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  1. I think I've said this here before, but I won't care since I'll be dead, but I think it would be nice to be cremated, and have my family scatter my ashes in all my favorite backpacking places. (I'm sure this is illegal since they are National Parks, Monuments, and Forests, but I frankly don't care)... anyway, Glacier National Park, Dixie National Forest, Badlands, painted Desert, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Mt St Helens. After a month of trekking around tossing my ashes in all the pretty places, they should be happy to get home and get on with their lives.
  2. I'm sorry for your loss, Sp.
  3. What kind of idiot thinks the VP announcement will be made on MSM without the actual VP candidate being informed first? It's not a freaking beauty contest where the winner only hears she won at the same time the audience does. That amount of stupid demonstrates a complete lack of qualifications for any political leadership position.
  4. Instead of stuff, give her experiences. Set up a tent in the yard for her to play in, build a fire, and make s'mores. Or go to the park with her and her iPad, and have her take pictures, then turn the pics into a book using Shutterfly (or the book app on her iPad, if she has it), and have her tell you what to type in the text box for each picture... you can do this with a theme like taking pictures of all the animal tracks, or all the different flowers, or birds, or rocks, or just interesting scenes that caught her eye while hiking). Have them print it and give it to her. Or write a basic reading level adventure story and make her the main character (Princess Piper! Pirate Piper! ). Write it down or print it out and give it to her. (My husband did one for our girls and it's still around here, 15 years later. Now he is in a contest with our youngest to see who will finish their short story first... and his once again stars the girls).
  5. I miss the little sushi place my husband and I would go to after Polish language class on Monday nights. Of course, the class got cancelled until at least September, so I have no reason to drive up to the city, and the restaurant is only doing takeout. We did get takeout from there for my daughter's birthday, because she wanted sushi to celebrate. I miss it.
  6. He has to pick a black woman now, to make up for what came out of his mouth this week. Racist jackass.
  7. MI's tyrant has now extended lockdown until June 12. For no reason, just because she can. Our numbers have been falling for the last 3 weeks. My entire township (36 square miles and 2500 people) has had a grand total of... THREE cases of the virus, none of whom needed to be hospitalized, but hey, who cares about the facts? Whitless claims her decisions are all based on "the science" but she doesn't release ANY information regarding what (or whose) studies or statistics she is basing her orders on. Nooooo, instead she opens the portion of N Michigan where her vacation home is located, and trips up there to hold a graduation party for her daughter this weekend. My daughter graduates now, too... without any ceremony, without any open house, in an area with so few cases I can count them on one hand. Ok, her friends live in the next township over, so I'd need... one more hand for their cases. WTF. The state can't repair the roads, can't repair the dams, can't repair the bridges, and certainly can't let anyone go back to work.
  8. LOL, Amazon - sometimes they leave them on the front porch, sometimes they leave them in front of the pole barn garage door, sometimes I catch them when they pull in and tell them to just hand it over...
  9. as long as somebody takes out the shooter, I'm good... saves me the cost of a trial.
  10. The dams failed (four of them now, the 2 in Midland and 2 more in Gladwin) because the idiots in state gov't decided in 2018 that the dam owners could not lower the water levels behind the damn in winter (in order to avoid damn failure due to higher than normal spring rainfall, like we just had) BECAUSE IT WAS KILLING MUSSELS. Yes, that's right, Gov Witless and AG Not-smart-enough-to-understand-the concept-of-the-rule-of-law, felt that the lives of mussels were more important than the lives and homes of citizens. In 2018, when the dam owners tried to lower the water levels, the govt sued them over it and won, so the dam owners ceded upkeep of the dam to the gov't because they knew the dam was in danger of failure under the conditions the gov't was requiring and they couldn't afford the upkeep - and then the gov't didn't do any upkeep either. This state gov't is so effed up, it is unbelievable. Now AG Nessel is saying she is going to punish Ford Motor Co for "allowing President Trump to remove his mask when he was here to thank them for retooling the factory to make PPE and respirators for Covid."
  11. I don't know about Alaska, but I know some beekeepers in Canada just take all the honey from their hives (leaving none for the bees) and then replace the bees entirely every spring, because the winter survival rates are too low that far North to justify leaving that much honey in the hive, only to lose the hive anyway. Maybe that's what she does?
  12. Wretched Gretchen put the infected into nursing homes with the uninfected here in MI because she figured that would kill them off and there would be more dead to vote Democrat/for her in the next election
  13. Box at the end of the driveway. It's been run into or baseball batted once in 10 years. I probably just jinxed it.
  14. Depends entirely on how many of my hives make it through the winter (meaning didn't get wiped out by CCD or mites or mice or freeze or starve), whether I caught any swarms and if I did how early in the season I caught them (I can take honey off a swarm if I catch it in April or May, a June swarm will put away enough honey to make it thru the winter, but maybe not enough for me to steal any), and how cooperative the weather is (too much rain, or drought, both suck for the bees). Last year I only got about 3 gallons, bottled mostly in quart jars for us (to make jam without sugar, and mead, and to eat for the year), and a few pint jars to trade and/pr give as gifts. I had lost two hives over the winter, and didn't take any from a third because it was a swarm I caught in June and they needed the honey to get thru the winter. I caught my first swarm this year this past weekend. I think it was thrown by the feral hive in our old barn (It is in the walls in the hay loft and I can't remove it without scaffolding and a chainsaw, and that's not happening - why would I mess with a hive that's survived at least 10 years, and throws me free swarms nearly every year?). I don't have a bee vacuum. If the branch they land on is small enough, I just cut it off while I'm holding on to it and carry the ball of bees to their new home. This one was a PITA and was on multiple lilac branches and the ball of bees was too heavy so the branches bent to the ground and the ball of bees was a puddle. It's always fun to scoop bees up in my hands and carry them around while they vibrate thru my gloves.
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