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  1. I was watching it live on tv in kindergarten. I had a cool teacher. She let us continue watching after it exploded.
  2. I got sick of my $160.00 per month Direct TV bill just to mostly watch local channels. I noticed when anyone in my family was "watching tv" that it was Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime on their tablets or phones anyway. We cancelled the Direct TV and I installed an outdoor antenna that gets about 35 channels ran to each tv and put Roku's on every tv in the house. All of our family members like this set up much better and since we were paying for the apps anyway we save $160.00 every month.
  3. I wonder if his name is "Jimmy"?
  4. You can say that again. At least all he has is executive order since republicans own the state house and senate. I would love to see Dan Forest as our next governor.
  5. He is one of my favorites. Never heard a song of his that I didn't like. This one is my favorite though....
  6. I think it is perfect as is. I have been a member on the other site for many years but hardly ever posted. I already like the more laid back attitude and it feels like there is less confrontations. Just need to get G30 here.
  7. I'm so glad to see your stories have returned. Keep them up!!! And thank you for your service.
  8. Mine is a Smith and Wesson 686 4 inch. I bought it new in 1998. It was my first firearm purchase. The shop I was in had either that or a Ruger P95 for the same price, $425.00. If I had to get rid of all my guns it would be the last one to go.
  9. Last I checked anyone who is not happy with this country is free to leave. I would suggest North Korea to Ms. Fonda. Go there and complain.
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