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  1. http://ornerydragon.com/2021/09/12/punishing-the-unvaccinated-to-assuage-the-fears-of-the-vaccinated/ Interesting read. One hopes the logic becomes obvious to our imbecilic overlords before it is too late.
  2. I'm wondering why they are treating people with mild symptoms at all. They are MILD symptoms. Like my two week 'Rona head cold with 4 weeks of no taste/smell. I think I took a mucinex one night. As long as the symptoms are mild, why not allow one's immune system to do its freaking job, and not screw with the rest of the body's systems by exposing it to a bunch of stuff with potential for side effects? It just seems like we try to treat every little thing with a drug nowadays. When I was 19, I ran a fever of 104 and ended up in the emergency room. They ran two bags of IV saline into me for being dehydrated, stuck me in a cold shower, gave me two Tylenol, and sent me home as soon as the fever went down to 103.5 (3 hours later). I had to deal with a dingbat recently who thought a 100 F temp was going to kill her if she didn't get to the hospital immediately. Not puking, not dehydrated, no neck ache, just...running a temp. I was... not impressed at her grasp on reality.
  3. I propose they be tied to railroad tracks and run over. I think that punishment fits the crime.
  4. https://www.dailywire.com/news/mayor-tells-school-board-resign-or-be-charged-with-child-porn-over-assignment-parents-erupt-in-applause?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=mattwalsh&fbclid=IwAR0XuK5lp9JjvQXymRZZ5y9iFEmCCkHRkvX7Hu_Bw9_vNKzw2KqLgjG3jxE The students were told not to bring the book home so their parents wouldn't see it... it was in use for six years. What a way to groom those children. I do not recognize this world anymore.
  5. Just so you all know, I wasn't caffeinated this morning when I wrote that. God help you all.
  6. but will they? The official taliban position is anti-drug... and wasn't the CIA doing the running? Which they aren't now that they've been thrown out of the country? I'm wondering what the price of opium-based drugs will be do going forward. I mean, it's not like the taliban will need the drug money since bidet left them all that military equipment they can sell to the Chi-Coms for cash that won't inflate as fast the the USD is going to going forward, thanks to that bartending bimbette with the Econ degree she apparently blew her professors to acquire, since it is obvious she learned nothing at BU. MMT is the devil.
  7. I'd give them two weeks notice, just because I think that's the professional thing to do. And if they escorted me out two minutes later, I'd be happy to take the two weeks off, then start the new job. Unless the new job would appreciate me being able to start earlier, then I'd do that. Maybe.
  8. At this point, specifically who is directly responsible for the immediate idiocy (whether this appointment, or the Afghanistan pullout debacle, or anything between) is almost irrelevant if the culture that created the mindset that thinks those actions are a good idea isn't dealt with. STOP lowering standards. Stop allowing multiple standards depending on the gender, creed, color, culture, kinks, and mental stability of the applicant. One standard. One standard directly related to the job. ONE.
  9. Did anyone NOT think this sort of thing was going to happen after the leadership was purged for political correctness?
  10. Have a RELAXING vacation - and when you decide to stop in again, post pics of the finished van!
  11. Yes. If you don't identify yourself before you ask for me, I'm not here, 'cause I'll assume you didn't identify yourself because you knew I wouldn't want to talk to you, anyway. I like my youngest daughter's phone manners - any number she doesn't recognize gets answered in a whisper, "OK, OK, it's done, but there's blood EVERYWHERE!"
  12. I really am going to have to watch Gran Torino.
  13. Well, yeah, when there are more agents involved than actual criminals. This state is such a corrupt political cesspit, but I repeat myself. And today is property tax day, too...
  14. The dqemocretins continue to betray every possible ally we could have everywhere in the world. Traitors in every sense of the word.
  15. I will NOT admit to how many of those antique Singers I own. (I learned to sew on a 1963 Featherweight that still sews perfectly - it is sitting across the room from me now). My husband and youngest daughter want one of those anvils... I'm waiting for someone to post a pic of their Lodge cast iron pans.
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