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  1. I don't think so. I was a novice in the late nineteen nineties; living in Atlanta with easy access to Smyrna and friendly folks. I always purchased factory made replacement parts from Glock for my Glock because anything else is just good luck. I got my basic armorer course on the original Glock Talk because most folks then traded in facts. After moving to Texas in early 2007, I used the Armorer's Parts list, paid parts for cost and a $5-$10 mailing fees. I didn't attend a actual Glock Course until 2011 where I was awarded a Certificate, not a Certification, and continue to get my parts at cost until the Certificate expired. Then I was blackballed for life or a re-certification fee (course cost) which i choose not to thank you. that is when some foul soul inserted his/her capitalistic ways in to Perfection while nobody was looking. The younger generation thinks that is ok; of course almost all of them don't know xyzt. I have retired from the cause and beg strangers for help when i need something off the amorers list; but just wait until i ask them for all the internal replacment springs for a Gen 3 G33. Adios.
  2. Pistolay do you pay the costs or attend by some other method...?
  3. I wonder if folks know that buying internal factory Glock pistol parts from Glock USA is now pretty much prohibited, unless you have an *active (i.e., not expired) Glock Certificate for the 'successful completion' of one of Glocks armorer courses? The re-activation of one's Certificate (for the successful completion of one of Glocks armorer course) is as simple as paying Glock USA $300-$400 for the course, plus time and travel expenses, and repeating the same class you took last time. No *active Certificate = no parts.
  4. "...the primal fear of others, and feelings of inadequacy by some." you answered a question i have been asking my self for quite awhile; What makes some folks so misdirected? If a person allows fear and/or feelings of inadequacy to rule his/her life, the choices become clear.
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    i enjoyed the winter time photos of outdoor locations unknown to me. i see you still have iron sights intake on your G19/5; that's a good thing i.m.o. Have fun with your Glock; probably one of the simplest designs of any handgun, making maintenance a breeze and reliability a fact.
  6. The opening salvos of the actual war on the Rights of Americans by its elected representatives and Public media outlets! PBS "The News Hour" aired Friday, March 15, 2019. Hear item 'A': "Why Alleged New Zealand mosque killer represents a broader 'social movement' (12-mins) Listen to comments by guests and commentator that seem to completely dis-regard another but similar well know 'world-wide movement' ! Read or Listen to item 'B': "Shields and Brooks on New Zealand massacre, 2020 Democrats' Ideology" (12-mins) Comments (with Transcript) by Brooks, Shields, with Judy Woodruff https://to.pbs.org/2JgYFVx NRA-ILA March 13, 2019 Read: Yesterday’s Scandal, Today’s Mandate: http://bit.ly/2JhDDWO
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