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  1. That was karma x 2 . Hell yeah
  2. I have the Wheeler set, 82 PC's I think. I have been happy with it, so far no issue finding the proper fit.
  3. Bogart

    Random Posting

    I think your missing the bigger picture
  4. Bogart

    Random Posting

    Or a baby SUV in in a few months
  5. My favorite bud commercial https://youtu.be/Zb3fhsfs6ZU
  6. I can and do run my gas oven whithout electricity, there's these things called matches that mysteriously burst into flame when rubbed, I turn the knob and place the match next to the burner and magically the burner is lit. Just because you don't have the capability doesn't mean others don't. And this can be done without electricity, I do it quite often when the power goes out
  7. So I don't feel like I make "a liveable wage" then by your reasoning it would be ok to steal from my employer by clocking in and then leave to go work someplace else, finist my second job and go back and clock out of the job I did nothing at and get paid for both. Sounds reasonable to me. Can I " work" for you?
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