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  1. I would not join a community that had a home owners association. The whole idea of somebody telling me how to live my life is completely abhorrent to me.
  2. I have a .357 LCR. I never fired .357 rounds out of it, just .38 Specials. I put a fiber optic front sight on mine. It seemed to beg for a little differentiation in the sight picture. Black back sight on black front sight while shooting at a black target just left me wondering where I was placing my rounds. The double action pull is consistent, and I was surprised that I liked it better than some of the Smith and Wesson J Frames that I was comparing trigger pulls with. In the end, I put a set of Pachmayr Decelerator grips on it, and now it's kind of bulky, but definitely more shoot-able. Enjoy. The little polymer pistol soaks up more recoil than its weight would have you believe it could.
  3. Here's one way to do propaganda, creating informative political advertisements:
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/sam-sorbo-conservatives-must-wade-into-cultural-fray-yes-even-making-their-own-movies-to-expand-base Sam Sorbo: Conservatives must wade into cultural fray – yes, even making their own movies – to expand base We are losing the propaganda war.
  5. Does anybody know any Alternatives to pig Latin? I know I've heard people do it on t.v., but I don't remember what they called it..
  6. This is probably true. People and their phones remind me of developmental psychology experiments I've read about where if an animal was not presented with certain stimuli by a certain age, they had great difficulty (or were unable to) learn it at a later age. It seems like staring at a little screen waiting for it to beep might destroy people's imagination and maybe even a host of kinesthetic and related perceptual skills. I'm blown away by the number of people dying while taking selfies (and falling off of something or getting run over by a buffalo).
  7. We moved Minervadoe Junior into his dorm at UCSD on Saturday. And, on Sunday, we were on call in case he needed anything. He did; a hand towel. After fetching that for him, we went to the San Diego Zoo and watched the sloth sleep in its little green sloth house for about an hour. Probably the best thing we saw was an elephant scooping up chunks of ice from a big pile (probably 20 - 30 gallons of ice) and putting it in its mouth like a giant Slurpee. Got a bunch of pictures and videos of the Toucans. Then we went back over to Old Town and bought a couple of Mexican style pullovers and a couple of used cigar boxes (to keep my treasures in).
  8. These people figure that they are smarter than any generation that ever lived because they have smart phones.
  9. We are energy independent now and no longer need to be Saudi puppets. The Saudis will be fully operational in weeks. They have been squandering their income for years by bribing uncivil klans to behave with massive stipends. Now, they need to deal with their own social problems and the Iranians.
  10. Useful idiots support gun control. Despots implement it, then kill the useful idiots.
    1. janice6


      I felt that site left me long before I left it.  It changed so much I felt I could join Facebook and have similar members.

      I already have one Canadian in my family.  

      Still good to hear from you though!  Thanks for the note.



  11. That is one giant crap sandwich. Try to keep centered through all of this.
  12. The video is a good example of why someone might need a gun with a high capacity magazine.
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