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  1. Yeah Roberts is a bit disappointing.
  2. Yeah. There is no doubt in my mind that the Hezbollah protectors of the Vichy style regime made damn sure that the NH4NO3 stayed right where it was. Hezbollah is Iran's lapdogs.
  3. I've been a member 38 years now. Donated hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours through the Members Council work and donated plenty as well. At this point it has been 11 years since I donated time or money. Part of that is being tired of hearing the litany of excuses that people will make to avoid putting $20 to $25 a year in the kitty. Part of it is figuring that I am old enough, let the younger generation do their part or not. The 3rd reason is various irritants involving the NRA itself. Example #1. Phone call soliciting a donation circa 2004. NRA: Can you donate $1000? Me: I'm out of work. NRA: In that case can you donate $500? Me: I am out of work. NRA: In that case can you doe.. Me: I am out of ****ing work! Would you like my money for housing? How about my ******n grocery money? My car payment? Do you understand the point that I am out of work? Not working right now? NRA: Well you don't have to be rude. We are required to ask these questions. At that point I called the 877 NRA 2000 number and had them stop calling me. I still made some contributions until about April of 2009. Example #2 advertisement for gold on the outer magazine cover. I don't mind ads from the Thompson Cigar company or others in the back of the magazine but putting ads for gold and other crap on the outer cover is real tacky. I don't recall that pre LaPierre but he has been running it since the 90s and it is time for him to step down and well past time for term limiting the Executive VP position. For the last several years I have donated instead to the Calguns Foundation and the Firearms Policy Coalition. That will remain the case until Wayne is gone. The Ex VP should not be a lifetime position.
  4. In better times you could get a job while you still have a job. This is a crappy time to be in the situation you are in. I hope it works out well.
  5. Cool. Is that a Freek? I have a Freek with my other Benchmades. I have always like my Benchmades. Never had to use the warranty but nice to know they are on top of it.
  6. I won't think any worse of you for it. It is interesting to consider whether this could be a strike at Iran by the Saudis in the ongoing proxy war. It sure as hell weakened Hezbollah big time. The Prince Regent has a ruthless streak and I don't care that he ordered a Jihadi sympathizing Washington Post activist killed.
  7. Horrible in both cases. Neither one of the murderers sound very bright. Having known some of what military members do from being a Navy Brat I never did buy into that BS that all members are great people. There was one case of murder in Rota while I was there. A young lady named Jeannie showed up to the squadron and checked in with the SDO and never mentioned to anyone that she was pregnant. She had her baby and threw the child into a dumpster to die. Fortunately most of our people are much better than that. I met a Jewish girl from Georgia who arrived at the squadron maybe 8 months after I did. Her dad was an Orthodox Rabbi and she was too ashamed to tell him or her mother that she was pregnant w/o being married. So she adopted the baby out, most likely to be raised Catholic. I liked her. Having not known any Jewish people before I enlisted when she brought it up I had some questions about her faith and we had some pretty good discussions. Her baby is probably just turned 41 plus or minus a couple of months and growing up as a Spaniard he or she had pretty good odds of having a good life. If that no longer young lady has had any regrets she at least can know that some couple was probably very happy to have that child and that child has probably done just fine.
  8. Damn! 2700+ tons! No wonder it scared the hell out of the entire city and beyond.
  9. Well at least Blizz Meccho is a pretty good nom de gang compared to some others. Deebo is a good one too, but Tiny Lister is supposed to actually be a pretty nice guy.
  10. Very likely not much. Remember Chinagate? Bill Clinton took authority to allow dual use technology away from the NRC/DOE and moved that authority over to Dept Of Commerce where his equally crooked buddy Ron Brown gave the okay for Loral and Motorola to use the technology to improve navigation and re entry systems, ostensibly for space expolration but really for improving PRC ICBMs. The FBI made damn sure that the Clintons and the Grand Poobah of MMGW were never in the line of fire and that Loral and Motorola execs were never hurt enough by minor pleas to ever give up Clinton or Gore.
  11. Don't forget Misappropriation Of Govt Property. That was leveled at myself and three friends who were living off base. Unfortunately the serial numbers on the personal chutes had been cut out, so while we could not clear ourselves by proving they had been obtained elsewhere, the Squadron was likewise unable to establish that the chutes had been unlawfully taken. As for the two Navy drill motors and coffee pot, my buddy Armando had spent his 1st LT time working at the barracks for a Chief Burnett, AKA Smiley. Smiley was old, probably no more than 45 but military old, and about ready to retire. It turned out that he did like at least one person, that being Armando, so he arranged for Armando to get into the area containing the drill motors and coffee pot and dispose of them. Of course the CO was still able to nail all four of us for Article 134 but we all had suspicions that the Master Chief - who I had worked for as Coffee Mess attendant during 1st Lt - and CO had given Smiley a wink and a nod based on someone going way overboard to get the ball rolling on us.
  12. A buddy of mine had to do his 90 days in the Mess Hall. He was smart and got along well with most people, including one of the POICs. When his 1st Lt time was over that 1st class helped him get a bunch of meat, potatoes, eggs etc off base for his celebration BBQ. It was a damned good one!
  13. My understanding of the principle was we don't take anything from within our own command but another command was fine. VQ2 (my squadron) and VR24 were the only two squadrons permanently attached to Rota with a VP squadron detachment rotating in for 6 months. VR24 and my command frequently horse traded with each other or liberated from each other from time to time but it never meant we wouldn't have a drink together at Benny's Bar or where ever we happened to meet.
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