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  1. It actually gets waaaaay worse than that. I really am enjoying retirement!
  2. Like probably most everyone here i support President Trump 100 percent. I am closely following the election fraud. The Trump team better be able to back up the claims they are making. Their is a huge difference between losing an election in which a few dead people voted and the kind of Civil War 2 rhetoric being put out by the Trump team. We better darn well be seeing some ?
  3. Communists, leftists,liberals all rotten. Baby murdering lying scumbags who either hate God or think they know more. Their day of reckoning is very close.
  4. Those Portland sissies can either vote for Trump or let the beatings resume.
  5. I'm could be wrong but I think the biggest prob I em here is the choice of beer.
  6. " there were consequences that no one anticipated" Meaning that the politically correct brass got the job for reasons other than competence.
  7. Sounds reasonable, Joe has seen a lot of action.
  8. Really we don't know all the facts, what kind of car was it?
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