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  1. Didn’t another cop drive by? Shouldn’t he waited for back up? Hell I’m not putting him down at all. I don’t know procedure. Poor dude. He gave his life trying to protect us and you know sicko biden lovers are happy and will claim he got what he deserved for harassing good people. Glad the prick got put down at end of the video. You got to give them cops there due walking up to a car like that not knowing if there is a psycho in that car.
  2. How in the hell do you park a boat on your house. Or crash park into your house I guess.
  3. Problem solved don’t have one of those wife thingys only got four guns. When I croak hell I guess without family I mean my moms 80 she’s in great health but I think I might outlive her my sister don’t want them. So hell I’ll will them to the boresite crazies. Can huaco kid own a gun? Lol.
  4. What the hell is this gardening thing you speak of Mrs. C? This is my garden. It’s under 3 feet of snow. I’m just kidding around MrsC not about the snow though That was tonight.
  5. Hook

    Tank fuel

    So i was wondering about tank fuel like military tanks. This dude at the home heating oil pump the other day asked if i have ever smelled tank fuel. I said no i have not. He went on to say it is a multi fuel and it stinks to high heaven. I dont know i have never been in the military. They would not take me do too medical condition. I thought tanks took regular old diesel. Am i wrong? Hell if i know. School me. I could google it but i trust you guys.
  6. If i have been part of the problem then i apologize to you Eric. I know i come down hard on a certain member that i dont like but i will stop doing that. You run a great site and i do not want to drag it down at all. I like this place some damn good folks here. Even though that Crockett dude is strangely hairy like a bigfoot. I really enjoy the memes that are posted. But i do agree we should just bull**** with each other instead of memes.
  7. My regular gas station/ minnie mart has a flag pole with the stars and stripes and the alaskan flag. I asked the manager one day a few months ago why was the flag at half mast he said i dont know cooperate told him to fly it at half mast.
  8. Hook

    Random Posting

    This is pretty cool as well.
  9. Hook

    Random Posting

    This is cool too.
  10. Hook

    Random Posting

    Language warning. Check out Heather on youtube she is friggin awesome. She does the bitter barista as well.
  11. Hook

    Random Posting

    Damn what the hell happened to this thread? I know one problem and that problem is drico bitching and moaning about memes. Never seen one person so damn unhappy about a funny meme. I think Eric gives us a long leash to have fun and post some stuff that would get us banned other places. But one guy just keeps pissing on the memes. He could just not look at them but no he has to and then bitch about them and piss people off. I love this thread and the political meme thread. Hey drico go join glocktalk and join them grumpy argumentative old grouches youd fit it in perfectly over there with them bitchy old farts. Dont let that guy drag this place down. I for one appreciate the leniency Eric gives us. Work with him Schmidt and keep posting you post some funny stuff. Dont just get yourself banned.
  12. Hook


    i once helped my friend put a tranny in a 76 dodge i do believe it was had the old 318 in it. He had it rebuilt it was -20 we parachuted the truck and had a space heater running. Broke off one if the ears were the bolt ran through and thought we were f'd . So we took the trannhy back out he put iti in his living room and the next day we jb welded that bastard and we put it in two nights later at now -35 and i'll be damned if that damn tranny didnt last for many years until he sold it. jb weld is some awesome stuff. Got my little ass beat when i was about 13 maybe trying to help a girl getting beat up by her crazy boyfriend he was like mid 20's I tried she got away but i took the beating but it helped her. eff him i got a kiss on the cheek from a 20 year old cutie so eff him. Never seen her again.
  13. I was hoping to see a johnny cash video but. I am good with this.
  14. Hook

    Carry decision.

    Only places that have a sign stating no firearms permitted are my bank and my liquor store. Yet i was in my liquor store and a guy was carrying and the clerk sold to him and i asked the clerked how come you sold to him when the sticker on your door plainly states no firearms her response was i dont care. My place of work just asks not to carry so i dont want to rock the boat and risk a good job so i abide. Its a good possibility i might have a gun locked in my ride. Like you said most ont even know if i am packing i notice just about everyone packing.
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