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  1. Saw a young boy walking on the side of the road. I thought he looked a little young to be out by himself on a busy road, he was about first grade. I'd decided to stop and make sure he was ok, he was walking in a way that indicated he was in some sort of trouble and a bit of a hurry. I noticed that another car seemed to be watching him as well so I pulled up and asked the man inside if he knew the boy. He said he did, it was his son, and the son had been kicked off the school bus for bad behavior. Dad told me he was making the son walk all the way home so he would learn to behave on the bus. I'm guessing it was no more than a mile or two to his home, no distance at all to a healthy lad. I told the dad good job and went on my way. Really impressed that there are still parents out there that will make their kids behave. That dad was doing that boy a huge favor, he might even turn out all right someday.
  2. Only difference between him and many other elected officials is that he got outed by crazy women. It is a recurring story, being played out right now, in cities and capitols all across this country. Higher up the food chain and the more they are surrounded by people who help keep it all quiet because they have to protect the hold on power. I know of one case where the young woman tried to tell her story and they had her committed to a mental institution.
  3. Heard that scream a few times and it will scare you a little the first time. It scares you every time after that as well, can't imagine anyone could get used to it.
  4. So small you gave up and started wearing skirts?
  5. The alleged kidnapper dream team is all far leftist Trump haters, but the media and Gov. Witless are blaming Trump.
  6. There are several conservative talk show hosts that should be paying out the wazoo for how they treated those officers.
  7. From what I've read so far I don't think she was in any danger of being kidnapped, that clown posse would have a hard time getting a balloon full of helium to take off. But, she'll milk it for all she can, act like she has to get her way now, because trump, and bad people, and terrible courts, all standing in her divine way.
  8. Masks are a religious symbol. The same "medical professionals" that say to wear them today authored studies as recently as this year showing they don't work to stop the spread of viruses, even in a clinical setting. Last study found they offer no protection, then suggested that medical professionals keep wearing masks "for patient comfort and psychological benefit to practitioners." So, they make you feel good.
  9. Bond is a dead franchise. I don't think I've seen any since Casino Royale. I only watched that for Eva Green. Didn't like what-his-face as bond at all, so haven't watched any more.
  10. Local realtor here was giving an AR with home purchase to qualified buyers. That was when AR's were cheap. Now you can't find them.
  11. The guy beats the kung flu in a weekend and then hits the campaign trail! Funny thing is the media making a big deal out of him not wearing a mask. But they don't mention all the people at the same events that got kung flu and were wearing a mask, including reporters. Masks are a joke.
  12. First they were dancing on his grave, now they insist that since he didn't die he didn't actually have it. I still don't know anyone who died of the Chinese flu, don't even know anyone who has gotten it. At work there was a guy who took two weeks off because he claimed to have been exposed, but he spent the whole two weeks fishing, so not sure if it wasn't just paid vacation.
  13. The IRS is a political tool of the deep state and should be abolished. It has been used as a weapon against Americans in clear violation of constitutional protections.
  14. Even today people are falling for German propaganda Tiger tanks were not very good.
  15. Peter had zeal, but lacked wisdom, Christ told him that in that case he had to stop or he would die by the sword. That is because it wasn't God's will to fight Christ being arrested. Christ made that clear when he said that legions of angels were at his call. He had a plan to win a war and everything had to go according to that plan. Jesus doesn't have a problem with instigating violence. That is hollyweird BS about letting the other guy draw or shoot first, silly crap that kills fools.
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