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  1. Thinking about getting one of the Stihl series. I have several gas saws but thought one of these might be nice for the occasional branch that falls into the yard or random tree limb that needs trimming. Yep, getting old and just looking that may be quick and easy. I'm not looking at cutting cords of firewood but just storm and spring clean up and such. If you have had any experience give me some pointers. I have a Stihl battery trimmer that I love. Just wondering about the chainsaw.. Dave...
  2. Paramount Channel. Raiders of The Lost Ark just ended. Last Crusade follows. Did not know I even got that channel. Dave..
  3. Yep, I got mine years ago. I have a nice 1917 Enfield also. I believe that one is a Remington as well. I do know it's not an Eddystone as I was not interested in that. It's way in the back, I'll have to dig that one out, but there a bunch of K98's and some British crap in the front. Dave..
  4. Hahaa.... I do have several 03's and 03A3's. All with the CMP paperwork. Dave..
  5. Here you go. Let me know if you know anything. The 03A3 has a barrel RA 7-43, Ser No. 3798*** The 03 Srringfield has a HS 11-44 barrel, Ser No. 3243*** Dave..
  6. Border Collie... She has a pool I set up for her every year. She loves to play and soak in it. Anyhow I got it out to unfold and fill. Big nest of mices ran out and many holes chewed in the bottom. Dog was watching as the mices ran and spread. Different directions but she chomped one down then on to the next. She remembered the direction where they ran and hunted them one by one.. I got a beer and watched the show, she got them all. Way cool.... Lesson to the mices, don't mess with my swimming pool. Yep, I ordered a new one for her... Yes I know how to spell mice... It was her speak as she chased and chomped.... Dave...
  7. Thanks but I'm too damn particular. Last one I brought out took me almost a year to get the stock cleaned and restored to how I was satisfied. Then I still thought perhaps I could have done a bit better. Again, thanks.. Dave
  8. I'll get that for you. Give me a little time.. Was next on my list to look see also. I do know the stocks match the rifles. With one of them the bolt does not match, I don't think. So much with the journey they have been on. Was not the CMP switching as the cosmoline was not broke in that area. They appear to be from Greek bring backs as the stock and hand guard repairs look like what I have seen before. Dave..
  9. That's probably not going to happen soon. Don't have the time now. Wish I did but sometimes life gets in the way. I have cleaned up a few but the stocks take forever. In later posts I will show some from the vault I have done. Dave..
  10. Watching this tonight. Dave..
  11. Here you go. I unearthed a couple of CMP rifles I bought many years ago and still in their green bags. I love the smell of fresh Cosmoline in the night air. Two Remington's. Foreground is a 03A3 and in the back is a 03 Springfield. I will get more on their lineage later and post. Here you go for now. DrB's Vaults..
  12. Will do. I brought the green bags home with me tonight. Will get to it this weekend.. New thread started.. Dave..
  13. Ok Folks this got me curious. I have a couple of Green bags in the Vault that I don't even know what is in them except excessive cosmoline coated things. CMP Rifles I bought many years ago and forgot about. Now I'm going to dig them out and see what I have. I'll start a different thread when I get them out if anyone's interested. Hidden treasure perhaps. Dave..
  14. Box at the end of the driveway, no problems.
  15. Has she ever attempted this? I would love to see that.
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