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  1. No rain for a couple of days here. I've been picky about not mowing the grass when it is wet this year, so now it is a little too long and I've got fox tails sticking up all over the place. Time to mow today. Intermittently, we're still getting rainy wintery weather. Last week the weather guy said the clouds were diverted from Indonesia. This week, they are supposedly from up North. It's strange weather, that's for sure.
  2. Augh, early Japanese animation. Chim chim run ....... and then the characters alternate their legs between two positions while background panels move behind them.
  3. I think you'd have to screw your guns into a ransom rest and shoot groups with it to approach being scientific. I find a lot of variance in group size with ammunition variation, but mostly whether I'm having a good day or not. Here is what my Gen 2 Glock 21 can do at fifteen yards when I'm having a good day. Note this particular ammunition (Ranier 200 grain plated semi wad cutters going around 900 fps) gives me good groups with my 1911s and my Glock 21. But, your results may vary. At seven yards, my Gen 3 Glock 34 puts up tight groups.
  4. I'm a Sierra hiker. There's nothing but rocks up there. Where do the blueberry fed bears live?
  5. And we always used to camp above the tree line because if there are no trees, there are no bears. During my backpacking years, I switched from a foam pad to a blow up thermarest pad. But, my body is probably just too beat up to get a good night's sleep out in the woods anymore.
  6. It's raining in Northern California again. Pretty odd for this time of the year. All the plants are in a holding pattern. One good thing from having the sun blotted out and the sky opening up is I had a bunch of really tiny larvae eating my zucchini. The rain seems to have drowned them. It saves me the trouble of spraying the tomatoes and zucchini with some horticultural oil. I'll make a pass with the sprayer once the rain goes away.
  7. I'm disappointed. I opened the thread hoping to hear of her demise. I watched her get interviewed on Norm Macdonald and after hearing me loathe Fonda for years, my wife watched and finally said, "I don't like her." Thank you.
  8. With stock barrels, it seemed to me that my Glock 30 had milder recoil than my Glock 29. Here is a write up that I did about curing my flinch or gripping my Glock 29 too hard. It took me about five years to get the Glock 29 groups to close up. Putting a Glock 30 in the mix helped, but I've been working at shooting these hard kicking guns without a flinch for quite a while. The large frame Glocks do soak up a lot more recoil than their "subcompact" brethren. http://chronosscifi.com/healingHeeling.html
  9. Khan has been publicly vocal about his disdain for Trump. With the Brits attention to decorum, I would not expect the Queen to let him get anywhere near Trump. It could only lead to a diplomatic incident.
  10. For twenty four years, one of my summer outings would typically be a backpacking trip. One of my hiking buddies was super liberal and he objected to the fact that I had a 9mm pistol in my pack. I'd tell him, "It's not for bears. It's for people," but I don't think he ever got that one crazy guy with a machete can ruin your whole day.
  11. Northern California here. I used store bought green house plants to start my tomatoes and zucchini. The store bought tomatoes plants are farther along than the ones I grew from seed. But, my biggest zucchini plant is one I grew from seed. Two of the the store bought tomato plants actually have small green tomatoes on them. Most of our days have had weather close to the seasonal averages. A lot of mid 70 days and not too many really hot days. We had a very rainy year here and I am imagining that it won't be a real hot summer, but we'll see. The weird one is I have bunch of dwarf fig trees that had last season's immature fruit just sitting on them all winter. I figured they'd rot in place and would fall off. Instead, they are now greening and getting plump.
  12. It would seem that these "lawmakers" are nothing but lawbreakers, wouldn't it?
  13. A vice president where I used to work was a gun enthusiast. On a Southwest flight from San Jose to Los Angeles he was seated in the bulkhead seats (you know the four seats on the plane that face each other) across from Barbara Boxer. Boy, did he give her an earful. ... for an hour ....
  14. You have to wonder about the mainstream media, its owners, and their agenda. They treat this like it's not news, but if a conservative farts in a grocery store, its front page news.
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