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  1. How so, Rellik? Didn't they have zwerlings in other calibers?
  2. Nature, schmature. It has been shown that even though you are born a boy all you have to do is say you're a girl and, poof, you're a girl.
  3. Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash As we fell into the sun And the first one said to the second one there "I hope you're having fun"
  4. Why do you think the "schools of education" led the charge to stop teaching "useless" subjects like Latin in high schools in favor of topical stuff like "women's studies"?
  5. The media often garbles messages. What she really meant was that she is a pile of bull excrement the size of Mt. Everest.
  6. No more tips for anyone at Linda Jean's Restaurant in Oak Bluffs from me, I tell ya. IMO this is only the beginning of a national chill on conversation.
  7. Something like this, maybe https://www.amazon.com/INCLY-Garage-Storage-System-48-Organizer/dp/B07VBS2SZG/ref=sr_1_42?crid=2TG65CU1ZR0CO&keywords=garage+tool+hanger&qid=1571361535&sprefix=garage+tool%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-42
  8. I'm moved (well, mostly). One thing I see is that I don't have as much room in the garage for hanging tool storage as in the old house, and I really want to avoid pegboard. I'm thinking I could use hangers on the floor joists under the back porch. Theft is always a possibility, but most of the tools I'm thinking of are 2nd-hand stuff that could easily be replaced. The porch has a roof, so the area underneath will stay relatively dry. I'm talking about shovels, rakes, cultivators, hoes (live ones, of course ), and such. Here's a pic of the porch. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. My grandmama says I can't say anything at all about that crooked piece of hyena dung. So I'll have to remain silent.
  10. "Ukraine is not weak!"
  11. Well, laddie, they don't look a bit plaid to me.
  12. Unless Germany took over the USSR I can't see any chance of them defeating the industrial giant of the USA. If Germany got England that would make thing take longer, but the USA could make a lot of stuff.
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