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  1. I'm very offended and triggered by your total disregard for your use of gender pronouns! Now excuse me I'm gonna write a dissertation on the subject while crying into my avocado toast.
  2. I got a new pet peeve I just need to share. Okay, you know how someone will say something wrong to someone else and the other person corrects them and the first person then says "yeah, you're right". Anyways, my new peeve is when people respond back by saying "you aren't wrong". Just ******* admit the other person was right and stop skating around it like a bitch!
  3. Math is a total unneeded skill nowadays since all problems can be solved on a smart phone. And don't gimme that bullshit about being stuck on a desert island because even the natives have smart phones.
  4. Yeah well, in all fairness we can only see her face and not her body. Maybe her body is hot compared to her face. Kinda like how Sarah Jessica Parker had a hot body, but a face like a rat. Hell, even AOC has a nice body in spite of her horse teeth.
  5. Fads come and go all the time. Right now the fad has been to be offended by EVERYTHING for the free attention and to get people they don't like cancelled or fired just to feel empowered and righteous.
  6. Maser

    New pet

    For a second I thought it was the monster from Creepshow 2 (The Raft).
  7. Also forgot about Joan Rivers who did the voice of DOT. So many funny people have either died or been silenced from cancel culture. Very sad!
  8. I personally don't think a sequel would be good without John Candy.
  9. I know this is Eric's favorite.
  10. Am I the only one that feels kinda bad for any zoomer named Brandon or Karen?
  11. God help the poor soul that has to change him in the morning.
  12. Everytime I walk by a display of pumpkins I get an urge to have some 1/2 sticks in my pocket.
  13. I don't speak RINO nor can I speak to the dead.
  14. Just had to remind myself how crappy them revolvers are!
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