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    Father and son bringing back lawn darts!
  2. It's funny how much I used to make fun of electric lawn care tools until I used a cordless lawnmower that was like 54v (I think) and I had enough egg on my face to open up a diner! Battery technology sure has come a long way!
  3. I'm very weary about pedo or molester claims when it comes to school teachers due to the fact there's so many lying kids and teens out there who simply don't like their teachers or principals and will make up false claims to ruin their lives. Gotta remember that even if the teacher is proven innocent without a shadow of a doubt, the claim still holds up and their lives are ruined. Now if the teacher actually did it, that leads to another can of worms because in my eyes molesting a child is WAY different than sex with a minor. It's pretty weird how when a hot female teacher is caught having consensual sex with a 14 year old male student, everyone thinks that's awesome and congratulates the student, but if the genders are reversed, then everyone wants the male teacher crucified. And let's not forget about students who lie and say they're 18 when they're really 16 or 17. Personally, I feel the laws pertaining to having sex shouldn't be about age, but rather maturity. We all sexually mature at different ages. I went through puberty when I was 11. Engaged in foreplay at 12. Oral at 13. And finally intercourse at 14 and had my first kid at 16. I don't need the government telling me how mature MY OWN body is. And the real ****ty part about it was my wife is about 9 months younger than me so obviously I turned 18 before she did and age of consent law in my state is 18 for both of us, so for 9 long months I was not legally allowed to make love to my wife. Longest 9 months of my life!!! Government didn't give a crap about us going at it like rabbits when we were both minors, but as soon as one of us reach 18, they step in and make us stop. But the government knows what's best for us right?
  4. Any fans of Egyptian mythology will know exactly what this is!
  5. I didn't know soy made such a loud thump!
  6. The Blazing Saddles DVD I have has the pilot episode of that sitcom.
  7. Legend says that goats don't like trolls. Does that also apply to internet trolls?
  8. A horse don't discriminate against gender, race, or age!
  9. LOL @ those mugshots! They all literally look like something I would make in a game that has a create-a-character function and I have been drinking beer all night!
  10. I think Fortnite streamers might be getting paid more than NFL players. Who would have thought playing children's games for a living could make you a millionaire?
  11. Feed pellets and hay are literally all a rabbit needs to eat to stay alive and healthy. I have had to put so many pet rabbits down because idiot parents give their kids bunnies as Easter presents and know nothing about a rabbit's diet and they feed it carrots and fruit and NOTHING ELSE which eventually screws up the stomach to the point it needs to be put down because they don't wanna deal with vet bills. Seriously, every pet shop that sells pet rabbits also sells cheap books that tell how to properly care for a rabbit. If you can afford all the supplies needed for a rabbit including the cost of the rabbit, you can afford the extra 3 or 4 bucks for said book.
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