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  1. DrB

    Ronnie Spector

    With Belinda Carlisle and Grace Slick..
  2. DrB

    Looking at a new carry Revolver.

    Hold on folks.... Weather here has been terrible and I have been busy with work/life. Ok.. a little from what I have noticed playing with them a little.. Weight: Calibrated my scale with a quarter 0.2 oz. as it should be. My DS weighs in at 22.67 oz. as in the pictures. The new Cobra is 26.68 oz. as shown My feeler gauges only go down to .012 and both cylinder gaps are closer than I can measure. Side to side cylinder play is a little bit more in the Cobra but not bad. I checked an unfired Smith 19-5 I have and it has the same side to side play. Go figure... Front to back cylinder play in the DS is nill. The Cobra has a little. With the DS, double action trigger pull is easier to stage if you want to. The Cobra I like the the double action trigger pull better. It is lighter and less creep to me. Single action, the DS has a smooth break. The Cobra has a hint of a little grit at first pull but not so much to bother. This should smooth out. I'm going to have to get a trigger pull gauge as for the weight they are both close. I actually think the Cobra is less but can't be sure there. They both point the same for me when I pick them up, even with the different grips. Just my initial impressions, subject to change as I get a chance to shoot them side by side. Dave.
  3. DrB

    Local Gun Show

    There is a small local one here this weekend. If I have time I might go. Usually not many things of interest to me. I just go because i run into a few folks I hardly ever see and we chat. I did find some old .220 Swift ammo there one time for my rifle. Dave..
  4. Just started on TCM now. Always liked this movie. Dave.
  5. DrB

    Colt .380 Government

    Anyone have one? I bought one long ago when they first came out. I believe before the Mustangs. Is going into the range gun category, same as my old Detective Special and a Mustang Plus 2 did. Are the new Mustangs any good? I bought the New Cobra and now look for a small pocket pistol for walking the dog. I do not want striker fired polymer. Am old school with steel frame, hammer fired, cocked and locked. Dave.
  6. DrB

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    Most of my carry guns I bought back when I was young are now not made anymore and are worth way too much to carry now. Unlike me, they are in excellent condition. Dave..
  7. My 50" LG still works fine and I love the dark black. Dave..
  8. Yes to that. City or rural it can happen. He is known to the sheriff's deputies when they called in. Mentally unstable, homeless. Violent they would not say. Crimes of opportunity they said yes. Translation, that means yes if it an opportunity. Neighbor down the road said they heard front door shaking early in the night on their front door. Why he chose to stand and almost freeze to death against a tree when he could have wandered into some barns close by out of the weather I do not know. I walk my dog in the dark, do not use a flashlight usually and then only on dim. I know my land and like walking with the dog under the starlight,under the moon light or just the pure black. I was within 30 ft. of this person in the black night. That distance under the safe zone way too close. Not going to change my ways but just not just going to shrug things off when she gets her nose up anymore and yes a pistol or revolver in my pocket. I love our walks in the dark under the sky... Never gonna change that.. Dave.
  9. DrB

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    That's what I have and use when the electric goes out. I also have an electric one, same corning ware. Corn Flowers is the design pattern if I remember correct.
  10. Yep I learned today and am making a few changes. Sometimes you gotta get smacked in the face. Dave
  11. He could have been armed. Same when they came and they had weapons ready.. You don't know these days...
  12. Woke up was still dark, took dog out she was acting strange but not on alert. She did not eat but looked out window towards woods and anxious. Later when getting ready to go to store she went straight out, full on with the aggressive defensive attitude. I walked out from the truck to see what was the matter... Man half frozen unresponsive. Me unarmed, My mistake.... No S..hit I walk backwards to the house get dog and arm up. That's when I realized I needed a rifle handy also. Called 911.. Sheriff's cars came. They called ambulance and he was hauled away. He did not know where he was.. That's all I know at this point. Except I learned a few things today. Live in the country and crap can still happen... Dave..
  13. He is known ti the Sheriff's department. Strange he is 20 some miles from where they know him from. I carry but am still kicking myself from screwing up.. That one time you don't carry can come biting you in the butt. Damn .........I'm old but learned a lesson today. Saw a need for a rifle here today. That will be fixed with a LE6920 out of the safe. Dave..