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  1. Not a problem. I always am looking for good hats for outdoors on the farm..
  2. DrB

    Hot sauce

    Well get brewing some hot sauce then. It got me to spend some money for another crock and looking at my peppers out back..
  3. DrB

    Hot sauce

    In fact I just ordered one up to add to mine. I have a bunch of Hungarian hot peppers getting ripe that should mash down and make good sauce and I need another crock. I gotta stay out of these threads as they always wind up costing me money. Dave..
  4. DrB

    Hot sauce

    If you want to get into fermenting go with the good crocks in different sizes. Something like this. There are others also. I have no affiliation with this company other than they are in Ohio as I am and I buy some things there. Dave ..https://www.lehmans.com/product/hausgemacht-fermenting-crock-1-gallon/
  5. DrB

    Hot sauce

    What is the liquid they are in?
  6. DrB

    Fresh Mushrooms

    Yes, they are one of the top shelf wild ones when you find them.. Another good one is the "Puff Ball" before they mature and puff. They go in cycles here, not every year. If you get them when they are in their prime you can slice them up in thick slabs, grill them like steaks.
  7. Was out mowing and noticed a new flush of mushrooms, had to stop and pick. They will fry up nice with a little butter. In another area noticed a patch of "Death Angels" popping up. Dave
  8. DrB

    Hot sauce

    Yes I ferment some. Can't wait until mine get ripe this year to start a couple of batches. Many years ago there was a man who made dill pickles by fermenting them in a large crock in his garage. Those were some of the best pickles I have eaten. He has long since passed on. I remember you just rolled up you sleeve and dipped your arm down into the crock past the foam to grab one. When you got it out just shook it off and ate. Didn't matter if your hands were clean or not. Nothing could live in that brine. I have never been able to quite duplicate his process.
  9. My dog was in mine again all day today, don't know why but I think she thinks it's ride time. Sometimes she wins and we go.
  10. It's waxed when it gets broke in it will become somewhat relaxed. I've worn it in a couple of 90 deg. days here and so far so good. But then it has not been hard working, just on my tractors.
  11. DrB

    Hot sauce

    Cool. I make my sauce also. Dave..
  12. My new Dorfman...
  13. DrB


    Anyone here have the Ruger? Somehow I am interested in the round. Could this be chambered in a bolt gun? Something I don't need but it has me scratching my head wondering.
  14. The dead hookers are in my truck bed stuffed into burlap bags from the farm. A few arms and legs may pop out but I usually just stuff them back in the bags.
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