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  1. Was looking at my Garand and will always remember that. It took less than a week after I got it. It felt like a Pit Bull latched onto my thumb and wouldn't let go. Lost the thumbnail in the next week. Damn that hurt. Anyone else? Dave.
  2. Loose Unsoldered Connections and Splices. I found his picture.. Dave..
  3. I remember that... Loose a tail light bulb. The car won't start.... Good old Lucas Engineering. Remember the relay cans under the hood mounted upside down so when it rained they would eventually fill with water and shut everything down. Dave......
  4. Been there with a girlfriend who had a MG Midget and I had a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle... Those were the days or not... Both of these had so called "Controlled Oil Seepage". Said to keep the bearings and such fresh according to the dealers. Dave..
  5. From a old thread. the wayback machine.
  6. All my Border Collies have been easy. They all learned in a couple of weeks. Dave..
  7. You nailed that right... Once I said enough is enough she left... Where is that Well Bye thing....
  8. I mean a kitchen knife is like plugging the old man with a Hi Point or Raven. Get yourself an old open bolt Cobray M11 in 9mm. Look up the old Paladin Press Books, get the semi auto to full book in 3 easy steps, homemade silencer's , man trapping, Become a Hit Man, How to Dispose of a Body. Plug him with a full 32 round magazine, bury the body in the back yard. Only halfway burn the books. Drop the gun in the septic tank. I mean go in stye. The TV show Snapped wants You... Perhaps this should be a College course.... Haha... Yes Folks, I do have a twisted sense of humor............. Dave..
  9. Why do all the women pick the big kitchen knives? She did.. Why can't they pull out something cool like an Italian pearl handled stiletto switchblade or such? I mean if your going to do a guy in have some class ladies.. Terrible time but I can make fun of it now..... Dave....
  10. Yes, she had some anger problems. Was like a light switch that could change personality instantly without notice. The Right cross came from my blind side, partially blocked it but it still got me in the eye. From a knife stuck in a door. I was next to it.. Towards the end I slept with one eye open and cooked my own food.... Haha...
  11. I remember my driver instruction teacher telling us on how to do that. I think he taught us more bad driving habits than good. He did keep our attention in class though with his stories. "Look Dave, you either gotta go fast over these little holes in the road so you don't feel them or slow down and drive around them, your choice" Dave.
  12. When I said that was her personality to a T, the Right Cross was included. Trust me, I know.... She could have sent Mike Tyson down to the Canvas. Dave...
  13. A good friend of mine passed away away a few tears ago. We grew up together as boys. He always used to show up around here this time of year... Good times in life. Just thinking back. We had a lot of journeys some good some bad for both of us. When we would meet we usually wound up drinking all night till dawn talking. Dave..
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