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  1. Nope. Nope. Nope. He sleeps on the floor right outside my bedroom door. There is no way I am letting a dog that weighs as much as I do romp around in my bedroom and then take up all the space on my bed that my husband hasn't already claimed. When the mastiff wants to play, the whole house shakes. And if the little mutt wants to play, he'll be in the bedroom that belongs to the kid with the normal bed, not the one in the loft. He knows who is a sucker...
  2. I love them, but I don't need one more thing to do around here, so I'm just planting trumpet vines an cardinal flowers and letting them do the feeding for me.
  3. the tack room at the barn blooming irises walking into the house when there's been a pot of chicken stock cooking on the stove all day garlic bread, heck, garlic anything
  4. I finally got the corn planted. We'll see if we actually get a crop...
  5. I make a 2 gallon jar of fridge pickles and just keep that stocked all summer/as long as I have fresh cukes. When there are more cukes than we can eat that way, I can sweet relish (either the Ball Canning book recipe, or one that replaces the sugar with honey, if I get enough honey from my hives for that). If there is anything left afterwards, I try canning pickles, but I've never been satisfied with the crunch that way... So at some point I'm going to replace the lid on my sauerkraut crock and try pickling the old-fashioned way that takes 2 months, but supposedly gives better crunch. because pickles are all about the crunch!
  6. I got my tractor back from the mechanic on Fri afternoon, mowed a little, it ran smoother than it has in years. Mowed about half the 7 acres that needed it on Saturday and the PTO belt broke... after everything was closed and I couldn't get a replacement. Wasn't home on Sunday. Poured on Monday, too wet to mow. Also too wet to get the corn in. Maybe this afternoon? But it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. At least most of the tire garden is doing well. And the hoop house. Even the outdoor straw bale garden is doing ok, although it is only planted with maters, taters, and peppers right now. The sweet potato slips won't be long enough to plant out for another week or so (I started them really late - my fault, not the weather). I can't keep up with the lettuce (I grew 4 different kinds in 4 different tires, because last year only one tire wasn't enough). The broccoli raab keeps trying to blossom, and I keep hacking it off and eating it or giving it away. (This is the first year for it, and it seems to be doing equally well in the hoop house and outside in a tire). The one thing that is NOT doing well this year is the cukes. Either kind, anywhere I put them, in the hoop house or outside. I don't know why. I need cukes this year because I am about out of sweet relish and pickles from canning two years ago. The first of the beets in the hoop house went to my mom. I need to plant more for a fall harvest, but I don't have anywhere to put them until the outdoor dirt garden dries up enough to plant, if it ever does. I need to harvest some cilantro to thin it out, and some dill. The carrots are mostly tops, the bottoms are only pinky finger sized right now. I await them impatiently. Actually, I await everything impatiently. I'm hungry.
  7. My oldest daughter loves the real thing. Soooo, we will find out tomorrow if she will be going to the kettlebell world championship in Serbia this fall... there is a train we can take from one side of the country to the other, and see it all, in a day... so, if she gets to go, she gets to do that. I think that might be fun...
  8. Dill pickle flavor. Except when I bring those home, my youngest daughter finds them and eats them ALL.
  9. I like to can my own, unless I'm really busy, then I get lazy and freeze them. We'll see if I get any this year after all this bizarre weather.
  10. I stole this, there is not attribution, but it is relevant. For everyone sharing the "Fair Oaks Farm" video, and are "outraged" by the content... there are a few things you probably need to know; 1) The "ARM" is a pro-vegan group, whose agenda and intent IS to end the consumption of all true dairy products. 2) The "ARM" group, "infiltrated" the FOF operations, as employees. In order to compile the footage they've shown you, they had to work for FOF for nearly two years... and after two years, that was all the footage they could compile. 3) While acting as "employees", these "ARM" protestors both participated in, and conducted the acts of abuse they filmed, essentially manufacturing some, if not all of the abusive acts filmed. 4) FOF has a policy of "see something, say something", to which the "ARM" employees refused to do... so only by violating FOF policies, did the abuse occur... at the necessity of "ARM's" socio-political agenda. 5) FOF, released a statement, several weeks ago... well before "ARM" released it's "footage"... explaining that they discovered the groups activities. How did FOF discover the activities? By terminating the employees who were abusing the animals. After being terminated, the "ARM" infiltrators bragged about how they were going to "ruin" FOF, and subseqently exposed themselves. 6) Of the 4 employees involved in the abuse to which "ARM" shows footage of... the 3 that worked directly for FOF were terminated. Two of those employees, were later exposed to be apart of the "ARM" operation. The fourth person involved, is not a FOF employee, at all. 7) Actual FOF employees observed the abuse being committed and staged by those working for "ARM", and they reported the abuse... which led to FOF both discovering these activities and terminating the employment of the abusers. All that said, the truth is, "ARM" staged the abuse, conducted the abuse, and then reported the abuse, while actual FOF employees discovered it, put a stop to it, and are now under attack by the social media for something they didn't actually do. There are always two sides to every story."
  11. Mrs.Cicero

    Good Rx?

    If the local shop would get my VP9 in, I'd be thrilled...
  12. Mrs.Cicero

    Good Rx?

    I'll have to try this with my $250 eye drops, since I'm about out and seeing the doc this afternoon for a new scrip... Holy Smokes. According to the app, the ave retail cost is $202... and Kroger (where I usually get it, sells it for $220), but the app's coupon to get it there would make it cost only $24. I'm rather disturbed at the number of years I've shelled out over $250...
  13. Well, if that is the character and common sense of the man in charge of children, it's no wonder we're going to Hell in a handbasket. He should have just had a beer in his hotel room with a blow-up doll - he'd still be employed, at least.
  14. I keep trying to ban stupidity, but it keeps coming back into my life.
  15. Too bad Darwin didn't take care of him, too. How dumb can you be?
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