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  1. I have no sympathy for San Franfreakshow; they got what they voted for. What I don't want is for all those voters to move near me to escape what they created.
  2. What just happened? A directed EMP? I feel like I'm living in a D&D game now.
  3. We haven't had a tree in several years. The cats would climb it, tip it over, and the mastiff would then try to carry it around the living room (it amuses him to play with logs). I sometimes think I should plant one in the yard (NOT the dog run) and decorate it... then I realize the barn cats would climb it, and the crows would steal any shiny thing they could rip off it... Maybe I'll get into the Xmas spirit and make a popcorn and cranberry string and throw that on a tree outside and see how long it takes the chickens and guineas to strip it bare...
  4. You mean something like... "I beat the snot out of the rest of my family at the annual poker game. I am not sorry, and I'm taking the money and going on a cruise and NO, I'm not inviting anyone to come with me, and this makes me positively, outrageously happy because I am just that fabulous?"
  5. Too late. The very fact that they sent it out in the first place tells me all I need to know. I think I'm done giving any money to anyone or any cause I don't know personally. I can donate to the local food pantry and the shelter in the city where I volunteered when we lived close to it. Inflation is going to eat all my discretionary income going forward anyway. And ammo costs.
  6. I finished off the outdoor garden kale just before Thanksgiving, more because of insects than cold weather. And we had bok choy and spinach from the hoop house garden last week. There is still arugula, and more spinach left in there, but I have to eat everything in the fridge before I harvest anymore of that. The only thing left in the outdoor garden is carrots, parsnips, and rutabaga. I think. I'll harvest those this week before my ground freezes. Half my seed order for next year arrived in the mail today, SO HAPPY!
  7. The procedure for me driving my truck involves turning on the lights no matter what time of day/night/weather. My husband's car does all that with sensors, including flipping the high beams on and off... which means he starts to drive my truck without turning anything on. I expect at some point he's gong to forget the truck needs a key and he can't turn it on with this phone... I miss having high beams on the floor. That was really the best place for them.
  8. My family has refused to donate anything to the Red Cross since WW2 due to them insisting my great uncle pay cash for half a sandwich, and then taking his cigarettes, too, while he was in the hospital after getting shot at the Battle of the Bulge.
  9. No democrat would tell you to buy ammo, or go shooting! They'd rather arrest you for either, or both.
  10. Well, hell. I don't think I'll be giving anything to any charity that isn't local to me ever again. The local food pantry isn't stupid enough to waste its time, money, and energy telling the folks who donate to it that they are racist racists that need to racily reflect on their racy racist roots because RACISM!, well, at that point I'll just give up on humanity entirely and spend my money on ammo instead.
  11. I read this entire thread while mentally figuring out what numbers will divide into 398 because being able to make neat, equal piles would make MY OCD shut up, but IT'S NOT WORKING. Not 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12... I HATE YOUR MISSING BRASS. Go buy a box of ammo, take out two rounds, shoot them, recover the brass. Shoot the rest, leave that brass for the next guy. Now you have the correct amount of brass to reload your 400 bullets, AND you got to go shooting, and you made the next guy happy.
  12. I played Alice's Restaurant Massacree while I cooked, and we had our turkey, etc., here at home, just the 4 of us, then we went up to some friends' place for dessert. We had a lovely time, and made it home in time to do all the animal chores almost at their normal time (always goes smoother when the animals are bent because we're late). Now I'm going to hang some more laundry, finish cleaning up from the adventures in the kitchen, and either go to the basement and quilt or curl up with a book until some kid or other needs me for something. Time to relax... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. I love deviled eggs. Everyone in the family loves them. And for peeling them - they are easy to peel when I use the InstaPot to cook them, which I think is similar to your steaming method. Yummmm.
  14. Got called last year, there were no trials that week cause of covidiocy, so I didn't have to go in at all. Got called again last month, had to go in Monday, didn't get picked for the only jury being seated that day, no juries seated on Tuesday so no one went, group wasn't called for Wednesday's juries and no juries seated Thursday or Friday - so out of the whole week, I was only there Monday morning. Got paid my $22.50 + mileage and that was it. The one jury being seated Monday was with a retired judge helping to clear the covid backlog (the case was from 2018)... they only seated 3 juries all week - that's not going to clear the backlog, it's going to make it worse. So much for a speedy trial...
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