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  1. Find the real deal if you can. Meijer's grocery stores have it.
  2. Try real chunk suet. I had to put a suet cake out once last winter when I ran out of chunk and it got virtually no action. I go through, literally, a few pounds of chunk suet a week, year 'round. Everything eats it, even orioles and grosbeaks. Feeders of all flavors have to come in at night due to Yogi, though.
  3. I have had a year 'round pair of them on/near my property for several years. I feed chunk suet and they're on it a lot in winter. You can tell when a tree is full of ants in the core because it'll have PW holes in it. Love 'em.
  4. Mine aren't doing much yet this year either; you're not alone. Life doesn't get easier farther north.
  5. Wrong, it's extremely rare and worth a small fortune, a true collector's item.
  6. I've done pretty well over the years by not pissing off people who wear badges and carry guns, tasers, OC and ticket books. I think I'll continue the pattern.
  7. Well, yeah. Once I get well saturated I go pretty often. Beats hell out of a kidney stone.
  8. Being the happy owner of a kidney stone (huuuuge) that was removed last Oct. I've become a water convert, doctor's orders too. I fill a 2 liter vessel with lemon water and make sure I consume it all during the day. In addition to that, I have another half liter vessel that also gets consumed daily, along with my usual orange juice, coffee and milk. IOW, measure out how much you want to drink and do it. Lemon water (citric acid) is good stuff for ye olde stones, or rather to prevent them. I typically use a bag of lemons per week and have a squeezer that's basically a manual loading press, works like a charm. I also do limes. No sugar, obviously.
  9. Sp, you're doing work that very few are capable of. Enjoy your successes to the max.
  10. OP, try steel cut oats. They take even longer to cook but you can shorten it by soaking them overnight in the water they'll be cooked in. When you start cooking, add raisins and/or cranberry raisins, some cinnamon, and whatever type of sweetener you like.
  11. Tom, you know full well he's ROD and won't leave the office..........
  12. Why pay for and maintain two drivetrains when one will do?
  13. I damn near hit one on a motorcycle in the late '70s in northern MN. That would have been uglier than the deer I hit on a bike in 1983.
  14. What KW said. I listen to him daily on my Pandora station.
  15. Beautiful. Maybe MI isn't really better off without you......
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