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  1. First kit I built was a Knight-Kit short wave receiver. I built my share of Heathkits. Built many Dynaco amplifiers and pre-amps back in the day. I still have a stack of Dynaco stuff in the basement. I also read Audio Amateur, Glass Audio and Speaker Builder magazines. I have some Nelson Pass circuit boards for a class A amplifier bought from Old Colony Sound around here somewhere. Never got around to building that Amp.. In Audio, I was always chasing the Dragons Tail. Dave..
  2. I just go with the program. No choice in the matter.
  3. Good luck with everything. I go tomorrow for another covid test. We have to get them once a month for work. Even though I am off om medical because of my hip surgery I have to go get, as I may have to drop in to work. Plus as a bonus, I had to get another one before I got my surgery for the hospital. Dave..
  4. Honey, could you reach down and grab my keys??
  5. Thanks, I think I am going to try a couple of the Blink cameras to see if they will work for what I have in mind. I only need something simple. If I would have had a couple of cameras with a few days of storage, they could have caught the sob that broke into my house. Dave..
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  7. Which would you get and why? I am looking at both. I need battery powered cameras for outdoors. Would like to be able to record on a flash drive also if possible. I figure since I am recovering from hip surgery, I have a lot of time on my hands for climbing ladders and such to mount things.... HaHa... Dave..
  8. They have me on Ferrous Sulfate. That stuff tastes terrible. I might as well go down to the steel mill and get a jar of iron ore from the pile. Probably would taste better. At least my blood pressure is up, my heart rate down and bol all is more normal for the last few days. Dave..
  9. Dang... Did I ever have a set back. A little anemic but everything else seems to be coming back into the low range of normal so I'm still alive. Doing pretty good with the walking stuff though. Dave
  10. Nice Pistol. I like. Dave..
  11. Whats the GVWR. rating? After all what would be the fun unless we grossly overrated it. I have a couple of high lift jacks that I think still work if we get a flat or break a spring. along the way. Any flooded roads we could drive through along the trip? That would help cool the transmission and brakes a little. Dave.
  12. Dog home late yesterday. She was happy to see me for about 5 minutes. Then off she went in the house to check to see if everything hers was still there and in its proper place. Off outside to see if all was ok out there. Finally back inside to see me.. That night I don't think she slept more than 2 inches away from me. Glad she is back home... Dave..
  13. Sure, What you have? a couple of gun safes that need to be moved up a few flights of stairs? No problem. You need my truck also? Dave..
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