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  1. Nope. I don't know of any studies where it's been studied. Somehow that doesn't make me fell better about it.
  2. That'll shrivel your pod...
  3. That's old-school nomenclature - .30 cal propelled by 6 grains of black powder, right?
  4. While that's quite correct, the designation was not assigned because of the year it first flew, as the author stated.
  5. William Sydney Porter wrote a lot of stuff that IMO is uniquely American.
  6. Lots of good suggestions here. Based on my very limited experience, I don't think it's possible to narrow it down to one greatest American author. except maybe Thomas Jefferson. Maybe. Oh, and Arthur C. Clarke was a limey (but of course, so was Jefferson when he wrote his best work...)
  7. "He'd bite your ear off, kid."
  8. Mine are geocached down deep...
  9. How many negative reactions would it take to "prove it isn't safe"? I think it's up to each free citizen to decide whether he wants to be a guinea pig. I notice that many of the people who are saying I should take the vaccine also say we have an "epidemic of gun violence", so I'm a bit leery of their advice.
  10. Let's not forget Michener, Hersey, P.K. Dick, Asimov, Heinlein, and Frank Herbert.
  11. "You're getting a car! And YOU'RE getting a car! And YOU'RE getting a car! "
  12. Kinda calls the author's entire credibility into question for me.
  13. My daughter's getting married in Gatorville in June. I may have to go early and see these guys.
  14. Well, the trials are being done right now. Unfortunately they're using the populace as the test subjects.
  15. So was thalidomide, until it wasn't.
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