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  1. 109 drinks since 1962. That sounds like a problem to me. In fifty six years, that is almost two drinks per year. His cover as a temperance protestor is blown for sure.
  2. Did these "researchers" read the books? He's a bit of drunk and an adrenaline junky.
  3. minervadoe

    Aryeh Nusbacher the military historian

    I am surprised. Every time I saw him do an interview as Arey, I could see how totally enthusiastic he was about military history and strategy. I assumed he was into being a guy. It's always interesting to see what kind of first name people choose after they change. Oh well, 'she' really knows her stuff.
  4. minervadoe

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    Nice sport. Pure athleticism on display. Tends to favor sprinters who can cut. I like it. Makes me wonder about a version with a larger court and possibly a team option.
  5. minervadoe

    kung fu bull fighting

    This video does not mention Kung Fu. I wonder why.
  6. I believe that it is a superior product to cotton and should be legal. Anything less is just pure ignorance. Let the market decide.
  7. minervadoe

    New "assault rifle" arrived...

    My new .22 - Ruger Precision Rimfire
  8. minervadoe

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    I had to look your reference up and then, look at this, wireheads get their own wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirehead_(science_fiction) That is very cool. It sort of reminds me of the real world hollywood crackheads I saw on Breaking Bad. Yikes. No attention to keeping the body alive at all. Just stimulate it and make it feel good. My current novel in the works takes place on Earth where there is no shortage of materials and I have a group that I tagged augments who have chip implants to enhance just about any skill you can think of. But, some of them have cylinders in their necks which can inject anything from adrenaline to a cocktail of stimulants. It's not a very rosy picture when you add in the potential for dependence and addiction.
  9. minervadoe

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    They sound like they'd make a perfect meal for the Morlocks in the book The Time Machine. I used to love H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs as a kid.
  10. minervadoe

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    I never saw that one, but it seems only a step or two removed from people living in vats with electrodes strapped to their brains in the Matrix. People and their smart phones remind me of lab rats with electrodes stimulating the pleasure centers in their brains when they press a lever. The rats literally starved to death. I saw a study where they likened people looking for social approval from their smart phones to a similar neural stimulus addiction.
  11. minervadoe

    Where were you in 1965?

    Nine years old. Probably shooting cut up inner tubes from home made full scale rubber band rifles. Boy, did Harvey nail it.
  12. minervadoe

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    Some of my characters utilize devices to communicate telepathically. Others have unique genes. A couple of recent articles have touched on the realm of telepathy. This one used a chip implant and what they do (I believe) is not properly called telepathy. But, it's still opens up an amazing world of possibilities not even imagined yet. https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2018/09/its-now-possible-telepathically-communicate-drone-swarm/151068/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/3999810/us-government-wants-to-plug-implants-into-human-brains-which-let-us-communicate-telepathically/ https://thenewstack.io/self-correcting-robot-thats-telepathically-controlled-human-brain/ Maybe the fantasy is what makes it fun for me. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/10/16/study-discovers-humans-can-communicate-telepathically-with-another-person-while-theyre-dreaming/
  13. minervadoe

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    Great feedback. One of my main characters has the nickname of rocket man. He is the Wolverines go to guy for all manner of handheld rocketry. Some of my robots are tracked, some are wheeled, some are walkers and some are spider like. But, the people's personalities are my focus. I develop plots where they are more like the escaping slaves of Egypt or the avenging angels of Utah. Sometimes, history repeats itself and tyranny rules again. One of my uses of drones has been as sort of a rolling intelligence screen where wheeled robot mules follow a group that's on foot. The mules carry equipment while the drone expert walks with a handheld terminal that feeds back info from the drones. It's stuff they can do today, so may be old school tech by then. In my novel in the works, a group has to bug out on foot so as to not be detected by a drone swarm sent in to reconnoiter an area. All good stuff and all stuff that is going to be very sophisticated, common, and refined in 100 years. Social media in science fiction. YIKES!!! You could write novels about slothful overweight people sitting in rooms and never interacting with each other, just their handheld devices. I sidestep this sad possibility by having many of my characters be telepaths. That way, they can communicate with each other in situations where talking would be suicidal. It is so hard to anticipate how future tech will effect human behavior. I even have one guy who can control androids telepathically. But, I describe it from his point of view as though he is inside the android, feeling what it feels and seeing what it sees. I probably need to extend this to giving him a lifelike android that he can use to spy or something. But, right now he has one giant cobalt blue android and a half dozen normal size androids (also available in one color: blue). One thing I work with is the idea that all manner of electronic communication can be interrupted by jamming and destroyed by EMPs. This leaves the characters in some very primitive situations where human resourcefulness trumps high tech wizardry.