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  1. If you are referring to the most recent version, I hated it. It is a great story, but the director hosed it with that stupid dance stuff mixed into the action. I never figured that out. The 70's version was good, but somewhat of a low budget production. It is a story that deserves to be done really well, but with that dance crap it was more like a sidewalk in San Francisco.
  2. I have a workbook and use a sheet for every firearm. I keep up with when purchased, where, SN, price, installed optics, dates, training, ammo brands, and round count. I also insert pictures of targets after the first range trip, and any outings for specific reasons like mounting a new optic. The tabs at the bottom are in basic order, and titled BCM AR, Colt AR, PPQ-1, G19, P99, XDM, Sig 229, etc. Every worksheet is a history of that firearm. When you insert pictures from a file, you can adjust the size of the picture, so it's easy to keep the targets organized. Even though I keep pictures of most targets, it helps to insert the pertinent targets into the worksheet. Example: this past weekend I mounted a Steiner LPVO on my BCM AR. After getting it zeroed at 50 yards, I compared M855 and M193 side by side. Then I moved the target out to 100 yards to see the rise of POI. I inserted picture of those targets into the BCM worksheet and it gives me a quick reference how it shoots at 100 yards when zeroed at 50. And it was almost perfect to the ballistic chart. Just under 2" at 125 yards. Me likes the data.
  3. IMO, the presidents legal team is going about it wrong. I read an op-ed that said they should ask for 3 months of discovery to review witness testimony, records, and subpoena evidence. That would give them the chance to go through all the stuff the democrats have been hiding. Instead, they appear to be taking the swamp road and treating like it's a valid impeachment, instead of an opportunity to dig into democrat records and expose the left for what it's been doing. Even if Trump is acquitted, it's a push, if not a victory for the swamp.
  4. Wasn't that governor blaming the president? Is it so bad for democrats that they hide stuff people need just so they can blame Trump for not sending supplies?
  5. But wait, dares 'mo. The black community likes to blame "a lack of opportunity in the community" for the violence. I had a coworker spew that recently. The one guy, President Trump, who is trying to bring jobs back to the US, the first president in recent history who has tried to reverse the outflow, they are chomping at the bit to impeach. And that is why democrats like poor schools. The city where those children live has the worst school system in the state, in the only blue county in the state.
  6. The thing that gets me the most is how she frames that statement with racism as white not wanting to live around blacks or other minorities. We're not necessarily moving away from them, we're moving away from the problems they bring. 20 years ago, the neighborhood of those shootings was the place whites had been for about 10-15 years, and it was a nice area. Then all of a sudden, blacks started moving there and the crime went through the roof. It went from 'Hickory Hill' to 'Hickory Hood'. I lived in that area when it started turning. I lived in some upscale apartment condo's. Memphis went forced Section 8 and that nice upscale community had turf wars between the local gangs. They even changed the name of the community, but every week I still hear of shootings in that complex. There is the saying in the white community that "I love my black neighbors, I just don't like the people that come to visit them" which Mrs. Obama would call racist, but illustrates the issue pretty well. Mrs. Obama saying we don't like living around them deflects from the real cause, which is the crime. Like her stately mansion in the Hamptons or wherever, she's ignores truth about her and her family being the evil rich who moved to safe areas. The kids that were shot I guess are collateral damage. Memphis is a democrat utopia and those black lives don't matter, as long as it is the right people who are doing the shooting. Of the people I work with, more are talking about impeachment than young kids being shot.
  7. I want to see the witnesses the republicans weren't allowed to call in the House.
  8. If they start it, we need to take it to them in a way that makes Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao look like amateurs.
  9. I spent a wonderful day at the range yesterday in 22 degree weather zeroing my LPVO\BCM because of these idiots.
  10. That is some of the funding dollars Paul Ryan left in the budget. What was it, $600M?
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