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  1. mmmmm... Halibut. deep fried, with "chips" (Fries) cooked in the same grease and served with salt and malt vinegar!🥰
  2. Moose is good! I love moose-burgers. Moose sausage isn't bad either.
  3. Why not "ventilate" the sumnabeech as soon as he grabbed the weapon??
  4. Putting cheese on a good steak is truly sick! YUCK! The only thing on my steaks is a tiny bit of salt and pepper.
  5. I would not eat at any public restaruant in uniform. You never know when one of those minimum wage employees is going to tamper with your food.😡
  6. And while we have lowered our birth rate, those who want no part of our American society are breeding like blow-flies on a fresh cow-pie. No one dares to admit it, or even discuss it, but our problems are, to a large extent racial. A large percentage of black and hispanic folks have a burning desire to bring down the "white" society once and for all.
  7. Who would have believed that a single, relativelty small group could being down the mightiest nation on the planet? Yet, the National Education association has done it!
  8. 65 degrees, 50 percent here in the Rockies!👍
  9. An excellent movie whether you like Cage of not.
  10. The NFL and the NCAA can suck my ****!
  11. What this country needs is more tall trees and more short ropes.
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