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  1. Things are getting serious out there...
  2. I know she's not intelligent, and I don't want to know whether she's a woman or not. I'm pretty sure her seafood meal was ordered, though.
  3. Dig some more. They explain where the data come from and they define "atypical". And yes, they make no claim of it being statistically pure. It is, however, available and I think we should use it, carefully.
  4. So, um, is food porn with a gay cook gay porn? AFAF.
  5. I think the trend graph from Kinsa says a lot. You can see where the mitigation began and the difference in observed fevers. As far as Bill's take on the actions of our leaders, I think he's saying that we're probably OK to "trust, but verify". Except for the media.
  6. Wouldn't it be tough if you had to gather a glass of mare's sweat for a potion?
  7. My test came back positive. I'll add hang her.
  8. There's really nothing that smells quite like a horse, is there?
  9. Like turning over a rotten log and finding a bunch of grubs. Only grubs are at least useful.
  10. My son earlier: "Well, I guess you heard the good news to you, bad news to me, huh?" Me: Huh? He: Sanders has dropped out. Me (seriously): Doug? He: Bernie Me: Oh, well he was never really "in". I felt like this scene from Tombstone:
  11. I guess that's one way of reducing gun violence.
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