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  1. So Tech Support let me know the website probably didn't pick up that the part was out of stock... and just gave me a generic failure message. Bummer... But I'll be back one day! Just an FYI for others who might receive a vague "try again" message from the website - So leave message or use the Chat to contact some one "Live" for resolution!
  2. I keep trying to order a close out Timberfolf frame... but no joy! I have 3 attempts over 3 weeks... What I'm ordering: Compact Timberwolf Frame Built, No returns or exchanges LWD-TWC-BUILT Put in all the needed info, and I get this: Sorry Your request could not be fulfilled at this time. Website administrators have been notified of this issue and are working to resolve it. Please try your request again in a few minutes. Have tried over quite a 'few minutes'... Might want to have someone check into this... Losing orders is lost $$$ Thanks Caleb!
  3. You can try Etsy.com, and of course the Google for "Free Script Fonts" and/or "Royalty Free Script Fonts" OR "Personal Use Free Script Fonts"... One of those will work. Etsy.com may have a nominal charge for the font even for personal use, if you need it for commercial/business/product use you will need to check the terms of use carefully. Have Fun Shopping!
  4. I'm pretty satisfied if break-in is uneventful with 200 rounds of carry ammo - Typically Golden Sabers for 124gr 9mm & 230gr ,45.. Wheel guns run 125gr .38Spl usually.
  5. It's YOUR Party... so Get Down Wid It... 🙂 Enjoy!
  6. Soooo.... When are the Sub-Compact frames that will take a Compact slide coming out??? 🙂 Itching to get my hands on one of these. They make *great* carry pistols!!!
  7. I like em Two Toned: The Carry Glocks: G23 and G27, LoneWolf slides, the rest is standard Glock except the sights. They both have .357Sig barrels. The G23 runs .357Sig beautifully, the G27 is working to become reliable. The major issue with the G27 is some slide peening that prevents easy insertion of the .357Sig barrel. Both are very accurate with either .40 or .357 and we do well in competition. Reliability is very good when I do my part. I *like* em!
  8. Pierre!

    Costco rant

    I'll grab my gas there if the line is ... reasonable! I get 2 pairs of progressives for under $450 and they can reuse my frames in the future they say. The prescriptions are pretty reasonable too! The Surface Pro 4 came out of Costco and it was a good price. When bucks are back up I'll probably pick up a color printer from them. And their exercise equipment seems to be pretty agreeably price... I'll find out hopefully this Fall. But I'm definitely not there weekly...
  9. After listening closely to her txt and phone conversations one day I got my wife a mini chandelier for her rear view mirror... 🙂 Got major Good Boy points over that one... I had a USPSA NROI pen hanging from my rear view mirror, but after the heat warped it, it was removed. So now my Tacoma runs without dangley things from the rear view mirror!
  10. My daughter started shooting at 5 with my hands around hers and me pulling the trigger. At 7 she got a Cricket from Santa, and I slept on the couch for a week... 🙂 Later, after the D I V O R C E and I got into competition shooting she would drill the "New Shooters" on the Four Laws Of Firearms on the way to tech them to shoot... We are now discussing when her 5 year old daughter will start shooting... 🙂 and yes, we will be using her original Cricket! The Cricket was a reasonable price, and has been easy to maintain. That's my thoughts, and several othe rmembers too! Hope that helps you out...
  11. I've spent some time chewing up some steel... after I found KnifeKits.com! Then the addiction set in... :D I was building some kits, modifying them.... and then the MOVING started! All the way from Sparks/Reno NV to Tucson AZ to keep up with Mom... So naturally my workshop was in boxes, then we had to move again after being laid off from work (victims of 2009 economy!) ... and once settled in, the house we were RENTING went into forclosure... so we moved BACK to Sparks NV... and the whole 6 years, no blade/knife building at all... {sigh}... Time to get a bench setup in the new house! :D
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