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  1. OK my black 43x which is the same finishing process as the silver. Has been holstered and draw 75 plus times in kydex. It has been holstered up against my sweaty waist out doing construction for two weeks now. Finish still looks new. I put an EDC thru in a week what most guys will in a year.
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  3. Toomanyguns

    My first Cerakote job.

    Done on a $200 Bersa in case I screwed it up. I didn't. Baked on finish.
  4. I just got the 43x in black.............fingers crossed.
  5. I believe weight starts the ease of shooting conversation. Then there is , bore axis. Is the barrel and slide ported ? What is bullet weight ? Ammos muzzle velocity ? Grip design ? Weapon may be super light but weighted more forward to ease muzzle rise. How well does weapon fit a particular shooters hand. I'll tell you my Glock 32 in .357 sig kicks a hell of alot more than my Kahr chambered. 45 auto. Fully loaded the Glock 32 is a solid 8oz heavier and two inches longer. The Remington V3 tac 12 gauge tiny super lightweight semi auto is a one hand shooter because of the gas system design. It's crazy how far and how fast gun engineering has come in the last three years.
  6. Just a conversation starter. What handgun did you anticipate, research, rent and then go out and buy all excited. Only to be just a little disappointed by, in the end ? Mine was The S&W Prefomance center Shield 2.0 in 9mm. About three months ago. This thread isn't about bashing the gun that disappointed you. Just ones that didn't live up to the expectations in your head. Also what did you replace that highly anticipated gun with ? Mine was replaced with a Glock 43x (all black) and that has lived up to my high expectations.
  7. When Minie` invented the cylindrical bullet the military laughed at him and continued the use ball ammo for eleven more years. I'm pretty sure Glock knows what they are doing. Give it time boys.
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