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  1. Augh, the 70's. Lynrd Skynrd, The Outlaws and Marshall Tucker. Good music.
  2. A sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn? Bob Hope A sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn? Bob Hope Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/search_results?q=humor
  3. Was it one of the those high class mass market perfumes like Hai Karate ? and, I thought this was going to be a thread about Race Bannon's girlfriend from Johnny Quest.
  4. My view on the hippie movement in a nutshell: A bunch of societal dropouts were able to convince younger more naive people that if they eschewed haircuts and bathing and allowed these older societal dropouts to have sex with them, then the those youngsters would be hip and cool. So, lots of young naive people put on their hippie uniforms, stopped bathing and getting haircuts and developed a really bad attitude towards society. If Facebook had been around back then, we would have been able to trace the movement to the Russians.
  5. Uh, like maybe labor unions kill companies? They killed Chrysler too. Ford only survived its labor unions because they borrowed $4 billion dollars to buy out labor union contracts.
  6. By the way, Ten Years After is not listed as a one hit wonder band, but when I look at this list of the their top ten songs, I've only heard of the one that Eric posted. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/ten-years-after-songs/
  7. I hated the 60s hippie movement. It's the same crap for brains ideas about communal living and other unrealistic utopian ideals that have caused the deaths of a quarter billion people. "Tax the rich, feed the poor, until there are no rich no more..." That's just some lazy bastard's excuse to not get himself trained. The lyric should be "train the poor, until there are no poor no more..." Useful idiots. Hippie ideals have spawned future generations of useful idiots, do nothings on the dole and idealist drop outs who celebrate their mindsets with lyrics like "waking up from history" and the tripe that the song Eric posted espouses. The fact that one of the most willfully ignorant generations in history describes themselves as woke while they seem to deliberately ignore history and fundamental economics just shows what you can accomplish with pure propaganda and rhetoric.
  8. More and more I resent companies like Facebook that sell information about their users. So, I use the containers feature on Firefox to prevent Facebook from following me around the web. It's something else to think about as we all become more web savvy. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-account-containers/ https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/containers Table of Contents What are Containers? How to use Multi-Account Containers How to add, remove or edit Containers Open links in new tabs and containers What you can do with Multi-Account Containers
  9. What kind of device are you using Sling on? I was using it on a Roku. And, I agree, it beats the heck out of cable. I also like the improvements that they have been gradually making which allow you to stream shows that you have missed. When I was looking for a new DVD player, I looked for one that supported Sling, but all the salesmen that I asked about it didn't think they had a DVD player that supported it.
  10. We just cancelled Sling last month. I felt kind of patronized by their advertising phrase: "A La Carte TV," since they have two bundles, just like cable does. So, I found myself paying for CNN and Bloomberg, even though I only watched AMC. If was truly A La Carte, I'd only have to pay for AMC and maybe TBS.
  11. Highway 120 by Priest Grade; near Yosemite. I've nearly been killed there myself. Not safe to pass on that road. Just ask Kenny from Mad Men:
  12. Central to the idea of socialism is the notion that the leaders of a country are all knowing and smarter than the rest of us. Whoa be the socialists if Bernie is the smartest guy they can find.
  13. Well done. Congratulations
  14. While you guys were getting pounded, we were getting all the nice weather here in Northern California. Three years ago, we had such a cool summer that I got no zucchini and very few tomatoes. I swore I wouldn't bother again. This year, it was fairly warm early on and after that we got a lot of weather in the low 80 and high 70s. It was very conducive to growing tomatoes. I've been picking as many as my wife can eat for about a month now. We even made a batch of marinara sauce last night, with bunches of unpicked tomatoes vine ripening. Maybe next year we'll get the bad weather. What goes around comes around, I figure.
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