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  1. Or perhaps sterilization at birth? Either way, we need to stop promoting bad DNA. Look at the left.
  2. I'm not sure why our govt. even allows communists in our country, especially Chinese communists! Do they NOT know the Chinese will stop at nothing to take over the world?
  3. That was kind of heart warming. When times were simpler. When entertainment was clean and pure. I hate the world (humanity) for what it has become.
  4. Wrango


    OMG! My Wife and I laughed so hard at this!! Our dogs don't even need to talk, it's written all over their faces!
  5. Wrango


    Maisy likes to roll on my cigar butts. This one was a bit hot yet. 20200604_172600.mp4
  6. Look, we gotta get a Go Fund Me going for these fools. What they need is some serious training. They gotta pump those numbers up!!
  7. Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like record shootings in Chicongo!
  8. Ain't it great to have all that partying out of your old bones? I find myself sitting outside in a lawn chair watching the Sun come up while drinking my second or third cup of coffee sometimes. It's so quiet with all the heavy hitters passed out.
  9. Life is a one way ride. No one gets out alive. That being said, Godspeed to him.
  10. Be warned, you may get a delivery notice for something you've ordered a month ago. Lol!
  11. If you're white and a patriot, you're automatically a white supremacist. The left hates white people and especially white people in power.
  12. And they want police defunded so they can do this to people they don't agree with, with impunity. The video was choppy, did the perp. take the room temp. challenge?
  13. I got socks in my drawer that are older.
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