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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/17/science/brain-dead-pigs.html They are working on the zombie reboot it seems
  2. Don't worry someone will be offended by this and call it racist and the company will have to pull it from the shelves.
  3. Well duh he is a Muslim and just looking out for his bros
  4. Almost back to the middle ages for them then, all they need is a couple guys with the dead plague bodies cart.
  5. First of all defunding PP in no way is revoking the so called settled law. There is no legal requirement in Roe V Wade that says the government must fund PP just that abortions are allowed. You see they can still do the abortions they want to do with or without taxpayer money funding it so it isn't an attack on their precious law. Why in the hell should I, you, or anyone have to through money they pay into the government fund abortions of people they don't know or have sex with. If PP wants to have dead baby marathons on NPR/PBS or run gofundme pages to get the money fine at least then it is only the people who want to fund it that are.
  6. They are the places with the sign that says only whites allowed duh.
  7. illinois, california, new york. Dicks, Target, Starbucks.
  8. Except it won't be cheaper. I popped over to adyne and looked at what they charge. Lol 0.12 transaction fee plus a variable percent. Where pp is 0.3 plus 2.9 percent.
  9. Global warming / climate change of course
  10. I don't know about calories but that sure is a lot of protein.
  11. Mucking around with Linux VMs on esxi o the joys. O and having some pumpkin lagers to make it easier.
  12. Welcome. Azron on the other place. As of this morning I have 1 GT mod on ignore so I'll never know if he is upset or not don't really care either.
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