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  1. Anything above 75 degrees is miserable for me. I'll stay in the mountains.
  2. I love a good SUPER SPICY Guac dip and corn chips with a bottle of Mescal and a few limes.
  3. If yer gonna use alcohol, try a shot of everclear in a glass of V-8. With a dash of "Chesty." (Worcestershire sauce)
  4. To hell with water. Lotsa ice cold milk!
  5. Burger, fries and pie at Perkins. Or biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs at Denny's.
  6. Heck, I've been thrown out of better places than that!😄
  7. I guess I blasphemed against one of the Divine moderators.😄
  8. I have just been banned over there!🙄
  9. Out of respect for Erik, I won't post my opinions of RussP and LT2108, other than to say they are the reason I seldom visit GT anymore.😡
  10. I miss the old GT, when we had interesting characters like WalterGa.😎
  11. Sorry, Erik. But I've been a member over there since 2002, and now I don't feel like I belong anymore, mostly because of that guy.
  12. Old Russp is at it again. Can't criticize politicians on GT anymore.
  13. Cheygriz


    And if you're ever tempted to bad mouth the police or firefighters, remember the people who ran TOWARD the towers, not away from them.
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