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  1. Maser

    Weird day

    I did chemistry today. I converted O2 into CO2.
  2. In 1993 when that happened I was probably in the exclusion room in preschool for wetting my pants. 🤣
  3. Maser

    Buddy Hackett

    Pretty much like George Carlin and Eddie Murphy. As funny as dirty comedy is, the real money in the comedic world is family friendly material because EVERYONE can see it with no restrictions.
  4. Pretty funny how people still pay for that type of entertainment that's free. 🤣
  5. A song that plays during one of the more classier scenes in 80s cinema.
  6. Maser

    Buddy Hackett

    Can't even look at the man without laughing and wanting to watch Mad Mad Mad Mad World!
  7. Hey Eric. You wouldn't happen to be related to an author named William Powell would you?
  8. Maser

    New Toyota Ad

    Well, that's one way to get traffic moving.
  9. Yeah, I know it's old but still lame either way!
  10. Guess I can't steal packages off your front porch anymore then.
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