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  1. DrB

    Lever guns

    So what did you get? Curious minds want to know.. Dave..
  2. DrB

    Cobray. S.W.D M11

    Mine is semi only, closed bolt but since it went into the river it does not matter. Seems I have lost a lot of firearms on canoe trips on white water ... Dave..
  3. You win..... I'ts 53 deg. here right now 7:30pm. Northern Ohio, Monday evening... Rain passed from here awhile ago, sent your way... Enjoy.... Hahaa. Dave..
  4. Nahhh. I was just joking. They are going to stay how they are. The scopes are original not repros. Bubba, I am not. I love these old rifles. Dave...
  5. DrB

    Cobray. S.W.D M11

    9x19mm. Common 9mm...
  6. DrB

    Cobray. S.W.D M11

    The M11 here is 9mm. But wait let me look again...... Oh.....Crap....... it just fell in the river... Damn...... Oh well.... Dave..
  7. Since I was looking up the history in another thread here.
  8. A little more history I looked up. http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=3191
  9. If I remember correct, some of the Powder Spring ones were used by special forces in Vietnam. I could be wrong though. Dave..
  10. Just looked and now is 53 deg. I'm loving this. Anyone have any extra tires for my brush fire?? ave..
  11. No, these rifles are getting cleaned and going back.. The scopes on both are still clear. Bubba did miss these, thank god... Just thought you folks might enjoy the pictures. Dave...
  12. Here in Ohio up by the Lake it is just shy of 50 deg. right now. Rare for this late in the year. I'm not complaining, going to throw a few more old tires on the brush pile to help global warming along. Dave..
  13. Since you asked. Since Bubba ruined these fine military rifles by taking off the front and rear sights and mounting some cheap scopes. He even ground down the bolts so they would open with the scopes mounted. Stamped the receiver with the serial number in a different place because the scope mounts covered up the original. I called Remington up to see if they would send me the correct parts and they just laughed at me... Since they are forever ruined I'm thinking about getting some nice Boyd's stocks and a couple of nice Tasco scopes for them. Might saw the barrels down to 18" to make nice handy carbines. for throwing in the truck. Dave......
  14. Bubba Ruined these rifles. The front sights are missing and they mounted junky scopes. There are stamps in the stocks so I guess I'm a gonna have to sand them down and start over and get some good scopes to mount.. Yea...I am just joking..... Keep the pitch forks and torches at home..........Dave....
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