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  1. Can you all tell I'm not a treky , or a wookie wanker.
  2. A beginning is a delicate time to assure the balances are correct. -Irrulan
  3. Insert puke smilies. Several. Making a mistake in one movie does not justify a repeat. I picture Bud Spence from the Trinity Spaghetti westerns. After he's healed from taking 100 lashes with a cat o'nine, in the face.
  4. The best. The beautiful. J'aime Francesca!
  5. Are you taking your MK III Gerber? It hasn't been outta the house in a while!
  6. Get rid of white peeps and you have detoilet. And Haiti. And Zimbabwe. And..............tbc...........
  7. In 15 years he'll end up being sec Def.
  8. These people are in for a hella awakening when they have to leave school and work. The world awaits, and it is NOT friendly nor forgiving.
  9. Said it before I did. I was thinking along the lines of heart failure at his age, in that case would still be the Kung Flu for record.
  10. And the Clinton legacy will be her remembered as an unlikable shrew, and him a horndog.
  11. Didn't know the big blue boner pill could still work at that age.
  12. Pre-cataract surgery, they kinda look related.
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