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  1. Yeah the usual BS on the shows.Trump has this.The Senate races is where the real drama is to be found.
  2. I haven't heard any claim about the Kansas City ones here.
  3. Wow, sounds like the storm damage did you a favor, and they could fix things before they became worse.
  4. The Mandalorian has gotten better, this week's was the best yet.
  5. Mine LOVES Agulia. Yeah, they SCCY polymer just does not feel 'right' to me, not sure why. Everybody's hand is different. The G26 is boxy lol, but Glock's aren't know for their ergos except the g48/43X which feel fantastic to me.
  6. Underwhelmed, but there has been a demand for a Glock .22 for a long time. I know their goal was for a full sized training type pistol, but would love to have seen a Glock 48 sized .22. Reddit was pretty amusing leading up to the announcement. SOOOO many hoping for the Glock carbine comments. "So and so FLL talked to a Glock rep who fired the prototype, etc" blah blah. I pointed out that those rumors have persisted for ten plus years and no sign of a carbine.
  7. Hate the feel of the SCCY. Feels cheap and boxy to my hands. My 42 has been perfect for me. The only issue I've had is some teething issues with an ETS mag.
  8. I love my EZ 380. I deal with some arthritis issues and it still allows me to shoot on a bad day. We sold a ton over BF weekend and I get the 'does it come in 9mm' question quite often. There is definitely a niche for these and I imagine it will sell really well. I can't tell you how many housewives I've turned on... to the EZ 380. I would love a double stack 380. I wish someone would make a conversion barrel/mag for the Glock 19.
  9. Pistol is already at FLL's to debut on the 12th. Basically, it's the exact same design as the Shield EZ 380, but in 9 mm. Feels the same, has the one finger easy racking, slide rack assist milled right into the slide etc.
  10. Doomberg's parents need to be held accountable for brainwashing, exposing and sacrificing their aspergery child's childhood.
  11. I make my grandparent's recipe from when they owned a pizzeria/ Italian restaurant.
  12. For game consoles - Disc. Even with a a good fiber connection, it's much easier and faster to buy the disc. For PC games - If you are buying from somewhere like Steam for PC games, sometimes that's better, as if you ever have a catastrophic failure the game is easy to redownload and no worry about losing a serial number.
  13. I’m surprised he’s not reading one of his screenplays.
  14. God deal. $650 at big box stores., $600 other places, $500 is a good price.
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