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  1. That's a good series. It covers U.S. Grant, and doesn't mention Trump. If it's the one on The History Channel.
  2. It's somewhat the new normal. Every president is scared that a terror attack or worse will happen on their watch because they know it will be used against them, and they'll do anything to prevent it. Patriot Act and all. When all this first started, it being an election year, Trump had to do what the "experts" suggested. Imagine if he didn't and their was a serious body count. But he is as much to blame as anyone for wilting like an orchid. Trump should have read up on Fauci, then sought opinions from the private sector.
  3. Very effective, especially after the "you ain't black" comment. I guess twitter won't let it play.
  4. I'm going with a paupers funeral. Don't claim my body, let the trustees take me to the county cemetery and drop me in. My mom's church allows the services at the church, saving the families several thousand dollars.
  5. With Joe Biden, that's half the fun. In his mind, it was an insightful and uplifting comment. Explaining to the rest of us why would be the cherry on top and another controversy. Let's hear good ol' Joe explain his friendship with KKK Grand Muckity-Muck Robert Byrd, and how Byrd was a "good man".
  6. More fun than a barrel of monkeys. I said 4 years ago it would be a lot of fun for him to run. Imagine all the crap HRC would dig up against him, and how he would try to explain it away. Part of the fun with Joe is that the explanation is often better than the original remark. I would bet money that Biden's handlers are keeping him under wraps to prevent him trying to explain the "you ain't black" remark. I would LOVE to hear him walk it back.
  7. So now Fauci is heavily invested in manufacturers of masks? I read something somewhere that said you have to be in close proximity to someone with active Covid to catch it.
  8. PPQer


    No pic can demonstrate this, other than perhaps a once free European continent. We defeat our enemies, then rebuild them better. Not crazy about the source, but this is what America is to me:
  9. Somewhere I heard or read that battles are won by the side that makes the fewest mistakes. Symonds points out that the all the blunders the American pilots made, actually worked out for the good. They all arrived to attack in a way that worked in their favor, but could never be planned, and 3 Japanese carriers were destroyed in 4 minutes. A Navy that lives by the sneak attack doesn't fare too well when they are expected. Midway was an amazing effort by the US Navy, and it all started with a fake signal about a fresh water condenser.
  10. The Battle of Midway is one of my favorite historical events. I've seen and read a lot on it over the years, but this guy in this video brings out things I never knew of before. The Americans launched an attack from one of its carriers, but they went in the wrong direction, and never found the Japanese fleet. It was called the "Flight to Nowhere" and returned with all their ordinance. Hollyweird went from Henry Fonda to Woody Harrelson, and Harrelson sucked. There are no scenes with Harrelson in this video, they are just using his image on the title page. The expert in this video is top notch. His summary of the timing of the final attack is very insightful. McClusky saved the day, but never flew again after this battle.
  11. Typically, yes. But is Joe Biden, and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth.
  12. I don't think it's the women per se, but the way childish men who think with the little head act when women are around. Israel found that men took unnecessary chances when women were under threat. Ever wonder why there are men only clubs? It's not because they don't like women, but because men act different in the presence of females. My dept at work is all male. Let a pretty female walk in, and the demeanor changes immediately.
  13. That's a good way of reducing gun death numbers. Unless they are counted twice. Watch politicians start bragging about lowering gun crime based on those numbers.
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