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  1. Mo money is still mo money. Ever see a gazillionaire hollyweird type take less? Or a ball-chasing-fool?
  2. Many times the company will walk you out right there to prevent you from sabotaging the works and still pay you for that 2 weeks. Be prepared to leave right then and there no matter what.
  3. High waisted flairs, and flaired hip huggers!
  4. The husband I can understand, but I think the daughter watches way too much Road Runner cartoons.
  5. And stop using MY eye shadow!
  6. What's the drug- use test called? Since there is no fear of repercussions, mockery is the only recourse. Farggin animals!
  7. Fake pic - it's too damn clean. My RCBS Jr has primer dust permanently coating the green paint, welded on by time. I'd break out my pic of my RL 450 Dillion, but I don't wanna show off.
  8. Razr was my first cell phone. I liked it and still miss it.
  9. If they're taking the $1000 discount, I 'd round 'em up, and send back to africa.
  10. We might be talking at crossed porposes. Flipper included. Imma gonna turn off their water. Bomb every power generation facility starting at 10Gwatts, and work my way down. Burn all the opium fields. Ariel seed every grazing field with sheep/goat birth control. Flatten every sewage/water treatment plant. I'm ret USAF. Not gonna waste time with ground pounders and dog faces. And mud foots. Forgive me, but sometimes I channel Curtis!
  11. I get ANGRY. My opening attack would be to put a MOAB on mecca. Later on, self opening crates of pigs, sprinkled liberaly throughout the m.e. Today, me on the phone: wadda u mean they can't leave. Maj Scooter, get me the status of EVERY buff we own.
  12. No love for the Mountain Men? Omega Man is timely for today, as is Ultra Violet.
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