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  1. Interesting choices you had in the OP. I've seen this thread, but didn't bother since it was so old. All three of your choices were really more of the same as your 19. I bought LostWife a XD-M 3.8 in .40 a couple of years ago, and the only gripe I have is I didn't get two at the price. I've carried a G23 since 96, and she would try to steal it at every opportunity. If you insist on making a move, that is a good choice, if you find one these days. I've been toying with a Security9 the past few months. I promptly broke the thing when I got it. Ruger was good on service, and even with the COVID mess, got it back in a month, closer to three weeks since it was 5 days until Academy could ship. Got it back with a laundry list of repairs and adjustment that I had mentioned to the rep when I called Ruger. The counter manager at Academy said she wasn't used to seeing repairs, and really couldn't figure how I got them to address some of the things. Not that they shouldn't have, but they didn't normally list it, if they did take a peek. On Run Like A Rented Mule From A Man I Hate Part 2. it held up fine. I wish I had a couple hundred more rounds to run through, but didn't as wasn't going to find any at the time. I ordered 2 17 round mags. If I'm going to pack 9MM, I'm getting all I can in it. Nice for the price, and very fun to shoot. Cheers
  2. Both have their strengths. Windows does the things MAC used to make it's fame over. MAC is compatible with most Office programs these days. Windows is more vulnerable, but when you are putting out 95% of the OS for the world that happens. MAC is becoming a victim of it's success though. When they have had nastiest, they seemed slow to react. Not so good. MAC sells their machines. No ASUS, Acer, Dell, etc. so they can control quality of the build better. You're gonna pay for it though. Money well spent in most cases IMHO. Especially with older versions. When I was on my last project, the I&E guys were all Apple Seeds, and they all were well versed in both platforms. They all said when Apple if working right it's better than just about anything out there, when it breaks, no one can fix it. Windows doesn't fall so hard to that fate. Windows 10 impressed the hell out of them, even with some of the early quirks and the built in annoyances from corporate. I like Ubuntu. It isn't for the casual user. It is always needing some sort of tweak, or upgrade. It is fun to tinker with and does well for a device. It isn't in the same league as MAC or Windows. There are just some things Linux won't do, and some devices they won't play with. You get into servers, and Linux all the way..
  3. Wearing something like that in my neck of the woods during summer is asking for a heat stroke. I like the hat, but not may solid textile lids really cut it. Straw or well vented are the uniform of the day. I have a felt fedora that I just love, but don't get to wear it often, as the temp needs to be pretty low for my liking.
  4. This would go just fine with the beach attire.
  5. I paid nearly $300 for the Redfield glass I still have. I contacted them when I started looking and found that the new offerings were what they were, or the old binoculars were fading. They should have been the last I ever had to buy, and really did make a good run. They aren't unusable, but are very fatiguing now. Conversation verbatim with Redfield rep: After asking for SN, rep: are they fogged? No rep: are they cracked? No rep: Will they focus? almost Rep: Do they have anything rattling? no rep: Sorry but they sound fine. They are old, and probably outlived their serviceable life. It just cost a phone call, so nothing lost and it was plain to see they had no intention of any sort of service, but for the upgrade, I can't gripe. For the service of the Redfield's, it is hard to find fault with that either.
  6. LMAO. Unfortunately for this selection, you can bring your checkbook or throttle your virtue. Hating China is quite the pass time, especially the last few months, but the market is what it is. With the experience I've had with all the German Engineering, I'd use caution. They may be fine and worth a try, but not for 5X the price. At least to me. Happy Shopping
  7. The old wisdom, and maybe the modern wisdom as well, says to get all the glass you can afford. There is a lot of truth in that. Eye relief, clarity, magnification, and weight are almost always better in the higher end, or used to be. Still, cheap and frugal are two different things and should never be confused.
  8. These were originally recommended I was looking at these Ended up with these No doubt the Vortex are top shelf and people are kinda ga ga over them, but the Celestron glass is crystal clear, and eye relief is amazing compared to my 35 year old Redfields that have bee dragged all over the western US and Texas. If the Redfields were ever that good, it has been long enough I don't remember, but at the time, they were "The last ones I'd ever buy". That didn't pan out. LOL Anyway, I don't think I'll ever use something enough or travel enough to spend the $$ when the off brand are amazing. The field of view has taken some getting used to. I was used to a 50 reticle and the 42 is more narrow. They gather light very well. The tech these days seems to have paid off. Happy Shopping
  9. No pics, but biscuits and gravy. I like breakfast sausage in the gravy, but pure comfort food is plain old biscuits and gravy. Anyone who tell you it isn't a meal, stop talking to them. No one needs that negativity in life.
  10. People tell me that often. No matter, it all tastes like that to me. Not interested in the first place. I already have a favorite. It's kinda like "Good" wine. Most of it I find undrinkable. I do like to try new things, though.
  11. Moving through the jungle and brush a large leaf out of the way, finding the basketball of a head behind it attached to 1000 pounds of tiger is rather unnerving. Realizing there isn't enough gun in the bunch makes for a surreal moment. Fortunately he was as spooked as we were. I put a bison down while hunting with a friend in Mn. My hat is certainly off to the natives that processed multiples in a day. It took the better part of 6 hours with two of us cutting to get things down to a manageable size and into a pickup. Walt, those moose are beasts. I wish I would have had the chance to chase one. Elk are a tough hunt where we hunted, but moose was always something I wanted a piece of.
  12. Some reference for the optically challenged. This is a Bald Eagle foot. Now you get an idea of the talon size above.
  13. Oh, they can rust. It isn't likely to, but they need care when exposed to sweat or water.
  14. Either is acceptable. Both spellings show up on bottles. Now, if you really want to stir the pot lets talk about how beans have no place in Chili.
  15. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you won't be offended if we skip you invitation to the crawfish boil.
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