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  1. Yep. I've got a Mk IV 22/45 Lite and Mrs. McGee has a 22/45 Target and they're great pistols. I had a Standard for many years, but I'm afraid that I skipped right over Mks II and III.
  2. ^^^I don't have anywhere close to that amount in my stash, but I'm working on it while .22 is cheap. I dig that pistol, too. I've been thinking I need a Mark with a bull barrel.
  3. I don't know enough to recommend pellets to you, but I somewhat got back into pellet guns when .22 was so scarce. Here are a couple of the sources I recall: https://www.airgundepot.com/ https://www.pyramydair.com/ I think both have articles or blogs or something to help figure out what you need.
  4. I've finally completed my Squirrel Sniper. Above, you can see the "Before" picture. After that was taken, I had the barrel threaded, got my NFA stamp for my Dead Air Mask, hit Academy Sports when it had the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 3-9x40 on sale, and added a sling. Below, you'll find the "After" picture.
  5. The old saying has always (in my lifetime) been "buy it cheap and stack it deep." Now is the time.
  6. I'm just following up here because my 22/45 Lite had some failures to feed for a while. Magazine cleaning helped a lot, but it didn't cure the problem. Early on, I cleaned it and lubed it with Weapon Shield grease the bolt on the "if it slides, grease it" theory. Intermittent failures to feed persisted. So I cleaned it and lubed with Hornady One Shot. Intermittent failures persisted. Then I cleaned and finally got smart enough to ask The Great Google about it. Threads from Ruger forums said "light coat of oil on the bolt." So I used Weapon Shield oil for that thin coat. Yesterday, I fired a couple of hundred rounds (suppressed, which may make some difference, I guess) and think I had one failure to eject. Rounds fired included Federal Automatch, Federal Game Kings, Remington Golden Bullets, Remington Thunderbolts and CCI standard velocity. TLDR: Lubing correctly helps.
  7. Ruger Mark IV 22/45, paired with a Dead Air Mask. I can't wait to get to the range with this one.
  8. If it really wasn't "feeding or ejecting at all," then I'd be concerned. My G19 seems to prefer 124, but I've only had a handful of failures to feed in about 2k rounds. How many different magazines were you using? Did the failures all occur with the same mag?
  9. As the old song goes, "she may be ugly, but she sure can cook."
  10. Under the OP's set of conditions, I'd look into a 1911. That said, I have experience with only one of the pistols that the OP mentioned, the G30S. I find it to be a bit fat for my hands, but it otherwise seems like a good pistol. I'll also throw out there that Kahr makes some DAO striker-fired pistols that might fit the bill. I've never owned a Kahr, but those buddies of mine who have speak highly of them.
  11. I finally got to a gun store and handled a G48 last week. Let me just say: I won't be selling my G19 to fund one, but it definitely got added to the Wanted List. Those few millimeters and the Gen 5 grip make a world of difference in how it feels. I'd love to get out and shoot one.
  12. I carry 9mm, but I sure do enjoy shooting .45. From time to time, I toy with the idea of switching back to it for carry, but I never seem to get around to it. I've been eyeballing an HK VP9 or VP9SK as a range gun, and recently got to handle a P30. Or maybe it was a P30L? Not sure. I can't see CC-ing any of those, but they sure do feel good in the hand.
  13. Hope it serves you as well as your old Colt did.
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