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  1. Completing a quest is quite satisfying. Conquering a nemesis has something primal to it.
  2. Good old Amazon. The only place on line that hasn't specified they will only ship to schools, labs, or industrial addresses.
  3. Not sure if joking. That may be the only real way to get the thing going though. Not sure where to find either compound.
  4. Yea, there is always this one too. If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately it looks like it may be our turn, and we are the last bastion of Liberty in the world, so it is a sad time.
  5. I have a locust stump I've been trying to get rid of for a couple of summers now.
  6. It may be more prevalent for several reasons. The entitled crowd may feel more entitled and willing to do something about it. They have been todl that the capitalists, whites, and business owners are evil for so long it may be taking root. The lock downs have had an impact on peoples mentality, along with the constant barrage of gloom and doom. Lost income, business, homes, lives, self worth and the feeling of hopelessness should not be taken lightly. The Lame Stream Nooz Mafia is certainly playing by the Communist Cook Book. Then, there is always this, and yes it holds water. Of course it may just envelop all the above.
  7. The articles are implying this may not be the case. A guarantee is nice, as long as it is honored and the company is still in business. Still during the life expectancy, it is possible for it to be frugal.
  8. Sounds like a good boot. Someone really has to be a card to be relieved of command.
  9. TB in a thumb drive is rather common these days and prices on tech are falling like a rock. The 3.0 is a bit of a dilemma. First you have to have it, then plug into the right port. It is many times faster than 2.0, but I don't find it as fast as it claims. Watch them, the seem to get pretty hot. FWIW, my step dad gave me several Chines 1Tb thumb drives. All but one has failed pretty quickly. $30? I don't really think so at least for something that I have to depend on. $169? Way over priced for today's tech unless the thing is a true thoroughbred, and even then it is steep. Stick with SanDisck, PNY, or some of the well known names, preferably Japanese vintage if you can find it.
  10. Stupid is, as Stupid does. Anyone who would make a statement like that is going to get what they deserve. LostWife would value them for herself. She can use all of them. I have a couple of nephews who would be a source for her, along with several trusted friends. Da Boy? Nope never really interested. Da DIL? Yes, she is probably going to have a good idea. It is an interest for her. She loves range day when they can get the chance to come down.
  11. Now you know why I don't care for "people" in general. Too much drama. I didn't know you and yours were dealing with Wahoo Flu. Hope you do well with it.
  12. The real difference between the hype and the results of the administrations are what the Nooz Mafia tells you to believe. I know you are still suffering from TDS, but the results were probably going to be the same as they are now. Well there is a good chance the Lame Stream Nooz would be squealing like a pig under a gate over all the reservations people have, but we won't know will we. Recon the attitude would be the same as it is in the media? Doubtful, but we won't know. We do know that legitimate treatments and therapies were vilified because Trump endorsed them, and that paved the way for a vaccine approval. It also cost a lot of people their lives and set a course of treatment that is criminal. Follow the $$. Who benefited, and who didn't?
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