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  1. refugeepj

    Police A story that's hard to swallow...

    isn't love grand!?!?
  2. refugeepj

    Good Question

    depending on the whims of the woman. she may argue one way, then another. rules subject to change with predictable unpredictability.
  3. refugeepj

    Who Said It

    big mouth don't make a big man
  4. refugeepj

    Who Said It

    the PATRIOT?
  5. refugeepj

    A drive by in the news...

    wish you had a thousand noses???
  6. refugeepj

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    this too shall pass.
  7. refugeepj

    Where were you in 1965?

    by this time most of my "hunting" was for dear, so to speak. the #1 reason i stayed in HS, the mini skirt.
  8. refugeepj

    Where were you in 1965?

    high school. Mr. Harvey was always insightful.
  9. refugeepj

    Appears some French and Italians are getting upset

    the UN is the most corrupt entity in the history of the world. attempting to dictate policy to any sovereign nation is NOT the job of the UN.
  10. refugeepj

    Woman Battered Man Over Rejection

    run Forrest run!!
  11. refugeepj

    I got banned on GT.

    been GROUNDED from facebook twice, so far. won't take long, i will continue to be politically INCORRECT. screw them.
  12. refugeepj

    All eight rules are in play

    frightening feces.
  13. refugeepj

    Material things your wife wont let you have....

    had a couple of wives, not at the same time. the last one gave me a $12,000 credit card balance, and i still don't know what i bought.
  14. refugeepj

    WWII veteran about to turn 100

    wet eyes.