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  1. 2020 has been such an awful year, we're just having a small Thanksgiving here at the Maser homestead. Family prayer afterwards for 2021 to be better. If I was younger and rebellious again, I would have deliberately had a huge family gathering and have a group photo taken of us all giving the middle finger and send the pic directly to Gavin Newsom.
  2. Sorry, couldn't resist!
  3. I have never and will never buy warranties. Less money spent of warranties, more money that gets to be spent on more fun stuff. 😎
  4. Just reading the title of this thread, I thought it was gonna be about Knob Creek shooters. 🤣
  5. On the subject of candy, nothing will ruin your day quicker than opening up a pack of Starbursts and your favorite color/flavor isn't in the pack! 🤬
  6. I know 12 gauge barrels don't need to be cleaned, but I love how mine looks after I run the drill through it with oiled patches. Looks like a barrel of mirrors!
  7. Maser

    my new toy

    Looks ugly as sin! Which means it's probably fun as hell to shoot! 😎
  8. Maser

    My Childhood

    My God you guys are old!
  9. Maser

    Hey Y'all

    Who are you again?
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