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  1. EdTracker

    Still no snow in my part of The Last Frontier

    She'll hate you until she realizes that she hates something else and then finally realizes she is hating herself. Don't sweat the angst HK it is the nature of things. It has snowed over night the last couple of nights here. It is seasonably cold, nothing exceptional. Weather changes, Climate changes, Generations change it is the nature of things.
  2. EdTracker

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Keep yourself busy. Focus on a big project with a bunch of little goals (not related to diet) and concentrate on the project and specifically meeting the timeline. Make a list and hold yourself to the project completion. This real project is not about food and it can be anything but you need to focus on it critically (almost obsessively). Renovating a room, autobody work whatever, it doesn't matter. The goal is to keep your mind off eating and getting your ass away from easy food. My weight loss happens quickest when I am in the shop for most of the day. There is no food or munchies out there (case of water and maybe a diet soda or two for flavor). I will work for hours at a time albeit a little hungry but not enough to drag my ass back to the house. When I am truly hungry I eat and then go back out and work some more. The next day I will see a change in the scale. Keep yourself busy, to busy to focus on food. It really works for me. I just got below a plateau. I was stuck at 198 for two months. I had gotten used to my exercise routine and my boring ass diet. So I cut my lunch calories in half, doubled my exercise duration (slight decrease in intensity which I am ramping up) and after a week... NOTHING. I was not pleased and thought I am going to have a cheat, people have said it works. So at the trap range I had ONE slice of meatlovers pizza and it was so good all I could think was "why don't i eat this all the time". I ate in 2 minutes all the carbs that I normally eat in a day. Within an hour my chest hurt like I drank 6 cups of espresso. The rest of the day I was so ****ING hungry, angry hungry, a painful I am going to ****ing bite someone seriously hard and rip off, and devour their flesh like a zombie hungry. The pizza was so not worth the hunger agony I endured the rest of the night. Two days later I was down a pound, and a week later I was down another pound. I know my days of easy weight loss are over since I am close to my goal (15 more pounds). I felt like it was a little victory. I am back to loosing weight but much much slower rate (was 8-10lbs/month when I started and now it's 1-2 lbs/month) but at least now I am still loosing it. Keep yourself busy and pick active / more physical projects. It helps keep your thoughts off food.
  3. The limitation has been battery energy density. With a tether you can run more juice to the electric motors, crank up the lift and crank up the capabilities.
  4. EdTracker

    Paid for an old man's breakfast today.

    Exactly what I would expect from Mr. Longmire! Fine Job Sire, Fine Job
  5. EdTracker

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Here's some weight loss physics for you... Olde School
  6. EdTracker

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Why would you fly the flag of the country that you are abandoning? National pride in something that is not worth living in?
  7. EdTracker

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Yeah, the mechanics of counting calories is humbling. I love to nosh and throw back large portions, it comes easy with a large frame. Portion control is my never ending challenge.
  8. EdTracker

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Keep your focus. I've had success with a low carb diet (>60#) with about 15 to go. Seriously, carbs are the devil.
  9. Crazy like a fox.
  10. EdTracker

    I Dun Messed Up

    My ass is partisan. It has a left part and a right part.
  11. EdTracker

    WTF is wrong with America?!

    From my experience in Asia, the darker the skin, the lower you were on the ladder. IIRC there was a strong bias towards specific facial geometries. It was regional... you don't look like us, go away!
  12. The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. If it's good enough for Shakespeare...
  13. A fine arts (or even liberal arts) degree used to be a satisfactory degree for stepping off to another and higher level of education. Now it seems to me more stepping down than anything else.
  14. EdTracker

    Herschel Walker calls for CNN to fire Don Lemon

    Democratic Demesne, it's yours to use until the crackers see fit to take it back...
  15. whoopty doo for my subaru