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  1. OldCop71


    I have not checked the barrel, was not aware of that. I will eventually have it either re-blued or cerakoted in a near blue shade. This revolver, since I replaced the rear sight, is dead nuts accurate, shooting one ragged hole double action at 25 yards.
  2. OldCop71


    Pawn shop find, model 19-3 for under 400$ OTD. Bubba'd ceracote and bobbed hammer, but the sweetest trigger of any guns I own.
  3. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I cheated with dressing and sweet potato casserole. Have deliberately not gone to the scale until I am sure I've got myself back into ketosis. Total loss so far is 50 lbs, and hovering around the 230 mark before Thanksgiving.
  4. I have, in addition to the Bersa, two Heritage .22 single actions, one a long barrel with target sights and the other a Bird's Head short bbl. Cheap guns and cheap fun. Both have the magnum cylinders with them.
  5. OldCop71

    My WW1 Rifles

    A GEW98 that has been Bubba'd, from 1917, and a Turk Mauser 93 made in 1896.
  6. Not that unusual, but my Bersa Thunder .22 is a really fun gun, fun and cheap to shoot.
  7. OldCop71

    Bygone Slang

    Dinky Dao-from VietNam, meaning crazy. Bless your heart-Southern, for Ain't you Special, lol.
  8. My youngest son set us up a deep sea fishing trip on the weekend of 10-27. I weighed 235 on Thursday before we left on Friday. We ate at Wahlburgers on Friday night (the BBQ bacon cheeseburger was great, and the thin sliced onion rings were, too). Saturday night was the Original Oyster House, with fried shrimp and oysters ( which I had been craving for a year) with a salad and cheese grits. I weighed Tuesday after we got home, and had put on 10 pounds over a 3 day weekend! Most was fluid, and was lost in 3 days. I'm back down to 237 and back on a stricter keto regime. I have no regrets for the weekend off, LOL.
  9. OldCop71

    Wheel Guns

    I'm old school, love me some revolvers.
  10. OldCop71


    Model 19-3 from a local pawn shop. Bobbed hammer, SWEET double action trigger, Bubba did a Cerakote pinto on it. Less than 400 out the door.
  11. OldCop71

    K Frame Love

    Model 15 4" and 2", Model 64 4", Model 66 2.75", and Model 19 4". You can't beat a vintage Smith K frame.
  12. OldCop71

    New K frame

    I picked up this Bubba'd Model 19-3 2 days ago, Cerakoted pinto, bobbed hammer, and the smoothest double action trigger I've ever encountered. 392$ out the door. Put about 150 rounds thru it today at the range.
  13. My K frame collection includes a 2" and 4" Model 15 Combat Masterpiece, a 2.75" Model 66, a 4"model 64, and a 4" Model 19. All are sweet shooting smooth trigger revolvers.
  14. Go ahead and laugh, but my Bersa Thunder .22 is a hoot to shoot and very accurate. It requires high/hyper velocity ammo to function reliably, Stingers work fine in it. I shot 100 rounds thru it today at the range.
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