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  1. DrB

    Name That Movie

    Yep, that's it.. Dave..
  2. DrB

    Potato Chips

    Those look tasty.. Dave
  3. DrB

    Potato Chips

    Got these at the market today. More of a corn chip but good. Thought at first was blah.... then the heat kicked in. Not bad but not potato.
  4. Just lettuce. Was a terrible season here. I got things planted then the flooding rains started and drowned out most everything. My farm fields did not get planted either. Just lucky to get what I did. Dave
  5. DrB

    Go Go Godzilla..

    Haha.... I'm getting my 03A3 oiled, loaded up and ready just in case... Dave...
  6. I'm up by the lake so it keeps the frost off depending on the winds. Still picking fresh tomatoes. The vines are still green and growing. Unusual year here. Dave..
  7. DrB

    Go Go Godzilla..

    Godzilla vs Hedorah is on AMC tonight.. Go Godzilla...
  8. Thanks. I have a couple of bench mounted grinders I can get a buffing wheel for. Did not think about that for Bakelite. Dave..
  9. Next time I'm there I'll have to look for that. Dave
  10. Stopped at the Goodwill on the way home. Found these old Made in USA pots. The good stuff not the current Chinese Crap.. They will clean up nice... $2.00 each. Any ideas on how to clean and fix the Bakelite handles. These have been in the dishwasher at one point in time . Dave..
  11. Going to ice these babies down and make some popcorn...
  12. DrB

    Art Deco

    A Mauser Hsc. Kind of an Art Deco Pistol. Dad brought the one I have home from WW2. Looks like this. Story behind how he got...
  13. DrB

    What's for Dinner.

    Just about done.
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