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  1. Pretty much the same here.. .their food is OK.. nothing to write home about. I love their business model and politics. We don't eat there often unless we hear groups are protesting, then we have to go. I wish we had In N Out here... I'd go drop about 20 bucks to them to. I'm tired of the right being called bigots etc.. but every time some establishment doesn't kneel to the left, they want to boycott them.
  2. So you're quoting a movie to support your position.. brilliant. As for policies.. I could probably point out a 100 policies at any govt agency with little effort , showing policies that are stupid. Someone can clear 21ft in about 2 seconds... So he was plenty close enough
  3. Only because it didn't happen. Do you have eyes in the back of your head? Most don't... that's why walking backwards is generally not a good idea, no matter how aware of your surroundings you are. Why would she not have a clear conscience if she had shot him the second she saw him stabbing a woman? He's clearly trying to kill someone.... Deadly Force meets Deadly Force. You can support her decision, that's fine... but your logic in doing so is flawed.
  4. I've seen some wicked knife/shank wounds... NO WAY.. I'm ever going hands on w/ an edged weapon attacker unless it is 100% necessary (Ie, I'm unarmed and have no other means of defense). Honestly, although I've only saw a couple of gunshot wounds... Knife/Shank wounds scare me way more than gunshots.
  5. Agreed... Pepper spraying an 87yr old woman could easily be a death sentence. If you're not gonna shoot her, Tasing is the best option.
  6. When you can basically tell your cell phone.. "Hey Google, Call Mom" and it will call Mom from your contacts... it would seem the technology is there... the problem is officers spend so much time talking to people about things that don't need to be transmitted over the radio (general conversation, simple questions that are no big deal, etc..) it could cause the radios to trigger and clog up the channel pretty easily. I'm sure that could be overcome.. but I'm not familiar enough w/ the technology to say how.
  7. Like you, I reload mostly pistol (9, 40, .45, .38spl). I use these... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-5-Drawer-Wide-Tower-Black/20699661?athcpid=20699661&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=466001f5-e097632f-42388efbf6ad0ba9&athena=true Each drawer one caliber, large freezer bags... 100-200 pieces per bag after they are cleaned and inspected. I'm kind of an OCD and am a freak about organization, but I'm also a cheapskate. I use the larger drawers for 9, 40, and .45.. one of the smaller drawers for .38.. and the top drawer has some .223 that I've started to acquire (but don't load yet). These have been solid for me, and weren't expensive at all. Again, for me.. this more than meets my needs. It's easily expandable if I ever need more drawers, just go buy another set for $30 bucks.
  8. The problem is, to many officers don't know when to stop talking and start shooting... That guy probably barely touched the 21ft line, which is good.. but that is minimum. One order is fine, but if they are advancing on you while you are holding a gun on them, no way you should be retreating. Stand your ground and end it... because if you stumble over something you can't see behind you, back into an unknown object you can't see, etc.. it can go south WAY quicker as you are now at a significant disadvantage
  9. I'm not sure I'd go perfect.. but under the circumstances are expected to work under.. completely admirable. I HATE seeing officers backup from a knife wielding suspect when they advance and refuse orders to stop. If they slip, fall, or that suspect decides to charge.. they have little time to react... Heaven forbid they fall at the time the suspect decides to charge. Sorry, you saw him actively stabbing someone, and he stands up and sees you with a gun drawn and is approaching. No need for yelling... just drop him. Now this is all of course "how it should be according to me"... but I understand the circumstances oficers work in are far more difficult.
  10. That's what "they" want... the Dems have found their new playbook. Everything a Trump associate has been hit with (except Flynn, which even Mueller acknowledges Trump had no knowledge of )... has been well before they were associated with the Trump campaign, and it was simply turned up because of the broad powers given to Mueller and his team. Cohen... while seemingly more problematic, virtually every expert who is not biased, says nothing is wrong here as paying hush money is not illegal.
  11. Admittedly, it's a little strange to see someone breast feeding a child that is not there's.. but at least she cared enough to do something. I'm guessing economic conditions in Argentina are probably considerably different than here, and that might have been the only option. I imagine most officers here would probably run to a drug store, get some formula and make a bottle (which is perfectly fine).
  12. Well to my knowledge, there is no video of either of those... This is a documentary not a reenactment.
  13. I'm watching... The whole situation is intriguing to me, as it seemed pretty cut and dry. I want to see how honest they are in this production... and up to this point... I'm not that impressed
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