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  1. Already had mine out putting a flash to pass in. 1/4 twist and it's out. I guess they either caught up or this one is just different than the Outback; the intake and washer reservoir have to be taken loose but it isn't difficult. There is a special place in hell for auto engineers. You know they don't repair the stuff they come up with.
  2. Wouldn't be a total stop, but would slow things immensely. Strategic deployment of caltrops. Cheap, simple, effective. Unfortunately, they are illegal here, but so are many of the tools police use., at least to the commoners. Y'all get all the good stuff.
  3. I hope so. Folks that have them seem to love them. Internet boards aren't quite so kind, but have to be taken with a grain of salt. People come to grip about things, mostly small, but some issues. The problem is how wide spread or self imposed they are. I guess we'll see, and the folks here with them seem rather fond.
  4. You missed out of the first page. Yuk it up. You're just jealous you can't pull it off. May you all be plagued with juicy bugs on your windshields.
  5. I hate most cancer doctors. Ask every one of my mom's, even the two I like. They don't like me either, but I don't like them more. I hem them in the corner with the hard questions and won't accept BS for an answer. I really don't like they think they need to "Test" you half to death, when it should be fairly obvious what is the avenue of treatment. Still gonna be here for you on this side and the other one too. Happy Belated Anniversary! I hope you got your whole face kissed.
  6. Crosstrek. Low end of the SUV's and the "Limited". Not sure how Limited they are, but it seems to be well enough equipped. It is the smallest they make for SUV, but plenty for what I see a use for. Comparable in size to the RAV4, that I shopped for 4 years and never could find one I wanted in the price and financing I wanted, and others SUV's of the class. I'm down to one of three sets of tires. Four models seem to dominate the Subaru forums, but one stands out as a favorite, and one is a favorite of mine, but a different model than I used to run on pickups. A little more street than off road, but should be capable and frozen and foul weather rated. We don't see much snow here, but we see ice somewhat regularly. I try to stay put in the stuff, too many people think they can drive in it and I don't like dodging them. I avoided a lot of things since getting there was a little more than a sedan was made to handle, so hopefully this one will free up some hobby trips. Just a stock photo, but the car and the color.
  7. For anyone interested, I have ~1800 miles on the thing and just driving and never giving mileage much thought. The green engine will take a while to settle in. Filled up today and just for giggles, calculated mileage. 32.25 MPG. Amazingly the lie-o-meter showed 32.5. If it settles in to this, I'll be just fine. Got what I wanted and getting the same as my last car. Now I need to decide if I want to get some more aggressive tires or let the stock ones ride. I'll see how they do in less than paved over the coming months and decide.
  8. I've wanted to do that to truck drivers, the commercial ones who aren't supposed to touch an electronic while moving. I had to avoid several when commuting to work and trying to come home. My commute was 978 miles, so they got a good shot at me on the interstates. The only thing I didn't manage was a pile of junk iron falling off a flatbed work truck. Yea, you guessed it he never even slowed down, and no way he could have missed losing that pile of junk. $6800 later, my car was back to drivable.
  9. Dash lights aren't normally on with the DRL's. If you can't see the speedometer, turn on the lights. Better yet, most newer cars and an "Auto" feature. Leave it on and stop guessing, for the most part. People driving in fog or a downpour with not light and the popularity of grey vehicles makes for a bad combination. "Well they should have seen me" seems to be the phrase of the times. Yes they should have but your inattention to detail makes it worse. Motorcycle riders are a top on the list. That itty bitty tail light isn't called a Tombstone just for the shape. I got to where I would only ride with a very chosen few before being forced to give up the hobby. No one cares how important you think you are. Most think they are just as important and could care less about your ass. Be seen and turn off you friggin bright lights, they are blinding even in the daylight.
  10. No root vegetables, but seeds are in and ready to plant as well. I'm ready for things to finish up in the little green house thingy. I need to get some soil work. We don't usually freeze up like y'all in the north lands so kale may be going till I take it out. We'll see. Took out the bean plants a few days ago, they were done but that blossoming kale takes every inch I manage to free up and then some. I need to go eat that tomato and see how it is. Good times and plenty to keep me occupied for the winter. I'm looking at a second raised bed, still searching peach trees, and LostWife has a request in for something in front to make it look like people live here. Only been here 18 years, not sure why the rush. LOL Cheers.
  11. Got my first tomato today off my indoor plant. Gonna let it finish up for a day or two in the window. The others are anywhere from green to breaking color to a few days from picking. Got my first tomato off the "kale" yesterday. That thing is tomatoes gone wild under that little green house thing. Okra will be ready in a day or two, I think. I have some Cherokee Purple planted, well the dwarf version. They should keep going. About an inch or two tall right now, 2 weeks? in. They will be moved to the big garden when the other tomatoes finish up. These will be a challenge for a while. They have an odd color when ripe. Kind of a dirty light red in the pictures. We'll see. Have kale and lettuce going wild. I over planted, again. LOL still a work in progress and fun to watch.
  12. As always, best wishes brother. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. We'll be waiting for you on the other side when the time comes.
  13. I've heard that and some other very disturbing things out of both of them from a couple of retired agents during their time. Bill can be charming and personable, but not one to turn your back on. Hillary? Not so much.
  14. Harris is so unliked that she pulled out of the presidential race before the first primary ballot was cast. Just another failure by the administration, but they got a female VP.
  15. I hated forced OT. It was rampant in EMS, and may still be. Don't believe everything you hear on the TV. I'm sure there is hate and discontent in places, but bay and large, PD is still an honorable pursuit, appreciated by most. Remember the ones selling the panic are also selling the cure and neither is real for the most part.
  16. Yea, that is usually under a resin or very shallow in the cement. I've been told they would pour a second pour for that stuff, or just use a resin. We don't use boilers in these parts, but have friends that live in Mn. Their floors are warm and so is the house. All heated from he floor until it gets real cold, then they have radiators throughout. The full weight of a slab would do bad things to PEX or PVC. Seems I was told at one time PVC and concrete don't like eachother, but not sure. Chemical reactions are what they are.
  17. How did you fare through Thanksgiving. Family gatherings can bring out the stress. Hope it went well. Probably a good test of how you are doing with it. Cheers.
  18. Everyone around here is running PEX through the attic. I still haven't warmed up to the stuff, but I'm old. Ours is copper in the slab. Slabs are quite the norm in these pars. Frost lines are shallow and it is very easy to get the beams below that. No one with even a little bit of smarts would put any sort of plastic product in a slab. It would collapse.
  19. LOL, I have a full grown trapper. Love the knife, but still not too fond of the Samurai Sword that unfolds from it. It certainly serves a purpose.
  20. The stockman just moved up a size last year; My hands are beginning to revolt and the small is hard to handle a lot of days. The medium is filling the bill so far. Not sure if there is a "medium" canoe, so if the hands revolt further, the canoe is the next size up and a slimmer profile. Don't want a screwdriver handle in my pocket day in and day out. My CMDCM used to shake his head at me carrying the old school pocket folder, but knew it was pure comfort and useful. Heck of a man, he was.
  21. A canoe man. I like it. Of all the knives ever on my person, no matter what I had or had access to, a stockman was always present in my pocket and still is. If I ever find a display and get to handle a few sizes of canoe, I may rethink the stockman. LOL I just think I would like the slimmer profile.
  22. Yep. A half cup of bleach or the like will do wonders. Yes, I'm one of those guys that has been in the attic with an air hose blowing out the line. Don't forget the catch pan in the unit either.
  23. Water heaters should be fine, as long as they have water covering the elements. It only takes seconds to nuke one if they don't. I had ours on vacation, and the guys were thankful even though they didn't have to move it. Never thought of shutting water off at the road when leaving. LostWife shuts off the toilet valves when we go out of town. I think it overkill, but we have had a couple of fill valves fail over the past few months. Got better quality ones this time. They are rated for high water pressure and hard water resistant. Probably be a while before one goes again. The odd one was mom using the restroom, flushing, walking out, and water hitting the floor last Christmas. Nothing she did, but the bolts holding the tank to the bowl corroded out and failed right about that time. We had a couple under the sink and caught it quickly, but it was strange. Not sure why they were there, but spotted them a few months before when looking for something under the sink. I make sure to keep a few in the house now.
  24. Well, the plumber showed up yesterday morning, first thing. Yea, he texted LostWife Sunday evening. Looked things over and started cutting wall. Pin hole in the copper. It happens. Happy we caught it early and it didn't happen a couple days earlier since we were out of town overnight. They left the hole they cut open. Probably would have anyway, but I told them to let it stay open and dry out good. I can cover it, no problem. Got out of it for a lot less than I figured, half or less, so was thrilled with that.
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