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  1. I have mine as Spousal Unit, Spawn 1, and Spawn 2. If someone steals my phone they won't know who they're a-talking to...
  2. My wife just told me my mother-in-law said I did a good job mowing our lawn yesterday and that the bush-hogging I did in the back-40 and new-20 over the weekend looks great. I think she may have been snatched by one of them watermelon pod things...
  3. That's one interpretation. Maybe the solution to her Extra Bad snoring is to get rid of her...
  4. My cousin has one for sale. Automatic, though. They were actually pretty nice as a fun roadster.
  5. I remember when they used to think I was cute...
  6. Fuckin' with 'em is the best revenge...
  7. DAB* Last Friday and Saturday I spent most of the day on the tractor running the bushhog over the back forty and the new twenty (FIL bought some neighboring property to keep anyone else buying it and building condos or chickenhouses). All the time I was bushhogging I was thinking how nice a real cold beer would be. Today I had to mow, but, being the forward-thinking sumbitch I am I grabbed a case-o-beer at the Publix yesterday. So I combined two of my favorite pastimes, mowing and drinking. *Drunk As a Bicycle
  8. CLANK! U.S. Marines training on how to fire M1917s and M1919s (arranged alternatingly) from the hip (Photo: U.S. military) https://theferalirishman.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-30-caliber-browning-machinegun.html#more
  9. USA (Woke) will put up with a lot of things, but THIS shall not stand! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/taliban-paint-george-floyd-mural-kabul-victory-slogans/ The Taliban painted over a giant mural of George Floyd with Islamic victory slogans this week.
  10. I wish I could answer with "Five. This is five. Ignore the sirens. Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room. Eight. This is eight. We have killed your friends. Every friend is now dead." But I'd flub it...
  11. I used to whine about "smiles" before nail guns. Now I whine about TOO MANY NAILS!
  12. So many. I like Unforgiven and HBR, and the Dirty Harry movies.
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