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  1. Yeah, those Canadians got something going on.
  2. When my son was in third grade, one of his friend's moms unfriended him because she found out we had a gun in the house. I even explained how the guns were kept in a safe and he could not get to them. She was insistent that he was no longer her son's friend. Then, the kid tried to get his little peer group to unfriend my son. In the end, the ladies kid ended up maladjusted, disheveled, and friendless and my son is actually a really nice adult now. btw: the way I explained him losing his friend was pretty much that the kid's mom had major mental problems, which I still believe to be true. After that, her kid was always trying to make toy guns out of tinker toys and the like.
  3. It reminds me of the scene in License to Kill where they threw somebody into a decompression chamber and fiddled with the controls. But, I'll take Kim Chi over sauerkraut or haggis any day. Kimchee from Kim's Convenience (aka Andrew Phung). https://giphy.com/search/kimchee
  4. Daddy puts up a bond. One of his daughter's new 'friends' talks her into jumping bail and daddy loses his shirt. Later, when little Missy gets busted again, they add jumping bail to the list of charges.
  5. As if rioting were not vindictive. Me thinks that daddy's little girl is going to get a more meaningful lesson than daddy ever imparted.
  6. I'm partial to Fedoras myself. As for the bombing, I guess people were stupid back then too.
  7. Yup. We've got a lot on our plate and probably have more in common with Russ P. than all of those who are trying to bring this country down. I'd rather look forward than back. Having a selective memory can be a good thing. I've got a pair of friends. They're twins. Every time I see them, they're talking smack about someone behind their backs. I figure as soon as I leave, I'm the new topic of conversation. I understand that people want to vent. That's pretty much what I'm doing. But, I'd just rather not be part of it.
  8. It just seems bitter. I guess it left a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. I actually found this thread to be rather off putting.
  10. What did people say back in the day, "I wouldn't XXXX her with your XXXX."
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