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  1. They were released without bond? Why, so they can steal more stuff?
  2. Mostly. But sometimes the skunk hasn't figured out you are going to help, when you are just approaching it, which is why the blanket trick is a good thing. Also, sometimes the skunk is too ill to understand you are helping, and just reacts instinctively to any approach. The blanket/towel doesn't hurt them, and can keep you from getting sprayed... so I think it's worth it.
  3. I have never seen his work before... those are beautiful. Thank you all for posting them.
  4. Who would cut their father loose from Christmas lights he was tangled in and then just leave him at the bottom of the stairs he had fallen down? Was the son retarded? Did he hate his father? Was his girlfriend that hot? WTF?
  5. FWIW, if anyone else has to do that, putting a blanket over the skunk's back end before you start working - is a really good idea.
  6. It's because th Carens have taken over the culture. And it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
  7. Obviously the kid has learned that a) he should call the cops for every little thing, even on his family, rather than talking to any other adult first, and b) that 911 is for bull**** non-emergency, no-one-is-in-danger calls. And we all know he learned this in public school. And his dad is beta-man.
  8. What do you think the gov/FBI/whatever is going to do with all the info acquired during their investigation into Epstein so far? I am quite sure they aren't going to release it publicly, when they can use it for extortionate purposes... whether that is in terms of votes on particular bills, etc., or early retirements, etc...
  9. Well, if they would just go with the idea that having a gun on you is NOT a crime, and tack the 10 year gun penalty onto use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, it might have some effect... and probably some unintended side effects, like an increase in the number of robberies where a knife or an axe or a hammer is used instead of a gun.
  10. I like haggis. Because it isn't in a pasty. You pasty lovers are a bunch of Pinelanders. Krasnovia forever! Because waffles should have haggis on the side! #FreeLarry
  11. I hate pasties. I am not a real Mchigander.
  12. Too bad the uptalk elicits a knee-jerk judgment on my part that the person speaking is a dingbat unsure of the validity of their own statements. Not quite the positive response they are hoping for. I am less bothered by the vocal fry, although when it is intentional, it does get irritating.
  13. The shooter was a typical liberal hypocrite. But I repeat myself.
  14. She needs to get herself onto the HOA board and change their stupid rules.
  15. I got the cherry custard done. But everyone thought it would be fun to taste test it against the blueberry so they could tell me their favorite (excuses, excuses!), so it's already half gone. Results were split. YD and I like the blueberry better (which is not cool, since the blueberry has a gluten crust and we're not supposed to be eating that) and OD and DH prefer the cherry (which is dumb, because that crust is gluten free graham cracker, and they can eat gluten without problems). I think I should make the jam before the clafoutis, in case there aren't enough cherries (cherry season ended last Sunday). If there aren't enough cherries for cherry clafoutis, there are certainly still enough blackberries at the neighbor's house... and she lets me pick them! Or maybe rhubarb. I still have a lot of rhubarb... which is weird for August. it is usually done by the end of June and doesn't come back til mid-September.
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