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  1. DrB

    to pet owners

    Same here. Dogs lick themselves when they hurt/cut themselves. I read once that there is something in their saliva that the licking promotes healing and wards off infections. All my dogs throughout life have wanted to lick my wounds in a loving way. Dave..
  2. DrB

    to pet owners

    One of my Border Collies would alert to storms coming in when it was still sunny and calm. But yep two hours later the storms would come rolling in. Dave..
  3. Got up to 92 deg. here today. My tomato plants loving it and I don't mind... Dave..
  4. There was this one alcoholic that used to drink listerine and eat sterno sometimes. Not Joking here.... Dave..
  5. A very pretty lady. She has aged well. Dave..
  6. DrB

    Random Posting

    Anyone else here besides me have seen a self butchering pig??
  7. DrB

    Random Posting

    Don't know about that.. But in second grade I saw a girl eat an entire jar of that white paste we had to use on our puzzle pages. Does that count?? Dave..
  8. DrB

    to pet owners

    My dog spent the better half of the day playing in water holes here. I live in the country. She is a dog and loves the water and mud holes. So be it, I am not going to put her on a leash, nor would she want that.. Dave..
  9. DrB

    Random Posting

    What did I do wrong????? Found some cool pants never worn in Goodwill. Got them and wanted to impress my girlfriend with my good taste... The look on her eyes.. All she said was Jesus... Holley... ****... She made me change. I think she was worried and jealous that every woman in the place would be eyeing me up....
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