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  1. I completely disagree with you Eric! I loved it and found it a fitting tribute to the show and characters!
  2. Just finished it, wow! So worth the wait! Anyone who remembers the HBO show should watch this movie NOW!
  3. Las Vegas April 19, 2019, mostly sunny, some light clouds late in the day, 89f, no wind to speak of.
  4. I thought this was settled law. Can’t do anything to the driver. Heck Oklahoma had anti-swearing laws on the books that we were told were unenforceable in the 1990’s.
  5. I’m watching. I watch them all.
  6. 6oz pink grapefruit juice 3oz vodka 1oz grandmartia ice
  7. I took a 4 hour nap. I feel better
  8. Holy sheeeet I made a stronng cocktil. Nap time....
  9. There should always be more cinnamon then nutmeg. Add a teaspoon of vanilla. Looks good
  10. I have weird feet and my favorite shoes these past few years are a type of Sketchers that are generally $70 and pair and last less than a year. So if I can fix them with hot glue, hi-temp silicone or whatever, and they still look good, I will fix them. I recently found a slip-on pair of sneakers from Sam's club for $32 and they fit and feel great. But they are much lighter weight and I worry about them lasting.
  11. 1944, My mother-in-law's ID picture from the Erfurt labor camp, WW2. She was 14 year old farm girl walking home from school when she was taken. When she didn't come home that night, her family presumed she was dead. A year later, Patton's 3rd Army liberated the camp and put her on a train south, back to Greece. She was so skinny when she got home no one believed it was really her. She spoke freely about this time with me and Anna (her daughter, my wife) and said the hardest part was destroying her grave site, the Greeks are very superstitious. She loved Americans and always appreciated them for saving her.
  12. Their name was a serious bone of contention for Greece. My wife is Greek, we lived there for two years. Those folks know how to hold a grudge! They are very proud of their Macedonian heritage and this name change should go a long way in curing the but hurt.
  13. I have tried to learn half a dozen instruments in my 55 years, the talent I lack I make for with enthusiasm. I sang in public a few weeks ago and got booed. (School recital, they had the audience join in) I wear it has a badge of honor.
  14. I've had the same experience has many here. Turbo Tax works great. In fact, has a business owner for a few decades I have used them all, and a few accountants. With today's simple, effective software, if you have a middle class income and can use Amazon and email then you can do your own taxes, with few exceptions. Very easy and accurate. Yes my local Credit Union also offers the software for free for their members.
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