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  1. Very sad, and a tragic loss. I sincerely hope he didn’t suffer long. I’ve read that those respirators are horrendous.
  2. jame

    Comfort food

    Fried chicken, fresh sweet corn, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy made from the drippings. That tastes like home to me.
  3. How did you apply the hamon on that Becker? I like the looks of that, and wouldn’t mind apply one to mine. I have the same one, only I put the custom scales on it and I have an Armatus sheath en route as we speak. I thought it might help free up a little pocket real estate.
  4. This is a Buck 119 that I modified to make sense. I ground the thin, upswept tip into a more useable and less breakable drop point. I only lost 1/4”, and now I get to use the whole cutting edge. Then I wrapped the slippery plastic handle with sisal, and treated it with epoxy resin. After I finished off, I have a handle that I can grip without the slip. Finally, I ground off the upper portion of the blade guard to allow me to bear down on the back of the blade. This one is usually on my hip when we’re out riding the quads. This one is a Spyderco Paramilitary 2, with carbon fiber scales and a blade made from 52100. I like high carbon steels better than the typical new supersteels. Using my bench stones, I can make this one scary sharp, and it’ll stay that wayFor a while.
  5. Fellas, I’m pro Blue, just as many of you are. And I watched that video. It was pretty tense to be sure, but that officer shot that man in the back. Twice. In my world, shooting anyone in the back is bad juju. It just isn’t that cut and dried to me.
  6. I don’t know if this counts, and get ready to turn you nose up, but a basic, one topping Tombstone frozen pizza tells me that I’m home, I’m clean, I’m warm and dry, and I’m bone tired. Shes reclining on one end of the couch, me on the other, with her feet on my lap as I give them a little squeeze now and then as we watch mindless sitcoms on network TV. what can I say? I’m a simple man.and although I have champagne taste, a beer and a cheap pizza is usually all I need.
  7. I’d be curious to see some sort of metrics that show the level of concern of this virus compared to the age and condition of the individual. I gladly took a temporary furlough from work. I’m 60 with a few (nothing major) underlying health conditions. I’m the oldest guy there, by far, with the rest of them aged between 25 and 35. They think my response is knee jerk. My thought is that if I’m wrong about my concern, I carry on. If they’re wrong, many of us don’t.
  8. Well, it seems as if I suddenly have supper for tomorrow night planned out now. Thank you for the culinary suggestion. I might add copious amounts of butter, hot sauce, and Parmesan, just to make it fancy, in case we have company.
  9. That used to work for me, too. When I had hair, anyway.
  10. I scrub, and I scrub, but sometimes I just can’t get the grease and dirt out of the cracks.
  11. You know, I haven’t been on much lately. I just seem to be bone tired when I get home from work anymore, and we always have the grandkids on the weekend. I really need to get downstairs and grab the mic a little more. It gets a little silly, really. I work the dial listening for any errant CQ, but seldom call out myself. I need to change that, so thanks for the motivating question! 73
  12. Dad started farming in 1957 with a hay baler, two hay racks, and a borrowed tractor. My farming career was shot to hell with the 1980’s farm crisis, but we just knew I’d have another shot, and that came years later in 2007, only to be crashed again by the 2008 recession. Farming is hard, passionate work, and it requires extreme risk, as well as eternal optimism. I’ve spent my life in it’s pursuit, only to be denied twice. Dad’s 85 now, and I’m 60, having been charged with the management of the land he managed to acquire over the years. If that prick Bloomberg understood only half of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed in this lifestyle, he wouldn’t open his pie hole maligning those that work on the farms, timbers, waters, and factories of this country.
  13. Well done, brother. It makes me proud when members of the same forum succeed.
  14. I’m not so sure it’s about starving people anymore. I think that they’re just trying to show the world how badass they are, only this time, they contacted a bug that might rival 1918 Influenza. Thanks China.
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