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  1. Last time I heard the USSS was using Remmy 40XB in 7mmRM. Would like to know what ammo they shoot.
  2. Rellik

    Random Posting

    I call these blm antifa college brats "patties" after the hearst girl.
  3. Ball of Fire on Now YUMMMM
  4. So you noticed that too! Still, clean first, then functional test.
  5. I have this in both sizes, with the dymondwood scales, Western Cutlery stamp.
  6. Griffin M 10. You're a bad boy on occasion. I know what this is. The Bob Kasper too.
  7. My Shotokan instructor taught me how to cook rice. He's Filipino, taught me to wash the rice in the cooker basket, until water is mostly clear, water level at the second finger first knuckle. Still use the Zoruji cooker I bought in the mid-80's. Mechanical timing. Load the cooker. Press go. Don't fool with it. Come back in 25 minutes.
  8. This is why I'm warming to the defund idea. Someone carjacks me, one in the happy sack, and drive away. No cops, no report. No crime. I'm willing to let the skell's record sheet speak for him.
  9. I hope they took him to the hardware aisle for a 3 way tune up.
  10. Every spot is a bucket of evil!
  11. I never joke about my work 007!!
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