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  1. I'm getting to the point where my flip phone isn't really cutting it for the new things I need to do. Is there a place to buy a "pre-loved" phone, like last years model? Like Dave Ramsey says to by a quality used car, and let someone else take the write down.
  2. I have heard that if you use white crayon to draw vert lines, 4-6 inches apart, birds interpret this as a space too narrow for their wings to fit and avoid flying into windows. Inside, we humans either can't see the lines, or ignore them. I saw this on a youtube vid. Must be true.
  3. Rellik

    Old Pictures

    Boi, der' ain't no driver on da top!
  4. One of these three choices: 1. Coming off alert 2. Getting ready to go on alert 3. Being on alert SAC was on alert before, during, and after. That crap wasn't over just because the wall cracked.
  5. Rellik


    Iffin' your girlfriend looks likes dis, pray for herpies!
  6. Rellik


    So is this some new kinda turkey timer. When done, it pukes outta a octopussy. Where's Magda? (Christina Wayborne)
  7. Rellik


    Omg! You killed chluthu! You're gonna BURN!!
  8. USAF retired Weapon Control Systems, Radar maint, F-4 E's, & D models SAC ABN Command Post, Comm Maint Tech, EC-135 A, G, C models Predator UAV Maint tech, before the world could spell UAV.
  9. Rioght! Line up yah bunch'cha mookes. Somes of youze izz gittin' some beatins'
  10. Rellik

    Shepherds Pie

    On a side note: I once came upon a recipe for frosted meatloaf. After you cook the meatloaf, use mashed potatoes as the frosting. Back in the oven to dry and crispy the spuds.
  11. Its getting better, but this thread is still lacking enought pics.
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    Random Posting

    Thanks guys - now I know its a spinney roundy round thing!
  13. Rellik

    Random Posting

    Definition of terms: What is the diff between a belt-fed machine gun, and a chain gun? I'm AF, I didn't get to play with cool, noisey toys. Cool for me was a time domain reflectometer. And when you tracked down one of those to use, things were about to get fugly on a plane.
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