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  1. My GLOCK 19 goes where I go. Period. When in the shower, it goes on the edge of the tub, furthest away from the bathroom door between the curtains so it doesn't get wet.
  2. Yeppers! Me, I'm more of a biscuits with jalapeno jelly kind of guy.
  3. Are you serious? How in the hell can a govt., our govt. no less, EVER get this many people/hospitals/news agencies to be in on it? Never happen. The way people hate each other for even thinking differently? Never happen. And I believe it's easier to fake a "film your hospital video" anyway.
  4. Pack him a care package and send him packing, it's your house.
  5. Trust me, I already knew this, I live in ag. country and I'll bet if I go outside right now, I can smell 'em. It's about the $$$. They're going to have to hunker down and wait this thing out like the rest of us.
  6. Everybody is suffering right now. Many of us are out of work. Many businesses will fail. I seem to remember dairy farmers dumping milk in front of cameras some years ago. I think it had to do with money. I know, crazy right? Here's just one of many I found in less than 15 seconds of searching. https://www.spokesman.com/stories/1997/jan/23/spilled-milk-dairy-farmers-dump-product-to/
  7. We have 5 cases in our little town of Ephrata and 32 in Quincy some 17 mi. away. I think it's time to quarantine certain towns at this point. The number is growing quickly in Quincy and is no doubt a contributing factor in the rising cases in our county. This thing will never end until something sane is done about it. People are stupid.
  8. To me, the Holy Grail of rifles would be a very nice WWII M1 Garand. Numbers matching and not refurbished, just a really nice specimen in perfect working order.
  9. I've been laid off for two weeks. In the "special" paperwork I received going out the door from work I noticed that the unemployment dept. wants to put the money I get from them on a special debit card to use. Why now? All of a sudden? Oh hell no! It will go directly into my bank account! I don't like the undertones to that new idea from them!
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