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  1. Have to admit I gagged a bit reading this thread. You know how there's people out there who got major foot/feet fetishes and that's literally all they think about all day and night? Well, I'm the opposite of that. Bare feet absolutely disgust me! I could be single with no kids and paired up with the hottest woman on the planet and it would be over for me if I saw her bare feet.
  2. Don't do that! You may get the alphabet soup community thinking you're slowly painting a gay pride flag!
  3. The obsession with Socialism sure has become an odd one.
  4. It's really a shame what social media has become. They claim to be fair and balanced platforms, but we all can see they're not. We can clearly see what team they're playing for. It's gotten to the point now where you can actually get banned from FaceBook or Twitter for things you say off their platforms. Heck, if I make a joke here about transgenders, I could lose my FaceBook or Twitter accounts. Not that it affects me because I rarely use FaceBook and think I only made like 2 Tweets way back when Twitter was new, but what about business owners who rely on social media for their business? Obviously, we're all gun folk here who support the Second Amendment, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, we NEED to start focusing on the First Amendment because that's coming under way more fire (no pun intended) than the Second.
  5. Personally I hate all types of bumper stickers. To me they do nothing but add more distractions on the road.
  6. Just how many gun forums are owned by that Canadian company now?! Seems like all of them!
  7. For a split second I thought those were all handguns with the barrels removed.
  8. I used to love my replica 1858 Army revolver. All I ever had to buy was the caps. I cast my own .451 balls and milled my own black powder. The only reason I got rid of it was because my powder I made was extremely corrosive and like a moron I left it loaded and totally forgot about it for a very extended period. When I remembered it and took it out of storage, I noticed it was still loaded and I had no plans of shooting that day so I manually pulled the balls and and emptied the powder and I was horrified at what the cylinder walls looked like. I didn't know at the time I could get replacement cylinders for it or else I'd still have it today. Might get a new one someday because I still have the .451 double cavity mold.
  9. My grandma was about 13 or 14 and she was at Woodstock '69. 60s and 70s era hippies get lots of crap, but wow did they put out great music that still holds up today. I don't know too much about Jefferson Airplane other than White Rabbit and Somebody To Love songs. Oh and of course Gracie Slick getting drunk and cussing out her German fans.
  10. As a redneck kid, I'm always told I smell like 2 stroke fuel. Personally, I love the smell of burnt black powder. Smells way better than smokeless powder.
  11. NEVER apologize to an SJW!
  12. I look forward to watching her and Beto debating eachother in the 2024 Democratic primaries. Would be like watching two preschoolers fighting over the last juice box.
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