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  1. Nope, not gonna. This is a Werewolf thread and the moon has been full.
  2. Yes, and yes Saw a snip from a WH Nooz Conference and Peppermint Patty said the boarder crisis was from the failures of the past administration. That girl couldn't find a clue glued to her nose. Even the Lame Stream Media isn't buying what they are shoveling these days.
  3. I love to hate Brady. He's a freak of nature, and a lot of other things. Mostly good ones. He has always been a fan and locker room favorite and works very hard for that. Great player, decent person, I guess, and probably a role model to many. I can think of plenty that would be much worse to model ones self after.
  4. For the werewolves, one must remember that people have a sence of humor. For Fauci, he should be living out his miserable existence making little rocks out of big ones. This isn't his first rodeo at botching a crisis. Biden has blood on his hands, Fauci taught him the trick.
  5. Worse than that. If you are wired in any shape or form, you are being tracked. If you use a debit or credit card? Yep tracked. Mail? Tracked Even the cars track you any more. Some tell you, most don't. Not sure if my Garmin tracks me, but it wouldn't surprise me. There is no privacy in any way these days, unless you are willing to go to extreme measures, and even then cameras and facial recognition will pop you every time you enter a store and in a lot of other places. It is 1984 on steroids any more.
  6. I just had to upgrade thanks to my old unit failing to charge, and physically falling apart. I've had this one in my possession for about 6 weeks total, HP has had it for three months. Not happy with what I got back from them, and made sure they know it. It is much better than what I sent though, so will have to be acceptable until I decide to drop coin on another. Next one will not be a HP. It is working now, so messing with the OS is out of the question for me.
  7. Did any of you read the article? Very Drama Queenish, but the Chinese are pretty adamant on education. The comments to the article were pretty brutal. LOL
  8. Didn't like the book. Hated the original. Some of you really analyzed it closely, but you may have found a way to like it. I may see this one, but if only half baked probably not. I hate movies without an ending. I certainly won't pay to see it in any sort of theater.
  9. Welcome to Fallowthanksmas. Been that way for quite some time. It seems we just forget Thanksgiving. Easter used to be the third BIG family day. Then again, Sunday Dinner (Lunch to the savages) was a mini family reunion every week and not to be missed without prior permission, and the required request was to be turned in to grandma in triplicate, well in advance.
  10. I keep getting update requests for W11. I don't want to be the guinea pig. W10 is solid, and despite the occasional operator error, it seems to be plenty good. W10 was supposed to be the end of the OS remakes. I never really believed that, but many of the versions have been anywhere between great and OMG. We are in the OMG area. 7 was solid, 8 was a hot mess, 8.1 was surprisingly stable and agile, but resembles a cell phone and so do the newer ones, and 10 has been solid, so time for MS to crate a giant 💩. Not excited about it, but looking for any users. Probably too soon.
  11. Amazing how fragile and ignorant the minds of today's folks, not just kids, are. I really hope these are just the vocal very much minority, but fear they aren't. Was ranting at my health insurance agency the other day. Sweet kid answered and was extremely helpful and pleasant. Not what I was expecting, but told her in no uncertain terms that I didn't want all these test packets mailed to me. I have a doctor that takes care of my needs and they should save the money because they would be promptly thrown in the trash. Somewhere during all that I kinda went off and she starts giggling near uncontrollably. I asked what that was about and she told me. I didn't realize I said what I said, and it was a thought that found it's way out. Fortunately she was thicker skinned and thought it funny. We both had a laugh and I thanked her for taking care of my concerns, or at least trying to. There are some good folks still out there.
  12. Certainly a top pick. 2001 A Space Odyssey should go in that category as well. The second one The Year We Made Contact, IMHO was a train wreck.
  13. Yea,,,,,,,,,that thing that people have to stop them from being too "Honest". I don't have one of those and never have. Kept me in trouble a lot over the years. Like you, I'm retired now and it is even worse.
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