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  1. But I'M the one being accused of wanting to kill Grandma because I think if she wants visitors she should be allowed to have them...
  2. I'm watching with interest to see what the effects of Covidiocy are on the colleges/universities... and hoping I'll see some free-market innovations that include certifications in place of degrees (that force you to spend two extra years and lots of $$ studying BS unrelated to your field, just so they can claim you got a "well-rounded" education, as if we are all incapable of getting that on our own) - and which will also seriously cramp the current accreditation agencies (that are frankly off the mark in determining what makes a good education).
  3. That's funny. The specialist my husband sees for his GERD specifically told him to sleep on his LEFT to cut down on his reflux... and it worked.
  4. Mr C wants a Bark River knife, so I'm ordering that today, for his combined birthday/Xmas gift. Oldest daughter gave me a list of books and anime she wants, and she always wants more yarn for her crochet projects. Youngest daughter hasn't given me her list yet, but it will be full of books, anime, and yarn, too. My dad will get his usual jerky and rhubarb jam (he likes his rhubarb jam unadulterated by strawberries or anything else, so I make him 3-4 jars that way each year). My mom wants fruit and chocolate. They are both in their 80s and impossible to buy much for anymore, since if they want something, they just buy it themselves. Every 5 years or so, I make them a new quilt. This year's quilt is going to my sister-in-law and her family, though, because she is the last member of the family I haven't made a quilt for. My brother will get a Home Despot gift card and Legos in his stocking (I figure 50 years of Legos, why stop now? It's been a joke for the last 35...) I would like a good digital SLR camera, but that's rather more than my birthday and Xmas combined, so I pointed out some earrings that I really like in a catalog (they are based on Van Gogh cherry blossoms, and Irises). I'd also like an ACOG for my AR, but again, that's more than we spend on Xmas, so I may just start a fund for it, and put Xmas and birthday money into it for a few years til I have enough to buy the one I want. Maybe I'll do that with the camera, too. But on thinking about it, I'd probably use the ACOG more than the camera, so maybe I'll do that first. There really isn't much else I can think of. Well, except getting a light installed in the front closet. That would be nice. On the much cheaper end, I'd like my kids to dust the house and wipe down my cabinets. And vacuum my truck. And stop bickering.
  5. I limit my fishing to standing in my middle of the river losing flies for a reason...
  6. Mrs.Cicero


    They'd all look a lot less hearse-like in candy apple red.
  7. WOW! One of my uncles was on one of the aircraft carriers involved... I'll have to ask which one because I don't remember the name...
  8. My youngest daughter - who is employed at the local small engine repair shop - spends all her time there repairing chainsaws for the loggers. She says nasty words about Stihls (the newer ones) and her boss taught her how to remove all those EPA parts so the saws run better... so she has opinions about the gov't's penchant for regulating ****e they know nothing about (of course, she might have learned that as a toddler, when our state gov't regulated nearly all the hobby beekeepers here right out of existence, and kept things screwed up for a decade, and is exactly the reason I only keep enough bees for our personal honey and beeswax supply, and gave up turning it into a real business).
  9. You haven't had as much to drink as I have had (it's the hubby's birthday).
  10. You won't burn up your Carhartt's if you just weld naked.
  11. So call me weird, but I'm going to have some fun with planning my funeral... with the caveat that "this is what I'd like, but I won't haunt anyone for doing it different, probably. Well, maybe. Ok, if you change it too much you are taking a chance, LOL."
  12. When I have time to have a midlife crisis, it is going to involve a Nissan Titan. Because I hate being low to the ground.
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