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  1. minervadoe

    Nike fails

    Zion Williamson's exploding shoe isn't as uncommon as you might think https://www.businessinsider.com/zion-williamson-nike-exploding-nba-2019-2
  2. minervadoe

    Keep Hate Alive!

    Will any of these people ever step and apologize for their prejudicial and stereotypical statements? I'd be surprised and I have to assume that they never will.
  3. minervadoe

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    Like another post mentioned, you can take a look at https://www.nomorobo.com/
  4. minervadoe

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    Caller Id, an answering machine (that all your friends know you are using to screen calls), and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N45UW7P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. minervadoe

    My Slow Cooker (groan)

    How much fluid do you add to a pot roast? Potatoes on top or on the bottom?
  6. minervadoe

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    Anyone in the Bronx who is looking for a job needs to be reconsidering their vote.
  7. minervadoe

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

  8. My mother remembered my grandfather stayed drunk for over a year at one point. So, as a little girl, she was exposed to being forced to go into a bar and fetch him routinely, experiencing his nasty temper over and over and eventually watching him go through the DTs. He passed away at 72 and I remember him looking very beat up and worn out. It's hard to get over watching someone do that to themselves.
  9. Sometimes stupid doesn't come with an off switch and you have to bring your own.
  10. How is butane lower than anything on that chart? And, where is Liquid Wrench?
  11. This graph never gets old. Good old legal anywhere alcohol tops the list of most harmful drugs. More than tobacco. More than crack.
  12. minervadoe

    Social Justice What Does It Mean to You?

    Agreed. I have saved numerous people who I did not actually like from getting major league ass kickings because it was the right thing to do.
  13. minervadoe

    Social Justice What Does It Mean to You?

    To me the phrase social justice is a catch phrase used by people taken in by political correctness trends. It seems to be a phrase designed to unite disenfranchised individuals with disparate goals. For progressives, it helps them control a larger number of sheep and gives them a perception that their activities are making a positive change to society. To the silent majority, the trend has a completely different appearance. It allows splinter groups a stage to mouth their complaints about the way they feel alienated by society. But, to most of us, the crap that they are complaining about seems to highlight their own inability to step up, cope and adapt to society. In short, progressives seem intent on using social justice issues to erode the fabric that holds society together, while the rest of us do not relate to or see relevance in the issues being complained about.
  14. minervadoe

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I've considered getting rid of all the mirrors in the house. Then, I realized that I'm the only person that I'm not invisible to.
  15. Cortez reminds me of Obama. They both can string together relatively articulate sentences that present unsubstantiated rhetoric as fact. On first pass, the unwashed masses may think that they are righteous people with amazing intellects, but once you analyze the tripe that they just espoused, you realize that it is illogical and nonfactual. When I realized that both are graduates of prestigious ivy league schools, but seem barely qualified to read the news from a teleprompter, I'm left wondering about the quality of education at these institutions.