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  1. OMG NO. He lived outside, and while he was handled regularly, he would have shredded me if I'd flipped him on his back like that, much less laid him in a sink full of water!
  2. He was way too much of a pet to eat. (Well, I would have eaten him, but the kids would have been REALLY UPSET if I had, so I decided it wasn't worth it. Also, he was nearly 5 years old and wouldn't have been remotely tender...)
  3. The non-piggy is in the freezer awaiting my attention later this week, or Sunday, depending on how many other emergencies I have to deal with between now and then, lol
  4. I wonder what he'd say about Read Across America banning Dr Seuss this week.
  5. Soooooo, we raise rabbits for meat. We lost our buck earlier this winter (everyone was sad because he was the friendliest rabbit ever), so I had to acquire a new buck. This one is a blue Silver Fox, about 9 months old. The highlight of my day today was seeing him get 3 falloffs his first doe in under 3 minutes. And he didn't even grunt, much less scream (you haven't heard anything til you hear a breeding buck rabbit that is a screamer). He only went for the wrong end once, and very quickly figured it out for himself, so I didn't have to interfere at all. (As great as the previous buck was, he often went for whatever end or side of the doe was closest, and too much of that and an irritated doe will bite). Now I just have to wait 30 days to see if any of my black Silver Fox does carry blue, or if I'll have to wait a generation to get more. That's your rabbit porn for the day. Carry on.
  6. Last night was not better. He gargled, snorted, gargled, coughed, gargled, snored, etc. (Did I say gargled? 'Cause I meant that).I gave up and spent the night fighting the mastiff and the insane cat for the couch. I'm going to sleep on a cot in the basement tonight.
  7. The day has not improved. A raccoon attacked the Ninja Duck. (The same duck beat off a coyote a couple years ago, without injury to herself, despite being carried up the hill in the coyote's mouth, which is why she lives here and didn't go to Freezer Camp with the rest of the ducks). She was not quite so lucky this time...The raccoon is dead (2 shotgun shells and then beaten to death with the stock, because the bastard wasn't dying fast enough). The Ninja Duck is either recovering or dying in my bathtub. Her neck is gashed and holed. I've done what I can, but this day just needs to end.
  8. Not you. I didn't sleep either - husband loud coming to bed late, then I was too hot, then I was too cold, then hot, then cold, then my back hurt, then the animals were scratching at the door. Just a waste. The oldest kid is seriously depressed, the youngest has no patience for it, the husband is a grouch. I want to go to Tahiti. Or North Dakota. I don't care which. Just away.
  9. I've gotten annoyed enough at Amazon's politics/deplatforming other companies, that I'm looking for replacement sources for everything I normally get from them, so I can dump Prime (we don't watch or listen to it anyway, just had it to save on shipping costs) and stop using them for anything. Political votes mean nothing anymore, the only thing that matters to the powers that be is money, so I'll vote with that.
  10. No. It completely cracks me up that the same people that insist the number of bad reactions to the vaccine are inflated still insist the "Covid death" numbers aren't inflated. Especially when even the CDC admits they were.
  11. Oh, I still love my Insta-Pot. And I still use it a 2-3 times a week. Too old a model to have an air-fryer, though.
  12. Damnit. I had the Senile Sockpuppet starting a war with Syria... in September. (You know there had to be an online betting pool for this somewhere. In our little fake one, we were debating not that he'd start one, but which nation it would be with, and over half the "votes" were Syria. There were 5 other possibilities mentioned. No one thought he'd do anything this stupid before summer started, though.
  13. Resistance is futile. You will... tell the joke.
  14. OMG do NOT give them any more social justice/bull**** ideas!
  15. Nope. I've volunteered as a lab rat for the BLSA for the last 20+ years. That's all the experimenting on me I'll allow.
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