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  1. That feller needs to go further into the woods.
  2. How many years did it take them to figure that one out.
  3. We should pool our money and see if we can get the jihadists an apartment next to the judge.
  4. Exit Plan

    What have you prepared for?

    As a wolverine fan I mostly prepare for heartbreaking freak losses to bitter rivals and then getting to read about it for years to come.
  5. Exit Plan

    Politics I repeat, Pennsylvania does not top Florida.

    It could be fun, I'd cast a ballot for her.
  6. Exit Plan

    How to delete account on tos?

    Say something to Chris, he will kick you off every forum on the internet.
  7. Exit Plan

    ShooterZone Forum

    Great site, worth checking out. Get in on the ground floor.
  8. Why these dudes getting high in jail? Its jail.
  9. Exit Plan

    Baseball is dead to me

    turn off the tv and go outside.
  10. Exit Plan

    Police Kill Dozer 2

    So they were chasing the guy with a bulldozer and ran him over? That doesn't sound good.
  11. I would during a beer made out of it.
  12. Exit Plan

    Evidence of why cops are wary of everyone

    Holding babies while feeding the poor..... Those darn cops
  13. Exit Plan

    1911 Fanatics

    I tried to join but got banned immediately for no apparent reason. This seems like one of those sights that treats members like garbage. Just my experience.
  14. Exit Plan

    1911 Fanatics

    Not much content, only 2 to 3 people on this sight, and they banned me as soon as I joined. Very petty.