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  1. I'd go a whole month without getting death threats. 🤪
  2. In all seriousness there's something that needs to be known if you're driving on a public road and you get pulled over for whatever reason and you pull that whole "I don't have to show my ID". That's actually mostly wrong. While you don't have to show ID, you HAVE to show a drivers license to prove you're legally allowed to drive a car. Not only do you have to provide legal proof, but the cops are also required by their own traffic stop protocol to ask to see proof you can drive. Sure they're also checking for outstanding warrants as well, but the bottom line is if you're driving on a public road, you HAVE to show you can legally drive. PERIOD! I'm not excusing cops who abuse their authority for non-cooperative traffic stops. I'm just saying if you're gonna be quoting the laws to the cops, at least get them right so the cops look like the fools and not you. Now if you're just walking down the street and you're stopped, that's the time when you don't have to show proof of anything.
  3. We all know the real reason why this dopey mall ninja pulled this nonsense. He saw someone smoking a real cigarette instead of those gay ass vapers and he lost his mind!
  4. I grew out of my dust and pollen allergy. Shame that asthma can't be grown out of.
  5. Maser

    Random Posting

    Really wish I didn't stumble upon this guy's channel because now I'm addicted!
  6. Just make sure the gummies aren't Haribo because those will not agree with coffee. 😮
  7. I know I sound like a generic parent, but honestly my best Christmas presents are watching my kids on Christmas morning enjoying themselves. I got so many hours of enjoyment watching them outside or at the park with their fighting drones.
  8. This is seriously the first time I ever heard of a bad check being called a hot check.
  9. At first I was gonna put this in the politics section, but then decided not to because (for me at least) this vid is more about laughing at children than politics. I cannot for the life of me make it through the entirety of this vid without cracking up. I challenge you all!
  10. Maser

    OK Boomers

    My juvenile mentality hopes it will be 69 soon.
  11. Maser

    OK Boomers

    It's one of the 55 states.
  12. I became a dad when I was 16 and quit High School when I was 17 so I could work fulltime to support my kid. I'm 30 now and couldn't care less about High School reunions. I wouldn't mind seeing my shop teacher again if he's still alive because him and I used to fish and rabbit hunt together.
  13. LOL! My first thought was wondering if the grips was gonna get upgraded.
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