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  1. And the Clinton legacy will be her remembered as an unlikable shrew, and him a horndog.
  2. Didn't know the big blue boner pill could still work at that age.
  3. Pre-cataract surgery, they kinda look related.
  4. Ah, another wonderful day in da Corp! Trivia: the marine that was never mistaken for a man, was the mom in Terminator that gave the knife-hand through the milk jug.
  5. Are you young, or so doped up not to know.or care? Be well and safe, our long earned friend.
  6. 1. Warm squishy surprise in your new Oxfords. #2 Yeah bud, I've got the cure for your open mouth snorring!
  7. As I say, adventures of my past are revisiting.
  8. Once Jose and Paco learn that they can vote 5-7 times, the obama people will demand I'd. I hear that in some areas of Los Angeles, the mex has pushed out the bks. Mexicans are now the largest minority in the US.
  9. Maybe we were younger and easier to scare. I was old enough to stay alone and saw the Birds on TV one sat night. Kinda scarey to a young kid. Now days I wonder what the big deal was. Gimme a tennis racket, and I'm on the hit parade.
  10. Me too, but the cats Independence gives me more freedom.
  11. Best thing cats ever did Was partner up with hoomanz.
  12. Isis, and the new Gary Seven.
  13. Ok. But you gonna have to sleep sometime. And when you do.......
  14. Day four of the quarantine, and fluffybutt had all he could stand!
  15. No matter how much money goes to a gov, it's never enough.
  16. Do a you tube search for Bill Whittles Afterburner vid "Eat the Rich" It's from 2011, and the numbers are old, but the info is spot on. He out lines what it takes to pay for the gov for one year. Taking EVERYTHING from the rich. You will understand why socialism collapses after a few years.
  17. Never had my self, but a guy I know told me about Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. Like a jug or two everyday, throughout the day. Turns urine acid and desolves the stone. YMMV. Never heard about lemonade before.
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