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  1. You're a better man for owning up to it...
  2. I haven't looked but I think it's copper.
  3. My in-laws have a laundry sink they want removed. Have any of you used Sharkbites to cap off supply lines? These will not be hidden behind walls. Thanks!
  4. Of course, it will mean they'll open a permanent file on you...
  5. You're aware that you can call the Lunchables Hotline and they'll send you a replacement cracker, right?
  6. It should grow nice flowers all around it.
  7. Come on, SP, you know how they are.
  8. Um, that's more of a drop toilet...
  9. You know how things get when the bankers and schoolmarms get hold of 'em.
  10. What kind of wheelbarrow is that, BTW?
  11. We should move in next September - October. Once the barbed wire goes up...
  12. Lots of landscaping on my horizon.
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