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  1. Wow. Only 60 white people left in the US? The numbers really are dwindling! 😉 😋 Who are we counting as the 7/10ths of a white guy? President Obama?
  2. I like the idea of the Tinker better, but the Spartan was the first SAK I bought, so I just carried it year after year. While I would have preferred the true Philips head, I was surprised how often I used the corkscrew over the years, both for corks and other random purposes. The Yeoman has both. All my toolbox and junk drawer knives seem to be random things collected over the years. I never left my SAKs alone long enough for them to migrate to a toolbox. 🙂 As for the Tangram, I'm not actually sure of the ownership or construction without looking it up. I was having a hard time finding a folder with a left-hand friendly reversible clip that also rode very low in the pocket. That model Tangram is about the only one I found on Amazon that fit my requirements, so I bought it. I've been pleased with it for the low cost. The blade opens without too much pressure, so if you depress the lever too gently it will only partly open and not lock. As long as you open it with some gusto, it works fine. That's my only complaint so far.
  3. SwissBianco Yeoman SAK https://www.sakwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Yeoman TANGRAM Amarillo folder (A rare intersection of affordability and being lefty friendly). And, while I don't carry it anymore, honorable mention to the Spartan SAK that I carried for decades and served me well. It now lives retired in a drawer on call for back-up purposes if the Yeoman ever goes missing.
  4. Inverted hyperbolic fluctuator. Obviously.
  5. Creepy? That's awesome!! Captain Kangaroo and Schwinn Stingrays with banana seats & chrome fenders made me the man I am today!
  6. That one doesn't really appeal to me. If we're going for interesting and unique revolvers, I keep hoping someone will make a modern double action version of the LeMat. There were different versions, but basically a 9 shot revolver (I believe they had both .44 and .36 variants. EDIT: Rereading the Wiki page, the .44 and .36 where later chamberings. Despite a relatively small number ever being produced, there were quite a few variants.) and a single shot 20 ga. shotgun barrel. I wouldn't want to try and conceal carry it, but that would make for a nice nightstand pistol to have at hand.
  7. That's closer to my preference, too. Not actual bare concrete. I prefer a thin layer of carpet over my concrete floors. But, soft beds are a backbreaking nightmare for stomach sleepers. I rate them as unpleasant as sleeping on roots, rocks, or sloping ground.
  8. We're all soft and weak. I honestly don't know how the ancients survived life or how the pioneers persevered. Everybody can tolerate some measure of hardship for a time (and the younger you are the easier it is to do so for longer times), but when constant hardship is the normal, daily routine? I honestly can't really imagine that. Our culture has become insanely pampered and comfortable in the last 50-100 years. I used to backpack as well as camping in drive-up campgrounds. Every so often I consider finally buying that RV for camping "luxury". But, I was visiting friends at a campground this weekend who were RVing and as I made use of the grungy campground bathroom, all I could think was how many hotel rooms (with comfy beds, pools, free breakfasts, and clean towels) I could rent for the price of buying, storing, and maintaining any RV. Yep, soft and weak. Admittedly. And, thankful to God for the opportunity to be so!
  9. And, it's a hog infested wasteland to boot. Although, to be fair, FL has had a Hogg problem, too.
  10. The problem with Florida (besides the humidity, mosquitoes, snakes, gators, rays, sharks, love bugs, palmetto bugs, cancer-inducing sunshine, and people) is the combination of sandy soil; tall, thick grass; and, fire ants. That loose soil doesn't allow the ant mounds to pile high enough to get over the top of the elephant grass (some people call it St. Augustine's, but same difference) making the hills near impossible to see. When you live in the land of red clay, you can see those orange-red mounds from down the street. Lawns look a lot uglier, true, but at least you know where not to step.
  11. Fair points, in general, but they've already done that numerous times in this franchise. In fact, some might argue it's all they've ever done, just with guys in different suits against bad guys with different names. I think Marvel is pushing $20 billion worldwide on that simple formula. But for those viewers who have been watching these characters for more than 10 years have found emotional connections to their story lines that have been woven between the constant smash 'em up fight scenes. This was the culmination of numerous movie arcs and character stories, some of whom are being phased out for new characters in new story arcs after years of playing these roles. It kind of needed to have some emotional impact beyond the usual cookie-cutter super hero plot. But, I would agree with you in the sense that, if you haven't seen all/most of the other movies, this one wouldn't be worth seeing.
  12. If they were selling 3" models like yours, I'd be snapping up a couple of 'em. That's one great revolver!
  13. So, I'm torn on this whole topic. On the one hand, I once held to bigger is better and opted to carry .45 ACP as my duty side arm. On the other hand, I get the arguments of capacity and more-rounds-on-target-faster, too. Current mainstream thinking argues for the importance, in this order, of 1) Placement 2) 12-18" penetration, and 3) vague, unspecified, moderate expansion. (I haven't even addressed the minority opinions about the supremacy of ft-lbs or sectional density or whatever else). In my mind, I still prefer .45, but in reality, as a civilian, I've carried .45, 9mm, .38+P, and even .380 and have been content with all those options. As much as I appreciate the history of the .45, I'm not convinced of my former certainty on its effectiveness. Individual shootings have too many variables to easily compare calibers. But, we have scores and scores of medium to large police/sheriff's departments with numerous OIS incidents every year. If .45 ACP is really that much more effective than 9mm, where are the studies showing 9mm agencies averaging less stops than the .45 agencies? I'm not aware of any.
  14. No, it's become a bit of a back burner project. Life and work have been busy and I have my newish and functional M&P 2.0 Compact .40 filling in as my nightstand gun while the G30 is acting up. I'll be heading to Atlanta in a month or so, and I'm toying with just taking it to Smyrna and letting them give it an overhaul. Thanks for inquiring. 👍
  15. I was just thinking about doing the same. Here's some footage from last weekend - a typical outing with a few of my friends. https://youtu.be/T5U3J4H0-BQ
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