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  1. Love how the rag she's wearing on her head looks like it was made from the cat.
  2. I wanna try moose meat sometime. If moose burgers are as good as elk burgers, then I'll know I'll be hooked!
  3. I always felt this guy was unfunny and the weakest link in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but I am literally in tears laughing at this now!
  4. I miss when Vettes looked like duck heads.
  5. Lunchables were amazing stoner food to eat when you would ditch school! The ham and cheese ones with the crackers and Capri Suns. I miss those times!
  6. I been telling myself for years that I need to listen to more reggae music!
  7. But Photoshop enhances the experience!
  8. Looks kinda like Janice!
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