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  1. Last year during Myrtle Beach Bike Week, Budweiser was there and right before Rebel Son came onstage, Bud invited every veteran in the crowd to step forward and receive a free cold beer and T-shirt.
  2. I’m still sticking with my Hai Karate.
  3. Watched some Live PD last night. Been trying to thin out the hoarded shows off the DVR. Hey, just realized, that includes episodes of “Hoarders.” 😜
  4. Humm... I’ve been in the market for a new OFT auto and was considering their Infidel. Maybe I’ll go back to looking at MT. Already have a Halo but wanted something different.
  5. We never had a winter this year. Couple cold nights but that’s it. A shame really because I am not at all looking forward to the oppressive heat and humidity of what looks like an early summer. Also expect a bumper crop of mosquitoes which only adds to the annoyance factor. Already praying we don’t get more hurricanes.
  6. Have two Samsung 50” plasmas. Both working great. Kept one new in the box as an extra for a couple years until needed. Got it for a good price and knew I’d never be able to replace it later.
  7. I thought it was going to be about cheap bum wine. Was gonna be surprised that Amazon carried it.
  8. We haven’t had any real winter yet, but I’m not complaining.
  9. Shetland is one of the all time best TV crime dramas ever. Looking forward to a new season but it will air in the U.K. first and take a while to get to the states. Have you seen similar, Hinterland, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, The Fall, Doctor Foster, just to name a few?
  10. You've really got to start on some Scandinavian crime dramas.
  11. Been around 70 the past three days. I have the AC on now. We haven't really had winter yet.
  12. We watched quite a few episodes. Always love The Snowmen, it's a huge favorite. Another station also had a Firefly marathon.
  13. Had a beer then some champagne, probably move to a bourbon later. Doubtful I'll be awake at midnight.
  14. We watched 'A Quiet Place' earlier because I got a 99 cents movie deal from Google Movies. It was ok. Not too long which is how I like movies.
  15. I will be drinking that vile, nasty stuff for Christmas dinner. My procedure is set for Dec. 26. Merry effing Christmas to me.
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