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  1. Yes, and many times on pbs, I have to activate cc
  2. Rellik

    Random Posting

    BOY - you want that thumb, keep it outta there! "The DI" - Jack Webb
  3. No joke. The ex-gov of TX is healed, and will tcob his self! Go forth and do like wise.
  4. Whichever mine is. Its in my library, and since Varney is on, I'm too lazy to get up and check.
  5. Top marks for the Thomas Sowell. Now add some Clausiwitz for extra credit.
  6. I have the recordings on the lectures he did at ucla. You may now kiss my ring!
  7. He was nutz! And a funny guy.
  8. I've heard some good things about the gen 4 reactors.
  9. I underdtand that Spain canx its wind turbos a few years ago. There was no payoff. Warren Buffet recently said that the only reason B-H has wind in its portfolio is for the tax benefits. Without them, BH would not touch wind.
  10. Dems are gonna pass a law, and we show up to turn them in. beto boy said so. Then its all jewish history from there on.
  11. No. Looking for a shop to set up making 100% Liberator pistols. This time using surplus 1911 bbls.
  12. Its one of the reasons dems don't like that Bible very much. It holds a LOT of wisdom and warnings on how to life a good life. Took the Bible out of schools, and its been downhill ever since.
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