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  1. NEF2.txtCondition like new, 29" barrel full choke. 3 1/2" chamber. Box of 24 rounds included. Trades for other firearms considered. Pictures are the actual shotgun l am selling. NEF1.txt NEF2.txt
  2. There were these kit derringers. l don't remember the brand name but you could buy all the parts except the side plates. there were patterns available to make the side plates. They were 45/410 single shot and side by side. total POS as l remember. l gave them away.
  3. President Trump should use the Line Item Veto as a necessary emergency measure! Make the democrats scream and take him to court but ignore them until he restores the country and the economy.
  4. l was in San Antonio a few years back. l headed toward Big Spring through Uvalde. l stopped at a store that was Gunshop to the left and Liquor store to the right. All in the same room. Gotta Love Texas!
  5. l am not going to stay home. This virus is over hyped. The Chinese set it free or it got away from them. l predict there will be fewer deaths than the Swine Flu and other diseases. l read 12,000 dead from the virus during obamanation and no panic. The democrats paid the chi coms to do this just to ruin the economy and prevent re election.
  6. l delivered a metal hangar building to Clint's Ranch in Northern calif in 1988. He flew his own helicopter to the ranch. It was a twin rotor. He would go into town occasionally and buy drinks for the whole place. The ranch prior owner was Bing Crosby. 2500 acres.
  7. Starbucks is popular for the people that add cream, sugar etc to their drink. l drink my coffee black, full flavored but not bitter. l have learned to brew perfect coffee with my Mr. Coffee. Kureg was a waste of money. "Never wash your coffee cup"
  8. 10 22 and Mark l both stainless: "Volquartsen - worth every penny !"
  9. I recently bought an early model Hi-Point, the JF 9. It has an alloy frame unlike the newer models. It was mfg and sold as the Haskell, the Maverick and the Stallard before becoming the Hi-Point JF 9. I was disappointed when l asked for shipping instructions to send it into the factory under their lifetime warranty that was supposed to apply to subsequent owner after the original owner. Their technician stated that they don't make parts for the JF 9 any longer. I offered to accept a rebuilt or refurbished 9mm in exchange for my JF 9. They refused to take any responsibility. I am considering consulting an attorney.
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  12. 20 rounds $20. l have about 300 rounds to sell. Some Sellier Bellot, some Remington core lokt, some older factory ammo (not corrosive) 100 rounds $75
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