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  1. minervadoe

    What add-ons/extensions do you run on your browser?

    I'm running Firefox Developer Addition so the debug add on that I used to need is already incorporated. The same with Chrome. Developer tools are built in.
  2. minervadoe

    you hear a bump in the night what...

    I usually just turn some lights on. I'd hate to shoot a family member. No reason to arm myself.
  3. Thanks for saving me the time of vetting it. Also, if my wife got hooked and then I pulled the plug, she would have another gotcha in her arsenal.
  4. minervadoe

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2018/10/17/tightening-the-belt-trump-wants-federal-government-to-shrink-n2529406 Cut the Fat: President Trump Just Instructed His Cabinet to Shrink the Federal Government
  5. minervadoe

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Big surprise. The president was not able to reel in a big spending congress. Remember how the press tries to crucify any Republican administration when they can't pass a balanced budget (because they are trying to cut costs).
  6. minervadoe

    Alec Baldwin's ABC talk show tanks in ratings

    An excellent talk show that I started watching on Netflix recently is "Norm Macdonald Has a Show." Macdonald really is good at getting his guests to open up and his level of preparation is exceptional. Plus, he manages to get in some hilarious ad libs. In typical Norm Macdonald fashion, he can go from sounding really dumb to displaying a rapier like wit in a fraction of a second. Baldwin on the other hand is pretty much a half wit. I can't imagine him successfully reading cue cards that were prepared for him by his staff. And the possibility that he could actually out ad lib a grub worm are laughably low.
  7. minervadoe

    Alec Baldwin's ABC talk show tanks in ratings

    Baldwin is a mediocre talent and a mental midget.
  8. It's the boy who cried wolf..... sort of .... Well, it's not a surprising result, is it?
  9. minervadoe

    9th Circuit surprises with pro-2nd Amendment decision

    No. But, the ruling overruled a statute which required Californians to turn in, modify or destroy any magazines over ten rounds which were grandfathered in. The judge decided that it was too onerous and expensive to require citizens to bear the expense of re equipping with ten round magazines.
  10. Anybody ever hear of it? The article mentions that it was a New York law school in the first paragraph, but saves the mention of the esteemed Brooklyn Law School for the second paragraph. Am I the only one who feels like that was intentionally misleading?
  11. minervadoe

    Christobol Colombo Day...

  12. minervadoe

    Christobol Colombo Day...

    Just be happy that we don't live in the Unites States of Vespucci. The jokes would be endless.
  13. minervadoe

    I need some wheelgun shooters

    My best shooter is this Ruger GP100 Match Champion. It's a bit more accurate with the stock wooden grips, but they tear the web of my hand up a bit, so I put the Pachmayr's on there.
  14. minervadoe

    I need some wheelgun shooters

    Here's a picture of my snub nose collection. It's not much compared to some of you guys. Top to bottom: North American Arms .22 Magnum, Ruger SP101 (.357 Magnum) , Ruger LCR (.357 Magnum), S&W Model 36.