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  1. furetto7

    Ovens.,Gas or Electric?

    When we moved back to Kansas from Texas we brought our almost new electric stove even though the new house has gas heat, hot water and range, I ran a dedicated 220v 50a circuit so my wife could have both. The kitchen is so big that there was plenty of room to put in an island in the kitchen and install the electric range, she uses both depending on what she is cooking and the top of the gas range will still work without electricity by just lighting the burner with a match. My hot water heater doesn't need external power to run so even without electricity I have the gas stove top, plenty of hot water and my wood burning fire place, since I have better than a cord of cut fire wood under the patio cover I'm not terribly worried.
  2. furetto7

    Old Service Stations

    I believe this one was in Milwaukee Oregon, I remember going there with my grandfather when I was a kid, at one time you could go inside.
  3. furetto7

    Any inventors on the site?

    I’m about ready to file the paperwork for what is sure to be a break-thru piece of computer hardware. WOM (Write Only Memory). I’m going to make millions on this.
  4. furetto7

    Cold Warriors

    My best man’s father was one of the two radar operators on the B-50A Lucky Lady II, that made the around the world, non-stop flight in 1949. He had some interesting stories to tell but would constantly kid me about having been Army Airborne before I joined the Air Force, he frequently observed that only two things fell from the sky, bird crap and damned fools he said he would ride the biggest piece down even if it was the gas cap.
  5. Started with a 1969 Plymouth Belvedere with a four channel VHF radio, a PA-15 Interceptor siren and mouse ears on the roof. Now I drive a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 4WD pickup with all the bells and whistles, of course, I now work for a small Sheriff’s department with more dirt roads than paved.
  6. furetto7

    Politics I spent time in a Concentration Camp

    Except for the roommate part it sounds like my dorm room at Incirlik AB in Turkey.
  7. furetto7

    caption the pic

    Aha, now I know what they mean when they say "she's a carrot top"
  8. furetto7

    Fastest Piston Engine Fighter of WWII

    Very cool plane in many ways, ejection seat, rear propeller and both vertical fins could be jettisoned with explosive bolts, if you lost an engine there wasn't the torque problem that plagued a lot of the other twin engine aircraft. If that is the one at the Smithsonian I seem to remember that Dornier sent some guys over to help restore it and found that the explosive bolts in the tail assembly were still in place. I guess it's a good thing that Hitler wanted it converted to a bomber and delayed its deployment long enough that they never had a chance to build more than a few, it would have been a real problem for the bombers if it had been deployed in any real numbers.
  9. furetto7

    NFL boycott on Veterans Day

    I haven't seen an NFL game either in person (had season tickets at one time) or on tv since the Raiders left Oakland the first time and don't really miss it.
  10. furetto7

    One of my odder safe queens

    It came into my possession as part of a four gun purchase from an estate, I really wanted the two Remington 700BDL left hand rifles that were part of the package. It doesn't take up that much room and has a certain weird quality to it. Here is a better picture of the markings on the receiver, the company is still in business and offers several different types of firearms.
  11. furetto7

    One of my odder safe queens

    Wilkinson "Linda", a 9x19mm blowback pistol that is too heavy to properly aim assuming you could even see the sights. This one has a 30 round magazine and is picky about what ammo it wants to shoot, seems to prefer hotter loads otherwise it jams frequently. This is one of those guns I take to the range just to blaze away from the hip. There are kits that allow for the attachment of AR-15 style buffer tubes and stocks, there are also longer barrels available to keep that stock from getting you in trouble with alphabet agencies. It's a fun gun to shoot but serves no real purpose in my collection.
  12. furetto7

    My other black rifle

    Sterling AR-180. Short stroke gas piston, stamped steel construction, reciprocating bolt handle for easy forward assist, side folding stock. I somehow managed to lose the factory magazine and am too lazy to modify one of my many aluminum AR15/M16 magazines to work. It shoots decent but has a rather wobbly butt stock latch so there is some side to side movement in the butt stock. There is a proprietary scope mount welded to the top so optical sights are more or less out of the picture without major modifications to the upper receiver.
  13. While I have absolute faith in my Sheriff, I don't know how much support we would get from the County Commissioners. They have been supportive in the past but there has never been a major incident in the county that might test them.
  14. furetto7

    The Mall Ninja thread.

    I always thought that it was one guy having fun with people on the various gun boards he showed up on and intentionally posted the preposterous nonsense he did. "Special Forces"/"Specops" was his "Greek Chorus" and was also probably the same guy since they were always posting in concert. It was fun while it lasted and for the longest time I didn't know just how many places he eventually showed up.
  15. furetto7

    Three on the tree

    I learned to drive in a '49 Chevy half ton pickup with four on the floor (you never used first gear), but my first car was a '57 Chevy 210 four door with an inline six and three on the tree. The real challenge was driving home one day with a sprained ankle.