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  1. Damn crockett is checking out swamp is hinting at it. What the **** is going on around here? Guys get off the political bullshit. No matter how much you think you can change it your not going to. Turn the ******* news off and enjoy the funny memes. Just bullshit with others around here. Talk guns talk women talk beer or bourbon. Crockett you just told swamp the same thing the other day now your letting it put you in hiding. I quit reading the news cause its the same thing we got proof the election was stolen just give us another week and then another week blah blah. Covid is gonna kill us all mandatory vaxs blah blah blah. Hell i just spent 3 days freezing my ass off up in the mountains hunting a damn moose with 3 of my friends drinking beer and bourbon laughing our asses off around the camp fire. No we didnt get a moose but hell who cares we had fun. No phones or puters no news. **** biden **** frauduci **** the vaxs just let it go guys and enjoy yourselves.
  2. That dude was a helluva talent. Sad to see him go but none of us get out alive.
  3. Like @deputy tom said 22 plinkster I believe his first name is Dave. Don king cigar guy?
  4. I have seen some of these videos of the little **** stains known as antifa getting their assess beat and the cops stuck up for them. But when it’s the other way around cops just stand there. Not all the time but most of the time. It’s bullshit.
  5. In Portland and commiefornia getting there ass beat
  6. This photo sums up what a scumbag biden is. Absolutely disgusting on his part.
  7. Just the site of that guy pissess me off. Complete disgrace and a traitor.
  8. Well **** the two don’t work.
  9. Eat ****!!!! Sorry couldn’t resist. Good to see you drop by. Stick around.
  10. Congratulations Walt. Damn i miss having terriyaki soaked back strap cooked in the toaster oven while drinking beer and sipping whiskey smoking salmon. Have not done that in awhile. Just missed out on the caribou hunt. I had to fill in on the weekend. then they closed the hunt.
  11. I made some comments that could possibly tarnish the site and that was not my intentions at all. I made an apology in that thread but wanted too make a site wide apology. I get so damn wound up about politics sometimes and just let go. So i am sorry too you all Especially Eric i do not want hurt your site. Truly sorry to theboresite. Good day to you all. Sorry Eric.
  12. I want too apologize too you guys i got a little wound up and made some comments that could bring negativity too the site. I get a little to fired upped about some political stuff and brought some negativity too this site which i do not want to do. I sincerely apologize to everyone and especially Eric. Did not mean to tarnish the site. My bad.
  13. Sorry crockett but i am keeping mine. I replace the batteries on daylight savings times every year. Havent burned my food in many years. Keep calm and cook on bro. You ok buddy you seem pretty high strung lately?
  14. I better stop before Eric gets upset with my last few posts. I do not want to bring any negativity to the site.
  15. Hell yeah TRUMP is our real President!! Not that child rapin faggot biden! I recognize Trump as my real president not ol puddin head the child sniffin child fondler biden. **** anybody who voted for that piece of ****.
  16. I was at fred meyer today and this guy is walking around with a stupid fuckin mask on and his two foot tall kid didnt have one on. What the **** is the point of that? Few weeks ago this dude is walking through the same fred meyer him and his two monsters have on masks and his boy starts coughing so he pulls the kids mask of an lets the kid get over his coughing fit and then puts the mask back on. Fuckin stupid you can shove your mask up your ass. **** all mask nazis and democRATS!!!!!!
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