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  1. I made a mistake with one entry (misnamed a repeater) and would like to add three more frequencies. Do I need to wipe / reset the radio and reload the corrected spreadsheet or can I go in and make changes to an already programmed radio? Thanks in advance. HH
  2. How are you with Yaesu programming using ADMH-2H software? Got a question, if I may...
  3. Just started myself. I've been kicking around the 70cm/2m spaces locally and am currently studying for the general. HH
  4. We have an almost identical unit and it's great for ice for drinks...it would be very hard pressed to fill a cooler. The other issue is that the ice once made, is not chilled so it's always melting back into the reservoir which gets funky after a few days.
  5. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Cannon Beach, Oregon taken last Tuesday... HH
  6. I'm still not entirely certain why aircraft carriers are still considered to be be relevant military equipment. HH
  7. I believe this is where the show, "Doc Martin" was shot.
  8. Even though YNP is a national park, Wyoming gun laws apply. Non-residents can open carry without any type of permit but cannot conceal without a reciprocal permit. << lives just outsde the northeast side of the park...
  9. Les Baers come in a cardboard box. Your point is moot. HH
  10. My phone has one. If I need to see farther than it projects, I have bigger problems than not having a flashlight. HH
  11. We go to Paris every few years. Act like a guest and not a customer, and you will absolutely love the place. HH
  12. Attaining sobriety for anything other than dire health reasons is pointless. HH
  13. I have a full set of front and rear pads and rotors for my Dodge 2500 CTD sitting on my workbench for the second winter now. It still stops and the front right has yet to make any noise. HH
  14. I'm very sorry to report that I've joined here today. Apologies in advance... HH
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