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  1. DrB

    A Dog Saved

    The picture at the beginning got to me. I have seen dogs dumped off around here and it makes me sick. My Border Collie is a rescue from KY. I am in Ohio. You do good working with the no kill shelters... When I finally retire from my day job I will be helping with rescue... Dave..
  2. DrB

    Any old Farmers here?

    I got a few years on you. 66 here. To go back again, I would do it all over in an instant. First learned to plow pulling 2 12's. The smell of the fresh turned soil in the spring is to die for.... Dave.
  3. DrB

    Any old Farmers here?

    I would gladly do it all over again. I enjoyed those days.
  4. DrB

    A Dog Saved

    Don't know if was posted before or not. Got a little dust in my eyes here I think... Dave
  5. DrB

    Any old Farmers here?

    Yes I know. I started out as a boy learning and doing things in the late 50's.. I farted a lot in the fields through the years...😊. Dave...
  6. DrB

    Any old Farmers here?

    Came home from from work and the JD combine is in the field on the farm.. dust flying in the air. Love the smell. I miss the times when dad and I did that.. Long time ago. I learned to combine with a John Deere 12A pull behind combine with a 2 cylinder engine, pulled by a John Deere B tractor. Canvas fed header only 6 ft wide...... Scour Clean to get the weed seeds out that always broke the elevator paddle chain. Later Dad converted it to a PTO shaft drive. No safety shields in those days.. I learned to fix elevator chains, put knives on the sickle bar and in general just fix and adjust stuff.. Later we got a JD 30 pull behind with auger feed and was 8 ft' platform. I was in seventh heaven......... Had less than half the grease jerks than the 12A to deal with... Beans dumped into the bed of the old Ford pickup with the wood sides put on.... over one ton on a 1/2 ton pickup with helpers.... I remember my face getting black from the dust and my nose getting plugged up from the dust. No face masks in those days. I miss those days and my dad.... Any other old farmers here? Dave
  7. A Border Collie, still miss her... She chewed a solid oak 8 ft. windowsill on a 2x8 framed window from end to end along with associated damage. Too soon to let her out in the house alone I guess. I still loved her for the rest of her life though. I can laugh about it now. Dave..
  8. Microwave. Found I was using it to only boil water. It's in the basement now for many years, not missed. Dave..
  9. DrB

    Del Ton Echo .308

    My Current to go in .30-06 is an O3A3. Dave..
  10. Looking to get a smaller pistol to rotate my Colt Defenders. Been looking at the Kimber I do not want a polymer striker fired pistol. Am old school, like hammer fired and good old steel frame. The Springfield EMP seems sort of over priced but I do like. What do you have if you carry similar? Dave
  11. DrB

    M1 Carbine Clones

    They had a problem in the later years with some 2 spring ones firing out of battery. The one I had was iffy with that. I got rid of mine with full disclosure of the problem.. If you have one of the later 2 spring ones check it out to be on the safe side.. Dave
  12. DrB

    Friday Night Levity

    Yea... Take this.....
  13. What's a Tranny Clutch? I'm kinda afraid to ask...🤔
  14. DrB

    Swing Era Music.

    He had a couple of Walter Woods Bass amps I got to work on... Dave..
  15. DrB

    Swing Era Music.

    Yes the small jazz jazz clubs in the smoky rooms. Ever see any of Milt Hinton's photos he took through the years as a bass player? Very interesting. Dave..