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  1. I sincerely hope the centrist voters have noted the utter insanity, idiocy, calumny, and criminality of the Democratic Party thru the impeachment circus they insisted upon.
  2. I like Selco. He makes me think... https://www.theorganicprepper.com/shtf-bosnia-selco-americans/?fbclid=IwAR2VxMAMWnDUUQ7pScbbZQaMKR1gI5DkOLmCe_Yu1lL-MtADvDeHT_n58_M
  3. In terms of my daily life, I'd miss checking in here, reading new posts on my fave blog, Rural Revolution, and I'd miss my recipes on Pinterest that I have never bothered to print but use all the time. In a longer time frame, it would make organizing Appleseed shoots more difficult, due to the number of phone calls I'd have to make (I hate talking on the phone). There is really nothing I do here on the farm that I absolutely need the internet for - I could go back to ordering seeds and chickens by snail mail... that's how they ship them to me now anyway. I can track all my little experiments on paper - I don't need the internet for that. I have lots of books... that I have already read, so I'd have to go to the library more often than I do now for new ones. All my auto-pay bills would have to go back to snail mail, which would be mildly annoying. Mr.C wouldn't have direct deposit anymore, so I'd have to drive his checks to the bank. I guess I'm so old, everything I do now - I still remember how to do without a computer, because I was in junior high before we actually HAD a computer, and I don't think my parents got internet service until after I left home. Woo-hoo! Dial-up! I remember having that after I got married. I can't remember what I used it for, though. Somewhere in the last 20 years it finally got useful to me, but still not necessary. I wouldn't miss it if it were gone. I'd make my kids play Cribbage and Scrabble with me, instead of playing online games with their friends the next town over... and my husband would beat me at Go and Chess and make me learn to play Bridge. Ugh.
  4. I am afraid it is too late for the French. I doubt they have the will to stop all Muslim immigrations and begin deporting all the recent Muslim immigrants to their country. Color me prejudiced if you if makes you feel good, but the fact is the Muslims don't assimilate and therefore will never be compatible with traditional French values and society.
  5. I unironically state that the professor should be deprived of all food and other products grown/raised by rural Americans. He can starve naked, and the world will be a better place.
  6. I've been amusing myself reading about all the ways 5G is going to kill us all.
  7. My 6 stopped charging, so I replaced it with a 10. I like it better than any Android I've ever had, but I miss the home button that was on the 6. Anyway, the 10 does way more than I'll ever use. My daughter (who got a 10 for nothing when we got mine), keeps showing my all the cool stuff my phone will do that I'll never remember...
  8. Nothing I own has a muzzle brake on it. I don't necessarily dislike them. If I put one on anything, it would be my Featherweight - all the other .308s around here are so heavy that the recoil isn't bad enough to justify the expense. If I'm shooting something all day long for a class, it's a .223, which doesn't have enough recoil to worry about. The heavier stuff is for hunting, or a single AQT just to prove I can do it with that particular rifle, so 3 shots to sight it and 40 shots for test, and I'm finished. Better optics, and silencers, are much higher on my future acquisitions list. YMMV, and that's ok.
  9. only works on one variety (the current one raging in Africa, fortunately, but not some of the earlier outbreaks)
  10. I've been to a few since I graduated in '87, and I've skipped more. I don't bother with the ones that charge $100/plate. If it's a cookout in the park or a night at a bar near my parents' house, I consider it. I've kept in regular contact with 2 of the friends I had, and neither of them ever go. There are a half dozen other people I'd like to see, but they've never been at the ones that I've been to, so I've lost any real desire to go. Being the braintrust/geeks, most of us didn't enjoy the Lord of the Flies aspects of high school. Also, I did have a couple nutball PETA freaks get loudly pissed at me at one of the earlier ones because I said I gave up vegetarianism for hunting tasty Bambi, and I was like, WTF? You didn't know me well enough in high school to know why I was a vegetarian in the first place (factory farms and feedlots, not an issue with killing my food), and you aren't bothered by all the other people at your table eating steak, what the heck is your problem? The biggest amusement to going is seeing how people have aged. There's a certain amount of schadenfreude in seeing old, fat cheerleaders that wouldn't give you the time of day as teens...
  11. Air France must have heard your complaint because there was no Foie Gras! (I don't like it either). I had such short times between connecting flights, that there was no time to sit anywhere. And you sound like my husband telling me to just suck it up, drive to Detroit, pay the cash, and get the Global Entry thing. I had Priority for the flights in Europe, just not the ones to and from. It was nice. It's not for work, so I have a hard time justifying the extra expense - I'm just chaperoning my daughter to her sports events. And once that one is old enough to go on her own, I'll probably be doing it for the youngest, unless she decides she is tired of living at home and enlists. Then I'm going to prop my feet up and stop traveling anywhere for a couple years...
  12. Well, I got back last night from a trip to Serbia and Poland, and I'll be doing the Poland thing again in 6 months. And either Hungary or Spain (the benefits of chaperoning a world class athlete - having said that, there was not much time for hanging out online. Mostly I was running cameras, watching events, or sightseeing... or trying to get a reasonable amount of sleep... hard when the Russians run the event and schedule it from 9AM to 11 PM. I'm not going to have a cow if I don't have access when I'm there because I like spending the day I get back scrolling through everything I missed and spewing my tea on the keyboard laughing at it all.
  13. Earlier this week I was eating squid in Novi Sad, Serbia. Why there seems to be squid in a sweet and spicy sauce on every menu in Serbia I do not know, but it sure was good. Tonight it was Polish potato soup in Krakow. I needed something warming because it was 40 and drizzling. Back home, there is 9" of snow on the ground and it is 8 degrees above 0. I'll get roast duck tomorrow. I have it good until Friday, when I have to get back on a damn plane and fly home (this trip was a pain in the ass with late flights, OJ-ing thru Amsterdam airport to make a connection, and then having my checked luggage not make it Krakow. Let's just say I have a few new rules about flying commercial... 1) Take a cruise ship or a train instead if at all possible, or steal that dingbat Greta's boat and go that way, but in any case avoid commercial air like the plague 2) Direct Flights only 3) Booze must be free and the food/wine has to meet Air France business class standards (the one pleasant surprise on this trip) 4) Direct flights only 5) If no direct flights, then the layovers must be at least 2 hours, because nothing is ever on time, except when the pilot gets permission to "Fly Very Very Fast" (in an Aussie accent), because he left 45 minutes late, but only arrived 5 minutes later than he was supposed to, anyway, there will be no more running for gates... I'm over 50 and over that. 6) Direct flights only 7) I get to arrive 3 days before whatever event my presence is required for, so I have time to adjust to the time and sightsee and re-acquire whatever luggage has been lost and de-stress from the whole flying experience.
  14. Ruger stock sights suck, especially for beginning shooters. Just about anything else would be an improvement. Also, good for you teaching your son how to shoot! Sometimes that works really well, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. I've been instructing fundamentals of rifle marksmanship for over 10 years, and I have often separated kids and parents on the firing line, because some parents can't instruct patiently (or correctly), and some kids can't take instruction from the parent they are with. It always makes me happy when I have parents and kids on the line that are obviously enjoying their time together. Those are the ones that will train up their own kids/grandkids, because they have good memories of doing that with their mom and/or dad.
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