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  1. Conflicting information on my state. ND. Says at bottom of link open carry is illegal as of 8/1/19. Says references were removed stating it was/is legal even with permit. Those said references are still there. Thus the confliction.
  2. I hope you nipped that line of thinking in the bud. My sister thinks like that Into adulthood, along with my wife thinks like that too. She calls me an a-hole for straightening out her twisted logic.
  3. Wow... Play stupid games... (Side note, good to see you again TBO)
  4. While not Sig, there was a huge recall. Just posting to show it does happen. Flamesuit on. Deflectors at maximum.
  5. California needs to fall off into the ocean. How are your migraines doing janice6? Hopefully they're staying away.
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