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  1. Having worked there for a couple years in high school, I cannot imagine a more disgusting scent to perfume my house. I want a candle that actually smells like leather. Or Hoppes #9. No Mickey Ds, or Gwyneth's ick.
  2. Where's that felon in CA? serving a life sentence that killed a couple child sex abusers in prison with him with his cane, no less, when they let him out of solitary and put him in a pod with them? We need him in with the people responsible for this.
  3. No co-op. Electric is from Consumers, and a main line runs thru the next farm north of ours... which is why even when we get ice storms that take out power in parts of the county for weeks... ours has always been back in 3 days or less. (I say that, and now I've probably jinxed it). There are short outages fairly often, (just because of winds taking out trees that take out lines) but they fix those in a few hours, usually. Our propane tank is dedicated to the house. We're going to run a line to the genny "just in case" - but unless we get an outage that lasts more than 3 days, we'll run the genny on gasoline. We had a wood cookstove for heat in the old house, and I miss cooking on it, so if we ever get around to putting an addition on the back of this house, the stove will go there again, but for now it's all propane... better than electricity in a minor SHTF, but not great for TEOTWAWKI.
  4. It goes out here regularly. A couple years ago, nearby friends had theirs go out for 3 weeks after an ice storm (ours was back on in 2 days). I don't worry about much, since the heat is propane, and the well pump (and everything else)will be taken care of when the new genny is delivered. We're getting a dual-fuel, so if it goes out for an annoyingly long period of time, we'll just hook it up to the 500 gallon propane tank in the yard...
  5. LOL. I figured I'd stop shaking after my 3 minutes was up. What was funny was I trashed my notes after listening for an hour, and just spoke off-the-cuff about the elephant in room - the misapprehensions of the other side, screaming about how this violated separation of powers, and would result in the sheriff becoming a tyrant able to arbitrarily decide on who/how current gun laws are enforced, etc. My daughter was with me and she afterward she asked to also go to any other nearby county that had commissioners considering the same type of resolution. I think I've succeeded there... lol
  6. that my county became the 13th (or 14th, there were two that voted yes last night) county in MI to become a 2A Sanctuary/Refuge County (our resolution was reworded to replace "Sanctuary" with "Refuge" which I thought should not have happened, but too many people felt that "Sanctuary" has been appropriated by the pro-illegal alien crowd, and didn't want anything to do with that. But whatever. I realize that resolutions do not change existing laws, etc., but they are necessary to send a message to the MI State Legislature, and particularly to our witless governor Whitmer, that their constituents have seen what they have done (Red Flag Law bills, "assault weapons" ban bills, etc), don't like it, and if they keep it up, there will be consequences... the first of which is voting them all out of office and replacing them with legislators who honor their oath to defend the Constitution.
  7. Keep this out of the hands of my youngest child, that's all I have to say about that.
  8. I'm so over the whole concept of having the gov't involved in marriage in any way except as the enforcers/arbitrators of a legal contract.
  9. Gas around here goes up $.20 if I drive 15 minutes North East, and down $.30 if I drive 30 minutes West. So a .$.50/gal price difference for a a 45 minute drive, all in the same state (but not the same county).
  10. Around here it depends where you are in the township, whether you are on a main road, a not main but still paved road, or a dirt road, the weather conditions (clear, rain/flooding, snow/ice), whether there is a bridge out or not, etc.
  11. I don't know that I want an army made of draftees. I would think the quality of the all-volunteer army would be better. Please correct me if I am wrong about this. It just seems sensible. Anyway, Omar is an idiot, with no conception nor care for economics. She just says anything that will help her get re-elected, and God help us if she is re-elected, because we get the government we deserve.
  12. No more than usual. We could live on our little farmette for months without going anywhere for anything if we had to.
  13. Don't apologize -those are some fun pics/maps. Now I'm watching my kid with the Garmin crossing into AZ... I'll pull up some topo maps tomorrow for a look at where she's hunting. This real-time stalking thing feels pretty weird - when I went backpacking out there(years ago), I just told everyone what state I was heading for, and that I'd be home in a month...
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