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  1. DrB

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    And a song for a Sunday afternoon...
  2. DrB

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    Yes he did have sharp wit..
  3. DrB

    Warren Zevon

    To bad he passed from cancer in 2003... I enjoyed his music. Dave..
  4. DrB

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    In my younger years listened to his music. Still do today.. Dave..
  5. DrB

    Warren Zevon

    He composed a few good songs along the way..
  6. DrB

    winter storm ,

    19 Deg. here on the north coast Ohio. Not expecting snow. That could all change with the winds off of Lake Erie though. Dave..
  7. DrB

    Jeremiah Johnson

    Thanks, another book I now must read... Dave
  8. DrB

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Yes Popcorn. Right now working on the "Pennsylvania Butter Flavored" I grew. Is white... I like the white varieties over the yellow. Dave..
  9. DrB

    World War 1 Aircraft

    Original film..
  10. DrB

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Yep, I grow many different varieties several different each year. Most of what I grow are rare ones you don't find in any store. They all pop different and have different taste. Oil does matter as the type influences the taste also. Dave
  11. DrB

    Knife Sharpener?

    I've seen that... Fortunately not my knife. That must be a common use.....
  12. DrB

    Knife Sharpener?

    Yep when folks visit they not care... Knives make good jar lid pry tools, makeshift screwdrivers, pry bars, things to polk in hot ovens to move dishes around, force lids open to see what the food is doing. I could go on... Dave...
  13. DrB

    Tissot or Wenger watch

    Any pictures? I am curious.... Thanks.. Dave
  14. DrB

    Tissot or Wenger watch

    Thanks....... I did not know that. Guy at work has an Orient Mako. I like that watch also..