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  1. "What'd he say?" "The Sheriff is near!"
  2. Maser

    Personal Jesus

    I feel I relate to this personal Jesus the most!
  3. Everything spoken by R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket. 🤣
  4. They probably have rock solid immune systems from all that dirty money they handle all day.
  5. More like affirmative action in action.
  6. As it stands right now with me, I couldn't care less what Trump or the American government or any other country's government has to say about the Wu Flu. The amount of lies thrown around over the past 4 months has been such that I feel like I'm a teacher in a class full of preschoolers and trying to seek the truth from them.
  7. No answers on whether the chicken or egg came first? Fake news!
  8. Getting back to 1970s ugliness, I'm not so sure it was the long hair because look at someone like Jim Morrison. I'm not gay, but if I was to be turned, it would be from someone like him. He was a very attractive man. Granted he did look awful with a beard. Great, now I gotta go listen to Roadhouse Blues! RIP Jim Morrison. One of my favorite Liberals of all time!
  9. Aren't they suppose to carry brandy? Then again brandy is distilled wine if you wanna get technical.
  10. We got a few pounds of frozen cod in the freezer. Been looking through some tasty looking baked recipes.
  11. In my area of CA, the amounts of divorces that have happened since the quarantine have skyrocketed! 😛
  12. Maser

    BS FB Ads

    Gotta love products where even the reviews are outsourced!
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