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  1. If they were selling 3" models like yours, I'd be snapping up a couple of 'em. That's one great revolver!
  2. So, I'm torn on this whole topic. On the one hand, I once held to bigger is better and opted to carry .45 ACP as my duty side arm. On the other hand, I get the arguments of capacity and more-rounds-on-target-faster, too. Current mainstream thinking argues for the importance, in this order, of 1) Placement 2) 12-18" penetration, and 3) vague, unspecified, moderate expansion. (I haven't even addressed the minority opinions about the supremacy of ft-lbs or sectional density or whatever else). In my mind, I still prefer .45, but in reality, as a civilian, I've carried .45, 9mm, .38+P, and even .380 and have been content with all those options. As much as I appreciate the history of the .45, I'm not convinced of my former certainty on its effectiveness. Individual shootings have too many variables to easily compare calibers. But, we have scores and scores of medium to large police/sheriff's departments with numerous OIS incidents every year. If .45 ACP is really that much more effective than 9mm, where are the studies showing 9mm agencies averaging less stops than the .45 agencies? I'm not aware of any.
  3. No, it's become a bit of a back burner project. Life and work have been busy and I have my newish and functional M&P 2.0 Compact .40 filling in as my nightstand gun while the G30 is acting up. I'll be heading to Atlanta in a month or so, and I'm toying with just taking it to Smyrna and letting them give it an overhaul. Thanks for inquiring. 👍
  4. I was just thinking about doing the same. Here's some footage from last weekend - a typical outing with a few of my friends. https://youtu.be/T5U3J4H0-BQ
  5. Hmmm... nice folks in a friendly community or not, they sound confused and, if your read of their teaching is correct, they don't teach the Biblical faith. If the One LORD isn't triune, then Yeshua is just putting on a show in the Garden of Gethsemane and talking to himself. Likewise, at the Yarden river and on the Mount of Transfiguration, he was doing some ventriloquism rather than interacting with the other Persons of the Godhead. Oneness Theology isn't the shared faith of the Messianics & Christians of the past 2000 years. It is a variant of Unitarianism and is what has been regarded as heresy in days gone by. Oneness beliefs are typically either the ancient heresies of Modalism or Dynamic Monarchianism. It sounds like they may hold to the Modalism variety. To me, correct teaching is WAY more important than a shared culture or similar tastes in prayer shawls. I'll pray that the LORD blesses you with wisdom as you seek a faithful community of believers to connect with. "Dear friends, I was busily at work writing to you about the salvation we share, when I found it necessary to write, urging you to keep contending earnestly for the faith which was once and for all passed on to God’s people." Y'hudah 3
  6. If it's basically picking up after T2, I'd guess a somewhat older John Conner. T2 was an awesome bit of movie story telling. I just watched it with my son for his first viewing last week. He asked if there were more and I told him, technically, yes, there are some more but they are stupid and not worth watching. Better to leave the story were it is at the end of T2. With so many failures, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to another chance to ruin the initial story line. But it is somewhat encouraging that Cameron says, "We're treating the last three movies like they were a bad dream".
  7. Thanks. I might have worn it a bit shorter in those days.
  8. Sure. Sorta. Kind of. If you're motivated. But, getting your whole hand in can require more effort than it's worth.
  9. In general, I agree, but I would often slide the fingers of my gun hand into the top of my pocket to give a more natural appearance when in a situation that might quickly turn to deadly force. An example: while backing up another officer who was interacting with a known violent criminal who has fought the police before or is known to carry a gun. It keeps the hand looking relaxed, but it is just a few inches away from the holster and a draw.
  10. It says Tazer. I hope she doesn't need to check her hands to know which device to deploy.
  11. I've probably put less than 3000 rounds through it, but I don't know how many the first owner did (although it seemed close to pristine when I bought it). By "main spring" (that makes me think of revolvers), do you mean the recoil spring assembly? That's what I just changed most recently. When that didn't help, I posted here. I guess, the extractor & its spring sound like the next most likely culprits based on the various comments so far.
  12. As best I can tell, most TV pistols are self cocking on the draw. If you pull it out of the holster and bring it up on target, most guns sound like a revolver being cocked. And, Glocks do have hammers! I know it's true because I saw it in the movies:
  13. Yes, not all mags are the same age. Some came with the pistol when I bought it used 6 yesterday ago. Others were purchased new thereafter to have a few more on hand. If I have a spring upside down or backwards, then they are all wrong, because they all look the same. Here are some representative samples: Here are the magazine tops, with and without flash, in case it captures different details: And, yes, it has also happened with FMJ, although, not as frequently.
  14. Yes, I get it. And, honestly, if their complaints are an accurate reflection of the situation, it is a real issue that seriously needs correcting. That's happening on Trump's watch under his leadership. He needs to not merely correct his rhetoric, but to actually step up and make positive changes. My point is merely that while they may be rightfully calling him out about misleading rhetoric on one point (that they are all doing a great job down there on the border, which they can't actually accomplish under current policy) they confirm for him all his other rhetoric about the border on related issues ("crisis", crime, flow volume, need for more security). (And, as an aside, critiquing Trump's rhetoric is a losing game. Even before the election, it was obvious the man talks in big, broad generalities and tends to be imprecise and down right sloppy with his language. As Prager says, what matters more is what a man does over and above what he says. [Although, Jesus made a similar point first: Matthew 21:28-32]. Regardless of the President's meaningless and typically bombastic rhetoric, it seems they do have a legitimate complaint about his actions).
  15. I'll take a closer look at the magazines, but I hadn't noticed anything glaringly obvious. The trouble also seemed to be happening across the 9 or 10 magazines I have. I've never gone beyond a basic field strip and cleaning with my Glocks. I guess I'll need to YouTube a couple videos before tinkering with the extractor. Worse case scenario, I'll keep it locked away another couple months and try to get to Smyrna for a check-up when I next head over to ATL. Thanks for the comments so far.
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