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  1. I see these threads and am reminded that I need a 22 pistol. Trouble is, they are as much or more than many big bore. How does it shoot? The only problem with some revolvers is the cylinder to barrel timing being off a bit. Hopefully that won;t happen for you, and it was checked. No help for most of your questions, other than the "Rod" seems to be decorative.
  2. I've argued this for many years. If you want to have what you like, or even a real right to gripe about what the .gov is doing, then you have to get your behind off the couch and vote. Yes it is only one ballot, but if you take a neighbor, or the block with you, then you have a half dozen, do that enough and you have a movement. Sitting in the living room doesn't make change, and in the environment so popular today, you better get involved or you won't have anything to be involved in.
  3. I have an account and like the service a lot. I opted for the Tutamail for the higher storage capability, the above, and for for the additional folders to put things. Proton allows 3, Tuta , well I don't know how many they allow in the free version but it is at 8 right now. Tutamail allowed me to put phone numbers, addresses, and email in the contacts. Proton allows it in the paid versions only. Both are supposed to be ultra secure, and allow you to send encrypted messages. Make sure you don't lose your password, neither will allow you much for recovery, although the Tutamail will send you a recovery code one time for use if you need it. Don't lose your PW or that recovery code, of course you wanted security. FWIW, I have been very happy with the choice. I was also amazed at how tied we are to an email. I still have things pop up that I want to address on occasion in my old mailbox, and it has been nearly 2 years. Edit: I guess this will be here for future inquiries, I just noticed the post date.
  4. I'm nerdy enough to know what most of the things in the thread are.
  5. https://www.geritol.com/ The surgeons LostWife used to work for have retired, but all 3 recommended Geritol. They all conveyed that many to most multivitamins were very good at containing what they say, but not many were very good at absorption. Geritol also contains a good bump of iron that absorbs well for the anemic among us. Happy Researching
  6. I have a M&P Sport, either first or second gen, not sure. Anyway the one without the FA or dust cover. Short of dumping sand in an open chamber (yes I went there), it has been unstoppable. It also has more through it then most folks ever shoot, and still very acceptable. Also a PSA Franken that was put together and it is a tack driver. It was under $350 IIRC a few years ago, without a rear sight. It has a front AR type post. I can't remember what I paid for the M&P, but it was rather inexpensive for the time period. Both rifles are great shooters, the PSA is more a paper gun where the M&P gets a lot of utility and home defense nod. I also built a Franken put together from a Wolf 6.5 Grendel Upper. The Grendel is what the AR should have been IMHO. Tack driver, with a punch. Thanks to some fun injuries the Grendel is my deer/pig hunting rifle over the past few years. It has never disappointed. Happy Shopping
  7. Ummmmm. Reminds me of the (hopefully) joke about taking the batteries out of the CO2 alarm because the beeping was giving her a headache and making her sick to her stomach. Most smoke alarms have a 8-10 year shelf life as well. Ya might want to check those out. They usually don't give any warning. Funny how those instructions contain much needed info.
  8. You are in quite the small percentage, unless you saw them go down. I only remember losing two that I watched arrest, one told me he felt just fine as I was watching him go into V-Tach then nothing, I was in the middle of a report to the hospital. I didn't get the chance to get back to them on it, but they figured it out and were ready for us. There were plenty that "I was just talking to them" that had rigor mortis. I suppose they were talking to the victims, but the answers were imagined because they should have been there and weren't. PTS Debriefing is a great addition to EMS that came later in my career. Many of us coped with unhealthy mechanisms and it will seep into every relationship, good time, dream, and situation if left to it's own. Way too many divorces, chemical dependencies, and depression/anxiety medicated people out there. The program seems to have lessened this some.
  9. A lot of people think that is corny and ineffective, It isn't. It needs to be done early, so that sh knows it is OK to have the feelings she has and that she isn't alone. A normal reaction to an abnormal situation. It can help to get that stuff out of you.
  10. 38 years of EMS, so I have a little insight. Tell her that an old grizzled paramedic thanks her for doing her best. Sudden cardiac death is minimized by the AED sales campaigns. It happens and I know a firefighter that was fortunate enough to drop dead in the station while being insulted by another crew. He is fine today, but is the exception. CPR is the final act of defiance. It is great when it ends well, but it usually ends like it starts, with a cardiac standstill. All you can do is all you can do. Redd Duke had a habit of making the complicated very simple. One of his saying went something like, "We don't save lives. We entertain the patients until God decides what to do with them". Not an exact quote, I don't think, but it simplifies the questions of rescue work. Best wishes and peace to all.
  11. Smoke sausage and cheese ball with cracklins. Not one of my finest meals, but nothing really sounded good.
  12. Well, it is and electrical problem, so a hammer may not bee effective in the manner one would want.
  13. I've never lost an installed APP to a hard reset. If there is data that hasn't been saved, then it's gone. If you emailed it to yourself it is in the mailbox. If you downloaded it, it is still in the mail box, even if deleted it will show up in Trash, that is not a function of the phone, it is a separate entity. If things are going wrong, don't continue to do things with them. You are just setting yourself up for problems. Reboot, go to Device Maintenance in Settings and run that, cleaning what it suggests. If you are still getting loopy service, then the phone may be taking a dump. It happens and they are over used by many to start with. Android can handle the load, but the machine may not be able to as well as a tablet or the like.
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