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  1. I can’t say you’re wrong, brother. I guess that was more a statement of self assurance than anything else. For those with the confidence in using them, the plastic nines are certainly the answer to such hooliganism.
  2. I have a feeling that if that short barreled magnum would bark a couple of times, the whole flock of ‘em would fly out pretty fast....at least those still standing anyway.
  3. Similar numbers down here. what to do.........what to do.......
  4. Is this type of behavior increasing up there? I’m down here close to Des Moines, and officials seem to keep denying gang behavior, but it sure looks and feels like gang behavior. Even here in Ames, just to the north, there seems to be growing evidence of it, but a silent media is reporting nothing.
  5. I read an article recently that maintained the the popularity of country, pop, and rap have relegated rock to a burner so far back it’ll never return. Also, it mentioned that most popular music today is a product of market analytics, music and sound design, and targeted promotion. It’s no longer the product of an individual that writes the music and lyrics, as well as playing and singing in a studio or live in front of an audience. If true, this saddens me a bit. I’m still discovering rock music from the past, and the thought of that discovery being hampered is a bit of a bummer. Thoughts?
  6. Just scrub hell out of it, rinse it out, heat it up and oil it up on the stove, and wipe it down with a rag or paper towel dampened with some veggie oil. It’ll be fine.
  7. I have a CZ Shadow 2, and thought I’d buy a CZ SP-01, dry fire hell out of it, throw on some custom grips, and have a 2nd, much cheaper, Shadow 2. The reviews on the SP-01 have been raving, so how could my plan go wrong? It was like comparing a Porsche 911 to a gravel truck. The SP-01 is for sale, in case anyone is wondering.
  8. After heavy cocaine use in the mid to late 1980’s, my brother fell into the trap of prescription drugs, thinking that success was in the bottom of a pill bottle. He drained my parents of 10’s of thousands of dollars playing the victim card. After years of pleading, Dad finally saw through the facade and the show was over. After a couple of more years of doctor shopping, he was forced the straighten up. Sadly, too little too late, because he had chemically lobotomized himself, and he lives almost continuously in the 1980’s. It’s too bad, really. He was tremendously successful, with a great career, beautiful wife and family, and beautiful home. All down the drain for nothing.
  9. The crazy part is that they try to bill themselves as conservatives, when they are in fact rabid nationalists. And we had ourselves convinced that the liberals were the real danger......
  10. jame

    Ford v Ferrari

    I watched an episode of “Grand Tour” (same as “Top Gear” with a different name) about how obsessed Ford became about beating Ferrari at their own game. It cost them millions, and took years of losses until the wins finally came. Ford’s determination dealt one helluva blow to them, and if I remember right, it really riled board members and shareholders. This story should be fascinating, and I look forward to seeing it.
  11. We’ve got most of the corn planted here, but the soybeans are just getting started. We’re sitting pretty compared to most of the rest of the Midwest. As far as markets go, my guess is that the market high was on Thursday, and capitalized, selling corn for $4.59/bu for January 2020 delivery. It’s just getting too late to plant corn, and the market has reflected that. There’s still plenty of time for soybeans, however, and the market hasn’t been near as bullish. We’ll need the tariffs lifted before that market moves, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.
  12. Yeah, I’m a little frustrated, too. I think I’m just going to shoot for a few mounds of watermelon, and maybe a couple a potted grape tomato plants. It’s a cop out, but it’s something........
  13. We’re behind here, too, but from what I understand, you guys have had it a lot harder than we have. Nonetheless, I likely won’t get any gardening in until late next week. And, although we’ve got corn planted, beans aren’t even a second though at this time. Way too cold and wet.
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