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  1. Not meaning to sound like too much of a jackass here, but why not just advise her not to read texts from numbers she don't recognize.
  2. I'm hearing that apparently the yote had rabies.
  3. Maser

    State Hate

    People in coastal Maine towns have a rather obnoxious accent. Luckily nowhere near as annoying sounding as Alaskan women. 🤣
  4. Kinda reminds me of a story I read that happened here in my state like 15 years ago. Some woman got ahold of a raccoon and choked it to death. Don't remember why she did it, but man did my friends and I have a field day with that story!
  5. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Andy_Griffith_Show,_The
  6. Happens a lot more often than one would think. Used to always make me cringe when I'd watch The Wizard Of Oz and in the beginning when Dorothy falls into the pig pen and she just laughs it off afterwards. Very dangerous situation if you know just how dangerous pigs can be when it comes to them.....well.......being pigs with food. On that note, I think I'll watch Evilspeak.
  7. Maser

    State Hate

    I'm kinda surprised that my state hates TX. I would have thought it would be southern states as a whole because I definitely have a very fun friendly rivalry with southerners. I really do dig hanging out in the south every now and then. Just not a fan of chiggers and guys who are WAYYYYY too obsessed with their pick-ups.
  8. Maser

    State Hate

    I hate everyone equally.
  9. I'm not real big on the whole full auto scene. I'm not against it nor do I believe it should be banned, it's just when you shoot full autos at a young age like I did, you grow outta their luster very fast. However there's 2 full autos I will never get tired of hearing. A Thompson M1 which was my very first auto I shot when I was 7 and the AK47.
  10. There's only twice I'll disagree with Gunny on guns. His love for Glocks and this video:
  11. This song has a really cute video. Then again I am kinda twisted in what I find cute.
  12. Yeah, all throughout the boot camp scenes Ermey pretty much went off the script. My grandpa saw that movie in the theater when it was new and he also saw Blazing Saddles when it was new. He said the uproar of laughter during the opening scene was right on par to the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. And you're right. Most people including myself don't watch the movie past the part when Hartman and Pyle die. I think the movie would have been way better if the whole movie was about USMC boot camp.
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