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  1. Well, mostly because they're dead...
  2. Have you guys learned nothing? The obvious answer is to ban cars. Barring that, we can create no-car zones. Next step is to sue the car manufacturers out of business. What happened in Kenosha, tragic as it is, should serve to educate the public on the reality of cost-benefit analysis. (It won't though...)
  3. How do they know the wolf (or the boy) wasn't just chasing dinner?
  4. Hey man, I'll send you some firewood. Just pay the shipping.
  5. I split logs for 3 hours this morning. Cherry, oak, and ash that I cut a couple days ago. After lunch I'm going out to haul it to our new-to-us firewood shed, stack it, and let it season for a year.
  6. There are "immune system boot camps" springing up around the country for those who want to "catch up".
  7. I think there should be a dedicated 24hr "A Christmas Story" channel in every lineup. All through December. Every year. Forever. Maybe a spinoff for the Bumpuses.
  8. Errybody been stayin' home for two years so they immune systems have done atrophied so bad they look like them Denver antifa pajama-boys on the meme channel. Now when folks go out they not just get a cold, but it gets reported as a new variant.
  9. For 20 years I lived across the road from a really nice guy named Rick. VietNam vet, BBQ connoisseur, deacon in his church, foreign missionary, realtor, Swedish Mauser fan, and a genuinely nice guy. The entire time I knew Rick he had a Sprite in his garage. I never saw it run.
  10. What model, etc. did you get, Lostin? WRT tires, I usually consider the dealer tires something to wear out while researching the second set.
  11. What chain do you use on your 365, Walt? We have an older one with an H47 on it and it's cutting to the right. I suspect it's sharpened unevenly.
  12. I had an instructor at tech school in the AF named John Goff. Everyone called him Jack. He seriously told us students that loosening and tightening the 6" signal cables in Minuteman silos had give him oversized forearms. Another of our instructors programmed the teletype interface to print out "SSGT Speight is so full of **** his eyes are brown" in response to a certain command string.
  13. Mine lasted 30 years until pinhole leaks developed.
  14. We should watch and learn. We'll probably have those things deployed against us eventually. Damn, they creep me out!
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