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  1. But you still lusted after the tiny Mothra chicks though, right?
  2. She's cute, ASH. Did you know that?
  3. "Hodeedo, hodeedo, hodeedo..."
  4. They be hatin' him 'cause of his color. Libs be hatin' orange mens. Specially green-haired ones.
  5. Maybe we should add apostrophe abuse to Moshe's list of capital offenses...
  6. So you never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating?
  7. Yeah, I can't really imagine anyone in the car from which it's fired surviving. The target car would have a better chance. Not much better, but better.
  8. Does anyone need more proof that liberalism is a mental illness? Is the smelly homeless guy babbling about alien abductions any more delusional than these women?
  9. Why does that little end cap at the back pop off? What are the implications of that when firing it inside a vehicle?
  10. The silos are still there, maybe filled. No ICBMs, though, unless they're secret.
  11. Kinda like "Barracuda" but with only half as many breasts.
  12. "with whom we have sex", DRic. Remember, regardless of whichever hill we choose to die upon, good grammar is what separates us from the beasts. 👍
  13. "Not your mom's Oldsmobile".
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