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  1. "Hey, Hun" is not just for waitresses anymore.
  2. So Katie the Cat brought in a mole for Mrs. G, who came and got me, to get the mole and take it out. But it's still alive and got away from Katie the Cat, who is trying to reacquire it. Mrs. G has vowed to stay in the bedroom with the door locked until the mole is found. It's very peaceful here. Katie the Cat is staring intently at one of the bookcases.
  3. The Communist Party has had the goal of worldwide domination since its inception. Their long game has taken less than 200 years so far.
  4. I think I'll have a Coke...
  5. Cause there ain't no carbon in hydrogen. You burn it and you get water vapor. All you need to make hydrogen is water and electricity, both of which you get by burning hydrogen. It's like perpetual motion, kinda.
  6. And if the real thing don't do the trick You better make up something quick You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn to the wick...
  7. Yeah, when your target market is all about self-defense and self-reliance it makes perfect sense to take a public stand against such thinking.
  8. I'm trying to understand why they couldn't just drive to church in the truck.
  9. "It's C-C-C-C-Crockett. He's c-c-c-coming to k-k-k-k-kill me!"
  10. As technology improves will future generations mine such sites for resources?
  11. I am young at heart and rich in love. A day in my head is like life in Gunny Apone's Colonial Marines.
  12. Hmm. Don't care bout Brandon. Don't care bout no hawks. Don't care bout no NBA. Why? Cause last time I checked they were all committed to destroying me and my way of life (not Brandon specifically, but you know about running with wolves...) I say all these woke motherfuckers have sided with commies against Americans and can now reap the whirlwind distributed by their gummint overlords. If they get clots from the jab that's their problem.
  13. Hope all you codgers get to feeling better soon. Me, I got no complaints.
  14. So blow the whistle, Bates! What's the worst that could happen?
  15. Just buy pre-charged batteries. I really don't care what California does. Obviously the people want this or they wouldn't have voted for the leaders who have made the laws.
  16. Doctor Jill is an expert money manager.
  17. KITCHEN STOVE DESIGNER sounds like a computer game, like GUITAR HERO...
  18. All these things can have a little cazapitor added which will carry them through short outages and preserve the clock, timer, etc. But it adds a quarter to the retail price so it gets WalMarted out... OTOH, once the IoT becomes self-aware everything will be running Universal Gummint Time so resets will be moot (except for The Great Reset, of course).
  19. I can go to it OK. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and deleting your cookies for that site?
  20. The sticking point for many of us wasn't that Ford screwed up the design. That could have been forgiven. The problem was that they made a conscious decision that the cost of paying off the dead customers and lawyers was less than the cost of recalls, so they covered up the problem and didn't recall the firebombs.
  21. BOBCAT screaming! Foxes mating is probably eerier, though.
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