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  1. Dragline

    Sneaky Pete on Amazon

    I thought it was going to be about cheap bum wine. Was gonna be surprised that Amazon carried it.
  2. Dragline

    It's 67.6° in my Backyard. In January!!

    We haven’t had any real winter yet, but I’m not complaining.
  3. Dragline

    Because I'm all Film Neuawr now.....

    Shetland is one of the all time best TV crime dramas ever. Looking forward to a new season but it will air in the U.K. first and take a while to get to the states. Have you seen similar, Hinterland, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, The Fall, Doctor Foster, just to name a few?
  4. Dragline

    Because I'm all Film Neuawr now.....

    You've really got to start on some Scandinavian crime dramas.
  5. Dragline

    Whats Your Weather this New Year's Eve?

    Been around 70 the past three days. I have the AC on now. We haven't really had winter yet.
  6. Dragline

    Binge Watching Doctor WHO

    We watched quite a few episodes. Always love The Snowmen, it's a huge favorite. Another station also had a Firefly marathon.
  7. Dragline

    What's the drink tonight..

    Had a beer then some champagne, probably move to a bourbon later. Doubtful I'll be awake at midnight.
  8. Dragline

    Anyone watching a movie tonight?

    We watched 'A Quiet Place' earlier because I got a 99 cents movie deal from Google Movies. It was ok. Not too long which is how I like movies.
  9. Dragline

    So. What's everybody getting for Christmas?

    I will be drinking that vile, nasty stuff for Christmas dinner. My procedure is set for Dec. 26. Merry effing Christmas to me.
  10. Dragline

    So. What's everybody getting for Christmas?

    That's exactly when and why I'm also having mine Dec 26 which means prep day is Christmas Day. It's the only date they had available. Wonder why? Heh heh. I also have to get it done in 2018 because my insurance deductable is met. If I wait until 2019 I'll be charged full boat for the procedure. When I walk in the place, the first person that asks me how was my Christmas was is going to get punched. So I'll be spending my Christmas on the ****ter.
  11. Dragline

    So. What's everybody getting for Christmas?

    A colonoscopy. Seriously
  12. Dragline

    Bygone Slang

    He's shaking like a car on bad gas. "Church Key" for bottle opener.
  13. Dragline


    Actually, medication, can be quite helpful and effective. If you get strep throat you wouldn't dismiss antibiotics out of hand. Anxiety, depression, and a variety of mental conditions such as OCD, Bi Polar, and even schizophrenia can benefit from the proper medications.
  14. Dragline

    Police Rest in Peace Deputy Turner

    So sad. She hung in for three weeks, I really hoped she was going to get off the critical list and begin to recover. Best thoughts and prayers for Deputy Turner, her family and colleagues.
  15. Dragline

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    I woke up this morning and it was 52 and windy. It was 80 yesterday. Even the cat is freaked out about the temp change. My hip started to ache last night, musta knew it was coming.