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  1. Dragline

    Bygone Slang

    He's shaking like a car on bad gas. "Church Key" for bottle opener.
  2. Dragline


    Actually, medication, can be quite helpful and effective. If you get strep throat you wouldn't dismiss antibiotics out of hand. Anxiety, depression, and a variety of mental conditions such as OCD, Bi Polar, and even schizophrenia can benefit from the proper medications.
  3. Dragline

    Police Rest in Peace Deputy Turner

    So sad. She hung in for three weeks, I really hoped she was going to get off the critical list and begin to recover. Best thoughts and prayers for Deputy Turner, her family and colleagues.
  4. Dragline

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    I woke up this morning and it was 52 and windy. It was 80 yesterday. Even the cat is freaked out about the temp change. My hip started to ache last night, musta knew it was coming.
  5. Dragline

    Alec Baldwin's ABC talk show tanks in ratings

    Alec Baldwin can crap in his hat. He should take Clooney and DeNiro and move to Saudi Arabia. They could open up a liquor store together and Meryl Streep can be their delivery driver. Should work out great.
  6. Dragline

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    I took an advance out on my 60s during my 20s and 30s and now the bills are all coming due.
  7. Dragline

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Wait until you get into your 60s and discover all the ways your body is trying to kill you.
  8. Dragline

    Into the 30's tonight.

    Supposed to be low to mid 80s and humid here this week, but maybe a bit of a cool down for next weekend. This summer refuses to go away.
  9. Sadly, it's likely the pantsuit won't be replaced by the jumpsuit.
  10. Dragline

    What are your weekend plans ?

    The Fall Myrtle Beach (well really Murrells Inlet) Motorcycle Rally is going on. Might check out some of that, but it's usually the same old, same old.
  11. Dragline

    Your Hummingbirds Leave Yet?

    Our hummers are beginning to move along for the season, but this morning we still had a different sort of visitor.
  12. It's tough to get people with 7th century customs and traditions to successfully integrate into 21st century civilization.
  13. Dragline

    Your Hummingbirds Leave Yet?

    Been a hummingbird palooza here. We even kept the feeder up during the hurricane and they showed up in droves. I'm betting we were close to the only game in town for them as I suspect most people took down their feeder.
  14. Dragline

    Noises you NEVER get use to

    Leaf blowers
  15. Dragline

    Idiot versus Bison

    The person taking the video screwed it up just as the best part was a about to happen.