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  1. The thread title is one of my biggest concerns. I don't care for NH care and find a lot of underwhelming care and caring. Even the "better" ones are not consistent. Without family to advocate and keep the spirits up, those folks are suffering abandonment, lack of fulfillment and even the ones who aren't confused, are going to go down hill.
  2. It must be the season for this. Glad you are getting it done before problems. Two sites were hacked and hit so hard, the operators just dumped it and started over. It was a mess on one, but the other was in the process of moving and ready to go live, it was just a few cleanups early. Will the new site be secure? They had problems because they weren't. Looking forward to the new site.
  3. Turkey in brine, pumpkin pie made, 2 cobblers made, will put dressing together tomorrow, make deviled eggs, and the green bean casserole. Will cook the turkey and carve it out. Will warm in the oven while dressing and casserole are cooking. Mashed potatoes, because my Lost-In-Laws are Yankees, and gravy. Crescent rolls and cranberry sauce, make for good eats on Thursday. Football and good company. Only seven of us, but that is all we have unless the boy shows up then 10, so the Karens can keep their opinions. Does Texas even have the limit? Hope everyone has as much fun as we are planning.
  4. Worst toy of 2020, but not surprising. Hasbro tried woke, they pulled it pretty fast, probably because so many retailers yanked them from shelves when the "Features" were pointed out. Troll Doll. There is some hope for our moral compass.
  5. The reason we have such safe cars on the road. Racing has done a lot for it. These cars were built to come apart, dispersing energy, while making the driver compartment more rigid and the retention system more thorough. I'm amazed the engine seems to still be in the body, but that could just be roll bar and intake and the engine may have gone with the rear axle. Hard for me to see. On the fourth look, it would seem the engine went with the axle. People gripe that modern road cars "fall apart", But I got to watch a lot of the more modern progression, and yes they fall apart, but keep the passenger compartment in much better condition than days passed. I have seen many cars scattered for half a mile with a person standing on the side of the road talking on a cell phone. They were driving. In contrast, I ran a young lady, mid 20's,that hit a tree in a 55 Ford, IIRC, and the only damage to the PU was an inch intrusion to the front bumper. The girl was a hot mess. She bounced like a pinball. We got her to the hospital alive, and I believe she recovered, but both legs, pelvis, and one arm were broken that we could see, and multiple soft tissue injuries. Extreme ends of the curve, but it happens.
  6. The reason we have to use those Gawd Awful new age abomination of a gas can. Let stupid fix itself.
  7. The replacement was heavy and kind of fragile. I saw many of them break, they were advertised as rifle proof (never said which ones though), but no one believed it. Couldn't shave, bathe, or boil water in them either. I won't get started on the first gen MRE's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,botulism in a bag, and mostly cold. Good times, LOL They may have really been better and I'm sure the later generations are, but sometimes "better" really isn't better.
  8. German 9MM or USGI .45 ACP? I got in on the end of the steel pot era. It was useful, but not bullet proof. I'm impressed a pistol caliber was turned back from a direct hit. I was saved from a Bouncing Betty type ordinance by one. 2 balls hit the helmet, otherwise it missed, but that would have been plenty.
  9. Sports Afield February, 1956. Not always so cheap.
  10. That could be said of anything. Zebco perfected inexpensive a long time ago, and some of their offerings weren't all that inexpensive back when. They use poly shims that folks whine about, but in reality, very few ever have worn one out and they will outlast most folks interest anyway. VERY inexpensive to replace and should be broken down and cleaned every year, at least, but who does that? The Shakespeare I showed uses brass bushings for the handle shaft. Nice and long lasting, but still needs some care. On average, for under $6, you can put bearings in and end up with something that resembles special. It is nice that we can return to the beginning and get a nice feel after using "good" gear for decades.
  11. Shakespeare makes good reels, I have and older one. I found it in the corner of the shed covered with dust, mud, and what I hope was dried catfish bait. It wouldn't turn, but was worth a try, I had a 4.5 ft Ugly stick I was planning to put in the travel bag. It worked out. Same basic function as a 33 but needs a couple of screwdrivers instead of the one to take down. Smooth as a baby's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ear. Finished product. I've pulled in several catfish up to 20 pounds with a modern 33. Other than the ABS foot, they seem to be at least as good as the older ones. My 808 is a beast.
  12. I never likes spinning tackle, which is kinda strange since that is what the old time closed face Zebco's are. The balance is nice on the traditional spinning set up though. Maybe it is the long handle, dunno.
  13. ^Agreed^ I had one experience with a "Lifetime Warranty" a few years back. The kydex on my holster broke after many years of use, and I was trying to get in touch with the company to find out if I could just buy another shell. The company was new when I bought the holster, and the delivery was very slow, but they warned you of it right up front. Anyhow, expecting the former turn around time, I hit them up on the weekend email. Monday morning, I got a response, that they had a lifetime warranty and meant it. Just send it to them, make sure I had a good return address in the package, and they would replace/repair it. OK, I didn't want to be without for a month or so, but what the heck. Sent them my info and the shipping tracker from USPS. That was on a Tuesday. The next Tuesday, I had a box in the mail, and two holsters. They said they weren't comfortable with the repair, so they sent me a new holster. The repair didn't hold up for long, but I didn't expect it to, and neither did they. Hard to argue their turn around or their CS. There are good companies out there. When I originally purchased they were a one man show, literally. There is a staff now, I don't know how many,but they have grown enough to allow for several employees and some inventory on hand.
  14. Title says it all. Any button pushers out there? I try to find and refurbish the reels when I can, but people are starting to figure out some are collectible, and worth a little bit. Still find them once in a while. Outside all that, I fish with them. All are tuned and much nicer than the out of the box reels, but the few that are still in factory mode are very nice offerings when cleaned and maintained, Chinese or not. My hands don't want to work right and allow for baitcast tackle, so now I'm full circle and back to the beginnings. Explained that to my nephew and he laughed at me, but broke out the old 33 from the storage and started using it around the house. BTW, he and his partner won the college bass fishing title this year, he paid for college guiding, and starts his pro adventure in the spring. Yes he and his brother started out with a 202, and I had a lot to do with it since their dad wasn't around a lot in those days. Army, not deadbeat. Any other fans?
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