are many aftermarket upgrades available. (While I typically don't tinker with any of my guns, I do intend to spend some money upgrading the Sub2K. I just didn't want to spend the money before insuring basic functionality. So far, the time or two I've gotten to the range, I've spent all my time on pistols and making sure I'm practicing with my carry & home guns.) M-Carbo has a ton of pricy upgrades. I'm considering the bolt tube cover, the recoil buffer, one of the charging handles, and possibly the improved rear sight and/or the stainless feed ramp. KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Accessories | KEL TEC SUB 2000 Gen 2 Accessories | KEL TEC SUB 2000 Mods (mcarbo.com) Missouri Tactical has a recoil pad that will be on my Christmas list: All Products (motacpro.com)
  15. Very nice! Give us a range report when you can. I have the G19 version that I picked up in March. Still haven't taken it out to shoot. ?
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