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  1. On a more serious note, was there any mention of caliber? This would be useful as inquiring minds want to know... Looks like a 9 to me and she was a "number one" shot!
  2. I was going to make a comment about big balls defending herself but I guess it was big ovaries? Kudos to her! Kudos!
  3. EdTracker

    Place your bets

    I will bet a C-note that the D's will HATE everything that he says and Schumer and Pelosi will both be hot and bothered with his simplistic utterances.
  4. EdTracker

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Donald Trump’s true intelligence quotient is unknown, but the article published by BeforeItsNews.com certainly does not document that it is 156 — or any other number. .
  5. EdTracker

    We haven't heard from Vart

    oh he needs a nut alright. To busta nut.
  6. EdTracker

    SPOILERS! No Sense in Banning Me

    I often wonder when witnessing displays of blatant attention seeking: Are people willing to see their own failings or is the proverbial mirror too painful to look into.
  7. EdTracker

    Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine

    oMy thoughts with "modern" were large soft recoil pad or a semi-auto variant (though they are very rare due to the rimmed cartridge). My M1A in 308 shoots smoother (less perceived recoil) than my Winchester 94 carbine in 30-30. There is no doubt that the 303 is not a spunky round. I guess the push feed versus controlled feed in bolt guns never seems to end. LOL
  8. EdTracker

    Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine

    Recoil is a function of gun mass as well. The Jungle carbine is a cut down smaller lighter version of the Smellies. The war utilized metal but plates for face mashing and typically weren't very cushiony. So these would make this particular gun a bit less pleasent than your typical modern .303.
  9. EdTracker

    Tips for Storing Ammunition

    I tend to keep my spare 12g shells in the bottom of my duck boat, typically underwater. Seriously, who writes/recycles/reiterates/regurgitates these articles.
  10. EdTracker

    My Good-Bad Car Week

    The car sounds like a sweet find but at the end of the day a car is a car. The most important part of this story is that I am glad to hear you are okay! Good deals are sweet to find but your health is priceless! Be safe Eric!
  11. EdTracker

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Or something a little more classic americana Merry Christmas Everyone!
  12. EdTracker

    Andrew wants recreational pot

    MB, it is definitely in progress. I have read that prototypes are being tested but weed is a bit more tricky to quantify. Seems like the country is already stratified WRT drugs. I'm not sure that legalizing anything will make it better.
  13. EdTracker

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Since it is pre Christmas, here is a little pre Christmas meme
  14. EdTracker

    Andrew wants recreational pot

    Rest assured there is a weedometer in development and it will be integrated into a LEO's kit. The big question is going to be "how high is too high".