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  1. I live in constant hope. I also worry in the unlikely event it ever gets off the ground, it will fail miserably with a small budget and poor writing/directing/acting. If they focus on the machines, it will just be another short lived Pacific Rim. They will need to focus on the story and the characters. If done right, it could be one of the best sci-fi movie series ever. It could also be an unending cash cow for the industry because the story line is long and diverse. The Macross segment alone would need a trilogy to tell it well. #1, Arrival through The Battle of Mars Base; #2, Return to earth through the Battle vs Dolza's Fleet; #3, Reconstruction through Khyron's revenge. (That still leaves the story arcs of Southern Cross, 3rd Generation, Malcontent Uprisings, Sentinels, Shadow Chronicles, and spin off stories for future development). Not that I've given it any thought or anything. Every few years there is a rumor something is happening, but then it gets shelved, dropped, or forgotten. The latest news was about a year ago. Since then, nothing. https://movieweb.com/robotech-movie-writer-jason-fuchs/ Now back to your regularly scheduled thread...
  2. Maccabeus

    the lottery

    In my P.D. days I used to play the state lottery (MM didn't exist yet & PB wasn't in my state). $1 every week for the big prize only. One day the jackpot was crazy high compared to normal (nothing like the multi state numbers we get these days, but still a good chunk of change). The office manager & two maintenance guys from my apt complex and I all put in $10 each for a pool. With 40 tickets purchased, we hoped to get something, even if it was just a few matching numbers. Nothing. Not a dollar. Not a free ticket. Nothing. That's when I stopped donating $52 dollars a year to the Public School Indoctrination System and to money for nothing seekers.
  3. I just rewatched I, Robot the other week so my son could see it for the first time. Good to see we're right on track, maybe even ahead of schedule, for a 2035 robot apocalypse.
  4. Well, there's no doubt that Satan desires to devour and destroy the church, but stopping the conversation at that point is a misleading half-truth. "14 But each person is tempted when he is dragged away and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin. And sin, when it is full grown, gives birth to death." James 1 Sounds like the pope could benefit from dusting off the Good Book a little more often. God also promises a solution is available to His people when temptation comes and it doesn't involve praying to angels: "So, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you." James 4 (Emphasis added in case of poorly informed popes.) Not to mention, if the circumstances are dire, why address the messenger instead of taking it to the top? (Like we're supposed to: Ps. 50:15 or Hebrews 4:16).
  5. Maccabeus

    Diversity is our strength ~ LOL

    The problem isn't who the immigrants are ethnically or where they come from, the problem is what they believe about government, economics, and society. Bringing in people from socialist countries is fine as long as they want to flee that socialism and support our constitutional republic in a capitalistic economy. Even if we only brought in Europeans today, the results would be different than they were in generations past. Today's Europeans tend to be closer to the non-Europeans philosophically when it comes to government and economics. Either way you will end up with new Americans who love socialism and hate our constitution if you don't have a litmus test of some sort.
  6. They'd just use federal tax dollars to push whatever absurd justification is popular at the moment: 1. It's just a lump of tissue. 2. It's just another part of the mother's body to do with as desired. 3. It's not human yet since it's only recapitulating some other evolutionary form at this stage of development. 4. It's not alive until it's born. 5. It's human, but it's not a person until some other blah, blah, blah happens later on. 6. Whatever other nonsense I've forgotten. 7. Whatever other nonsense they'll come up with next to justify taking an innocent life.
  7. Maccabeus


    You've offended me by having the most likes in a day ten times! Apology accepted. Everyone else on TBS has offended me by not giving me enough likes to qualify for the award. I would like each member to offer me their own apology thread.
  8. Maccabeus

    Does Your Motherboard Have a Secret Chinese Spy Chip?

    Who needs a secret spy chip? I use a Lenovo that runs a diagnostic once every couple weeks or so. I just assume it's reporting everything on my machine straight back to China. They're welcome to browse my family pictures; look at my pics of Glocks and various revolvers; as well as, read all the articles on the Bible and different topics of Christian theology I've saved. Maybe they'll learn enough about Jesus to stop stealing data from people.
  9. That at least has potential. When watching Clone Wars with my son years ago, the Mandalorian episodes were usually pretty good. So, there might be some hope that Disney's Star Wars universe won't be all garbage going forward, despite the rapid downward trend. I still wish someone would finish the original story Lucas started. With the way Hollywood can't think up new ideas and is constantly reboots existing films, there's always a chance we'll get a good version of episodes 7, 8, & 9 within a couple decades. You know, ones that actually fits the original story arc and that you would be glad you went and watched.
  10. Theoretically, depending on how a site handles user names you could have several that look very close, but are technically different. Russ P, RussP, Russ.P, RussP., Russ P., etc. I don't think a change of capitalizations usually qualifies (i.e., I don't think I could use C10Bonanza as a separate username [??]), but spacing, periods, and underscores usually do on many sites.
  11. Maccabeus

    Which translation

    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on the NABRE in particular and haven't spent much time in the various translations commonly used in Roman Catholic circles. Having said that, it might be worth highlighting an aspect or two of the NABRE that I'm aware of that relate to your statement that it is "as close... as possible". + NABRE is a true translation as you mention, which is an improvement over the DR and JB, which were effectively translations of translations. ~ NABRE tends to use inclusive language. That translational decision can limit accuracy to the wording of the original texts. Sometimes it better captures meaning (a literal "brothers" that carries the intent of speaking to a mixed crowd and therefore is translated "brothers & sisters" captures the sense, but not the wording), but other times it obscures individual application by using plural pronouns instead of singular or clouds prophetic references to Jesus.) This doesn't have to be a deal breaker, but readers should know this when they pick up a bible. + My understanding is that the NABRE walked back some of the inclusive language that was in an earlier NAB revision. In the Psalms mostly, I believe. ~ NABRE uses the Greek "Critical Text" for the New Testament. That's typical of almost all modern translations, but it brings certain assumptions about which ancient Greek manuscripts are the most reliable. Certain passages will be called into question or relegated to your footnotes. Despite 200 years of Liberal theologians rejecting passages like John 8, the end of Mark 16, and numerous smaller verses or words, there are strong arguments in favor of most of them as original. Conclusions vary and I don't see this as a deal breaker even though I favor the inclusion of most of those doubted passages, but, again, a reader should know the editorial decisions of the Critical Text are rooted in the opinions of liberal rationalists. - In some ways, NABRE is behind the times. In the ever controversial Isaiah 7:14 quoted by Matthew as a fulfilment of prophecy regarding Jesus' virginal conception they opt for "young woman" instead of "virgin". Protestants had this debate the better part of a century ago. 1901 ASV: Virgin --> 1952 RSV: Young woman --> 2001 ESV: Virgin. The liberal theologians (and those who bought their argument) lobbied long and hard on the claim that the Hebrew word Almah doesn't mean virgin and shouldn't be translated that way. That thinking prevailed for some time. These days, translators are more comfortable using "virgin" again. Yes, the original Hebrew word can have a broader nuance of a sexually mature but unmarried woman as opposed to specifically highlighting someone's virginity per se, but in ancient Jewish culture, the cultural expectation and assumption was that any unmarried "maiden" would in fact be a virgin. Besides which, the Jewish translators who put the TaNak/Old Testament into Greek used the Greek word for virgin in that verse. And that was before Jesus was ever born! So, obviously, the Jews of that era believed Isaiah used the word virgin. That's the long way to say that the NABRE, like every translation, does have it's quirks and it doesn't hurt to read a couple different translations side by side when studying the Word.
  12. Yeah. I have always enjoyed a good super hero story but it's getting hard to care. My teenage son hasn't lost interest, however, and is still living the superhero film dream. He also doesn't realize what a wasteland the genre was in my childhood. Stupid Spider-Man TV movie where he was only in costume for like 2 minutes out of 2 hours. Stupid Captain America TV movie with a translucent shield. The best we had was Bakshi's Spider-Man cartoon where 50% of each episode was the same scene of Spidey swinging on a web across town. Over and over and over.
  13. Maccabeus

    Weirdest thing your neighbor has done?

    Yeah, I'm with you two. I've had a few neighbors over the years who might have been slow to cut the grass or had dogs that barked more than I'd prefer, but, on the whole, they've all been good neighbors, most end up being friends or at least friendly acquaintances.
  14. Maccabeus

    Nothing stops a TRANE? Ha Ha Ha

    One of our units just went out this spring, so I was doing a lot of online review reading as we considered a replacement unit. What I came away with is that they are all junk now. People who had older units, 8-15 years old or more all bragged about how theirs was still running strong regardless of brand. In contrast, it seemed like every complaint was from people who had put in units in recent years (or sometimes weeks or days), again, regardless of brand. Not a scientific study. YMMV. Good luck if you're searching for a new one.
  15. Maccabeus

    Which translation

    I answered NASB, because I use it often for detail work or study, but my main translation (NT only at the moment) for last year or so is a newer translation: The Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV). http://wartburgproject.org/ IMO, they have one of best translation philosophies I've seen in a while. Their balance of a natural reading text with accurate translation has repeatedly impressed me as I've worked with it. In early childhood, it was KJV and RSV. Later my childhood church switched to NIV when it was released and I used it for some years. Admittedly, the '84 rendition had some real quirky translational choices already, but the 2011 revision takes a more ideological approach to translation, so I've dropped it. Depending on purpose, my choice for an English translation varies between NASB, NKJV, and ESV; but, the EHV predominates. My EHV working copy: