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  1. OGW

    I’m actually happy

    Sp, you're doing work that very few are capable of. Enjoy your successes to the max.
  2. OGW

    What's for breakfast?

    OP, try steel cut oats. They take even longer to cook but you can shorten it by soaking them overnight in the water they'll be cooked in. When you start cooking, add raisins and/or cranberry raisins, some cinnamon, and whatever type of sweetener you like.
  3. OGW

    Polar Vortex is about to drop

    Tom, you know full well he's ROD and won't leave the office..........
  4. OGW

    Motorhome vs. 5th wheel

    Why pay for and maintain two drivetrains when one will do?
  5. OGW

    Dang suicidal deer...

    I damn near hit one on a motorcycle in the late '70s in northern MN. That would have been uglier than the deer I hit on a bike in 1983.
  6. OGW

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    What KW said. I listen to him daily on my Pandora station.
  7. OGW

    Our Newest Display

    Beautiful. Maybe MI isn't really better off without you......
  8. OGW

    I hope I did the right thing

    That's some brutal stuff to have to endure as part of your job, hope you can deal with it. Obviously it's not just first responders who have to go to work expecting the worst.
  9. There's an area behind my land that was logged many years ago and it's filled with pin cherry bushes/trees. Every fall when there's a bumper crop the cedar waxwings can't eat them fast enough and as the season ends, the berries ferment. Waxwings are still chomping them down and it's hilarious to watch them missing the branch they're trying to land on, flying cockeyed, etc.
  10. OGW

    Those who live out in the sticks...

    I've lived rurally in the northern great lakes area almost my entire life. Parents moved out of Chicago when I was a little squirt, thankfully. I'm 13 miles out of a small (6K) town with national forest all around my acreage, wouldn't have it any other way. Can't see neighbors, can't see the road I live on. My view is a small yard, oaks and white pines. Deer and turkeys come in my yard daily, occasionally Yogi. My birdfeeders get traffic from chicadees to sharp shinned hawks, have a long term pair of pileated woodpeckers nesting nearby who also munch the suet I put out for the rest of the bird crowd.
  11. OGW

    I can see Russia from my...

    Enjoy the trip, eat well.
  12. OGW

    Cider Mills

    I can understand missing Michigan. I can't understand missing Detroit. Where I live, we grow da apples, by the ton.
  13. OGW


    Best wishes to all of you in the storm's path.
  14. OGW

    GT Members You Would Like To See

    Ponti is on arfcom.
  15. OGW

    selfie with Brown Bears

    Tell 'em it keeps the mosquitoes off....