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  1. Love the first two, I'll have to check out A Walk in the Clouds.
  2. There is, it's just normally a lot harder to identify them.
  3. The funny thing is companies like Remington probably make as much or more manufacturing and selling the powder actuated 22lr charges in bulk. It doesn't seem like production has ever really hit a lull.
  4. It took me four minutes just to find the asterisk button and look up the proper way to spell asterisk.
  5. Random killing. I really want to have a purpose in life now...Know any deserving targets?😀
  6. What the **** do you mean by ********s?
  7. Welcome abroad! (NO REALLY, we need more women).
  8. We seem to be in total agreement. I really do think I could put up with you.
  9. Welcome aboard, there's lemonade and cookies by the door.
  10. I would respond but I was banned... Oh wait a second that was a few hours ago on a different site. I guess here I can speak my mind.
  11. Well, the guy renting that house is a dick!
  12. I'm all for remodeling from time to time, but the new place seems to have one entrance and three exits?
  13. Are you sure that's not "We shave the women bare"?
  14. Just wait, next year he might change his mind and decide he's a donkey. Then he will start complaining that everyone is riding his ass.
  15. I thought it was "We shave the women, so you won't be confused".
  16. YUP, I saw it just got yanked. Nothing like the free exchange of ideas and opinions.🤣
  17. Central Colorado, now that's a nice and challenging place to ride a bike. Start in Estes Park and work your way west.
  18. I've gone really fast many times and typically too fast on a regular basis (My brother once told me I needed an on/off switch instead of a gas pedal), but I have never been dumb enough to record it and put it on Facebook. What an idiot. http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/08/17/north-carolina-police-arrest-198-mph-hellcat-speeder-seen-in-facebook-video.html
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