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  1. I met some beautiful women from Poland in Chicago. Like a lot of Euros, their personal hygiene schedule is less frequent than I desire
  2. I want one of these too but I really want a Henry. Got a Sig P250, a HK VP9 and a Thompson Center Compass with Vortex 4x12 scope in 6.5 Creedmoor to trade toward it.
  3. Sorry Rob, I wasn't trying to hijack your thread. Beautiful area for MTB. I used to ride and race in the 80s and early 90s. Life got too busy with work and family to keep training plus we don't have any mountains here. But there were a lot of good wooded trails and some hills. I still have my Bridgestone MB-1 with Manitou shox. Raced this 9 years in a row. Mud so thick you had to pedal to get downhill. https://trailgenius.com/event/chequamegon-fat-tire-festival
  4. "It's not just for breakfast anymore" (famous quote from Anita Bryant back in the day).
  5. Nobody can say she doesn't give a ****
  6. I love green bean casserole. These other options sound good too but for TGiving, I stay in my rut.
  7. I use Pepperidge Farms but add stuff to it such as little bits of Granny Smith apple, diced cranberries, Nueske's bacon, onion, celery and fresh ground pepper. But you guys have me thinking I'll try the homemade. Thanks for sparking this Vart and others who've chimed in.
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