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  1. "Me and Bobbie McGee" What you have?
  2. DrB

    .32 ACP Ammo

    Ordered 500 rounds this morning @22.95/50. Found a place cheaper but they wanted an adult signature and I always miss the Fedex/Ups guys. Would have to take time off work and wait. Norma 73g. FMJ. Want to fire the Mauser HSc Dad brought back from the war. Was going to order some last September but surgery put that on hold. Got an in stock email this morning so ordered some up. Kinda skeered to shoot this as I've heard the .32 hits harder than a brick through a plate glass window..... Dave..
  3. She was good looking. Gilligan's Island was a favorite show of mine back then. RIP Dawn...
  4. I lost a Swiss Army knife in the woods behind my house and could not find. A year or so later the dog I had came out of the woods and I wondered what she had in her mouth. Yep it was my knife.. Needless to say she got a bunch of treats and spoiled rotten that evening. Dave..
  5. Yes it does suck. I spent most of the night watching Sean Connery Bond movies on Prime. A little after 6:00am here now and the dog is up and ready to pester me for the day...
  6. Ouch.... This is what happened to mine today. Was using the processor to up potatoes for dinner tonight and my peeling knife slipped. Stopped the machine with a loud bang. One of the good old built like a tank machines made in France. Base is metal and the motor is huge. Weighs over 18 lbs.. Looked online and found I can still get that part for less than $20.00. One of the few parts you still can get. I was surprised that the slicing disc had little damage from the noise things made. Nothing that won't sharpen right out in a few minutes. Was a nice way to start the morning.. Dave..
  7. I baked 2 cherry pies today. Gave one away already, still hot from the oven when it left.
  8. DrB

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas.. Dave... The WW1 Christmas Truce, 12/24/1914.
  9. You might want to try some acoustical foam, something like this to line the box. https://www.amazon.com/Foam-Panels-Absorption-Pyramid-Treatment/dp/B07FZHFWXW/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=acoustic+foam&qid=1607732400&sr=8-4
  10. 20mm Semi Auto Anti-Tank Rifle. Every household closet needs one of these stashed away. Price seems Ok on the rifle and I can get it shipped to my door with my C&R. I don't know about the ammo though. Seems kinda pricey at $37.50 per 50 rounds. Probably not bad though with the ammo shortage and all. Comes with 10 magazines. Only 10 round ones though. Wonder if Magpul makes any 30 rounders? I'm going to order one up with a couple thousand rounds of 20mm. Can't wait to take this to my local indoor range and get it sighted in. Hope they aren't sold out.
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