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  1. gwalchmai

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    Will this work for or is there a similar product for cell phones?
  2. gwalchmai

    Watch Security Guard Taser Obnoxious Loudmouth

    Nuke 'em till they glow and shoot 'em in the dark.
  3. gwalchmai

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    Unsolicited sales calls get ****ed with. It's one of those implicit contracts like M$ does.
  4. gwalchmai

    Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat Movie

    Did you notice Hitchcock in the weight-loss ad?
  5. gwalchmai

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    "Poodle bite <Come on, Frenchy>, Poodle chew <Snap it!>"
  6. gwalchmai

    Random Posting

    Ribbed, for her enjoyment.
  7. gwalchmai

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    I wonder how much Bezos contributed to the campaigns of the loony leftists who fought against his HQ.
  8. gwalchmai

    Social Justice What Does It Mean to You?

    "Social justice" is meaningless. Justice can only be obtained by individuals for individuals. "Social justice" is just a scam by which politicians take property from some people and use it to buy votes from other people.
  9. http://www.theamericanmirror.com/after-el-chapo-conviction-use-seized-14-billion-to-build-border-wall/ Why not?
  10. gwalchmai

    Old Pictures

    You think he got the undercoat?
  11. gwalchmai

    The young woman that cuts my hair

    They'll be stimulating.
  12. gwalchmai

    Atlas is shrugging...

    "Dose ain't my pants."
  13. gwalchmai

    Atlas is shrugging...

    "That wasn't real high-speed rail."
  14. gwalchmai

    Atlas is shrugging...

    They'd have worked if they'd used Reardon Metal...