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  1. If any major share holders have asked for him to be fired it has not made the news. Granted the MSM loves to ignore stories they don't like.
  2. Jack Dorsey doesn't give a rat's ass. He has plenty of money and unless he gets Hunt brothers level of stupid he will continue to have lots of money. Twitter as a libtard echo chamber will still have Yahoo and other sites reporting Tweets as news.
  3. Yeah Bebe definitely looked great as Lilith.
  4. This is all I can find. http://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13669667/trump-maga-protest-speech-washington/ The Dems and their MSM wing are fulll of **** as usual.
  5. As much as I hate that scumbag the XO of my squadron meritoriously promoted the Yeoman who served as his personal secretary first to E4 about 2 months after she got on board right out of A school. Then he bumped her up to E5 and she got a Letter of Commendation about every others weekly Quarters. The fact that he was banging her was widely believed but never proven, what got him canned was getting caught buying furniture with squadron funds and having it delivered to his base housing. For that he was sent to a brief do nothing job pending his retirement going through. He remained a Commander, not retirement bump to Captain. His secretary was shipped off to another command as well, she had no friends in the squadron. This happened in 1980. *It always irritated Maintenance ratings that about 75% or better of the Letters of Commendation were given to some strain of pencil pusher when they made up about 5% of squadron personnel. It never seemed to be the Electricians, Avionics, Airframes, Hydraulics etc that kept the planes flying. Always the ****ing pencil pushers.
  6. Since Kris was a Highwayman I'll put this here,
  7. Just desserts for that POS Wheeler. As far as Robespierre, I no longer drink alcohol but tonight I raise my cup of tea to Charlotte Corday and Fanny Kaplan. Two brave women who took out the trash.
  8. I would have banned you too.
  9. And maybe you don't. A member at 1911 forum posted this link yesterday. http://social.quodverum.com/web/getting-started It is apparently a place with minimal moderation, mostly geared towards not breaking any laws. I haven't posted there yet but did get an account as g26s239. It might be a good place to discuss politics. Edit: I guess you don't. I didn't bother reading all through to figure out that I was responding to a necro bump. Or that you had been banned. That's the only forum that ever banned me.
  10. We were in deep **** five years ago when it appeared that Hilary might succeed B.O. as President. Trump winning in 2016 kicked the can down the road and made sure that Hillary didn't get at least two picks on the court. Yeah, this election steal is real bull****. I hate the Democrat Party.
  11. Nope. Making that ^^^ claim demeans and diminishes the victims of so many other despotic governments. Stalin was easily as evil and murdered more people over a longer period of time. Same goes for Mao. Pol Pot ? Yep, just as evil. Not as high of numbers but just as evil. The Young Turks Triumvirate leaders Talaat, Enver and Jemal were just as evil. Numbers not as high but they were real ****s. Hassan Ngeze wrote the platform for Hutu Power in the late 1980s and Felicein Kabuuga bought the radio station that spread that message and bought and imported several hundreds of thousands machetes for distribution to be used in the ensuing slaughter to make Ngeze's dream come true. Both were easily as evil as Hitler, though their numbers weren't as high. There is nothing about the repulsive conduct of any of those I mentioned above, or many others, that puts them in a lesser spot than Hitler in terms of evil. Their victims matter just as much as the Jews, Gypsies, political prisoners and others killed by the 3rd Reich.
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