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  1. I like Sabo. He does some cool stuff.
  2. It's everywhere. Even my grocery store. The clerk at the line I went through today was male, but he had on horrible bright pink lipstick, badly applied, and pink nail polish that had obviously been on for some time, and a pale pink sweater no man should ever. wear. He was quite polite, but the visual was bizarre.
  3. Mrs.Cicero

    you hear a bump in the night what...

    All the bumps in the night are the 150# runt of a mastiff's lethal tail banging on the walls, the cabinets, the sliding glass door. If anyone breaks in, it's the little 30# shaussie that's going to bite them. The mastiff will just pin them to the wall leaning on them and trying to get them to scratch behind his ears.
  4. Mrs.Cicero

    Another one bites the dust. Lt Gov, Gone

    And they don't even tell us what he said! Maybe I wouldn't think it was inappropriate! Maybe only a democrat would think that!
  5. Mrs.Cicero

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    I need to lose that same 20#. Again. My problem is that I already do kettlebell Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs (because my kids go to classes with me 2 days a week each, so they won't be in the same class together... then the oldest goes with her father for 2 more classes). Kettlebell makes me HUNGRY. Very, very hungry. So while my fat-to-body weight ratio has improved, I haven't lost any weight. This is pissing me off. I like to eat. I'm right at the borderline for my weight class competing, and I'd rather be about 5# under, so I don't have to dehydrate right before competing. I could lose the 20#, and drop an entire class. Which would be really cool. If I could just stop eating. But I'm HUNGRY.
  6. It's a total copout. And people don't need the devil to make them do anything bad. People are evil enough on their own.
  7. Mrs.Cicero

    Property tax vs sales tax - what do you think?

    I'd rather pay sales tax than property tax.
  8. Mrs.Cicero

    Fairytale Castles in Scotland

    I want to go back.
  9. Idiots. People that dumb don't deserve a vote.
  10. Well. Something to be happy about out of DC, finally.
  11. What the heck is wrong with Led Zeppelin? Except that maybe they play it too much around here...
  12. Mrs.Cicero

    I am torn. What to I do?!?

    Watch The Breakfast Club while reading Dune. Both are better that way.
  13. Mrs.Cicero

    Those who live out in the sticks...

    Parma. My folks are still there. I used to sing with the Cleveland Orchestra Children's Chorus at Public Hall and Blossom!