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  1. Prayers and thoughts for his comfort, and yours, Eric.
  2. That's a bizarre punishment. It bears no relation to the offense. I mean, I've taken my kid's stuff when she didn't clean it up, because if you don't clean it up, you don't care about it and don't deserve to have it. For joyriding, I'd have grounded the kid for a month, and postponed the kid getting his license for a year, and the kid would have had to give a free carwash to anyone in the neighborhood that wanted one, and personally apologized to all neighbors. The punishment should bear some relation to the crime.
  3. Nice - who ports the mufflers for you? Or do you do it yourself? The kid doesn't like the Stihls because she says they are harder to fix when they break than her beloved Makitas are, lol. She complains it takes her twice as long to fix anything on a Stihl. I think she just likes having something to whinge about - today it was the "blankety-blank logging company that hires monkeys that have driven over and broken 10 of her beloved beautiful chainsaws this year, so far..." She then proceeded with a step-by-step explanation for replacing the gas tank and handle broken by the blankety-blank monkey who didn't even have the excuse of backing over something he couldn't see, but drove right over it going forward..." My eyes kind of glazed over, because if it isn't an antique sewing machine, I have no idea how it works or how to fix it... I'm glad I have a kid that can fix what I break. Her next job here is fixing the fuel system in my motorcycle so I can sell the darn thing. She better get to it soon, though, or I'm going to sell the darn thing "as is."
  4. Great voice. Minds me of James Taylor.
  5. My daughter that fixes chainsaws says, well, if they were stupid enough to leave the keys in the ignition, I'm not surprised they'd steal a Stihl (she hates working on those, can you tell? lol)
  6. Stores have yeast and flour again, but they were about out of bread yesterday, and a whole lot of other stuff. Meat was in stock, though. Weird shortages at the Farm&Feed, today, too.
  7. 4 masks with various comments on them ("This mask is as useless as my governor, The gov't is forcing me to wear this, Maybe Orwell got the date wrong, My other mask actually works (with pic of gas mask below). Still have to make one that says Epstein didn't kill himself). There is also an SKS in the back, with 100 rounds of ammo, my breakdown kit, my "Big Ugly" Quilt (on its last legs after 20 years of picnics, camps, and dogs), and assorted empty cans of Red Bull, because some people are slobs. Also, right now, my husband is in it with his Glock, his nephew, and his dad, and they are one their way to town to pick up more saw blades. And, since I didn't finish emptying it from this weekends shoot, there are 4 wet shooting mats floating around in the truck bed.
  8. I get the planes for transport occasionally leads to crashes, and the look for bears so they don't eat you, but weren't there also a bunch of earthquakes lately? just seems like everything is happening at once... on top of the 'rona.
  9. Why the hell do they let these idiots post bail?
  10. Social isolation? WTH? Are we all now required to hang out with people we don't want to hang out with? Is he going to make the lefty loons hang out with me so I can make their heads explode? No one has a right to my companionship. I will bestow it where it is welcome AND where it makes me happy to do so. Being around any leftwing letter of the alphabet is NOT my happy place. And I don't want to be around most people, anyway. Even some of the right-wingers are getting on my nerves, lately. Little L libertarians and Juris Naturalis folks are my people . I LIKE being socially isolated -it's why I live in the middle of nowhere and why I've enjoyed NOT having to socialize for the last several months. Also, I'll condemn anyone I find reprehensible, and I don't need religious grounds to do it. I can just hate everyone on general principles. Biden was a hypocrite before he became demented. He is obviously not getting the healthcare he needs. he should start with a lobotomy, because that would improve his thinking.
  11. Nobody reacts because we know they lie about everything. Next up, the aliens gave us the 'rona.
  12. I refuse to eat anything that woman cooks. She took the directions for pasta off the internet and used them on rice, and that's a crime against food.
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