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  1. Something he said to his players after arguably the biggest win of any team this season? Go show the doctor where it hurts the most. Good lord. Grown men in a locker room.
  2. There are forums for this. Thought this place could be different.
  3. Good to see you. Oh, Kentucky won in case you missed it.
  4. nmk

    Bad joke, in case it wasn't obvious.  

  5. You smell different when you're awake.
  6. Tried to post in a coffee maker thread. No go. Guess that's it. I'm not a D or an R, but I sure triggered someone's button.
  7. I definitely am not permitted to post. Guess I made someone mad.
  8. But I can like posts. So not banned, but not allowed to post words?
  9. There's a bit of a joke/bull**** thread that I can't even reply to. It was about an old lady and her dog. The dog seemed nice. 12 years on GT for that.
  10. I think I got banned today. No notice, but nothing I try works.
  11. I'm no actor, but I think that was a good performance.
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