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  1. Happy Independence Day.
  2. He's doing exactly what he was hired to do. Agitation of the left is complete, awesomeness.
  3. It's a betrayal to America & the 2nd Amendment. I agree, spread the news.. Fight the enemy.
  4. http://www.gunsandammo.com/first-look/sig-sauer-10mm-p220-pistols-10mm-elite-performance-ammo/
  5. The long discontinued Mars bar..
  6. Toulon. Been there a couple times. Napoleon was there too. I enjoyed my visits there immensely but even in the 80's there were a fair number of communist haters around. They were "Glory Days".. Welcome aboard.
  7. That is sweet dude. I bet it's a shooter too.
  8. The answer is among the question. Ok, its the same..
  9. Good ole Mitch McConnell can tell us all about Chinese ship building and favor can't he?
  10. I hereby 2nd the nomination of crockett.
  11. Remember Seriously? Troll. He would lambast Israel with hate and propped up Palestine. Attacked our Military and on & on. That thread was about a month or so ago.. He drug religion into it. I fought him tooth and nail for 2 days. GT allowed him to continue to spew it unabated. That was yet again evidence on the direction the whole board is headed.. Liberal ideology. I'm all for political discourse but it needs to be civil.
  12. I just boiled 3 hotdogs.. How's that for summer? They sucked. In a minute after I muster up some courage I might fry an egg sammich. Yummy!
  13. That looks very good. I love these weapons. Nice find. They are really getting hard to find in that shape.
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