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  1. Trump started the process of bringing California in line with the rest of the country in regards to emissions. This would have solved the shipping crisis before it really got started. As usual he was challanged in court and then it was all stopped after the coup.
  2. We ask "What could possibly go wrong with this?" and assume that other rational people wouldn't want it to "go wrong". What we need to ask is "Who's the MFer that did this and why do they want it to go wrong?" Once we find that culprit we punish them. Then we ship the sorry goat humpers back where they came from.
  3. It made him the most upright man he'd ever been.
  4. This is a big project in California. https://www.power-technology.com/projects/the-geysers-geothermal-california/ https://geysers.com/geothermal
  5. The town of Klamath Falls, Oregon heats the city sidewalks with geothermal energy. Here's a list of geothermal power plants. http://globalenergyobservatory.org/list.php?db=PowerPlants&type=Geothermal
  6. I was kicked out of places for not wearing a mask. I'd complain to the manager or owner and leave it along. It would seem that if they don't let people buy food those same people might deny a lot of others the right to eat.
  7. I've seen it before, it'll happen again... Someone makes a decent product that gains a little popularity and pretty soon they assume we want to hear what they think on any range of topics. If we wanted to read what he writes he would have made a successful writer of blogs.
  8. Oh well, I did kinda want one little revolver in the past, but I guess I'll continue to do without.
  9. I like a big comfortable footprint and I refuse to bow to the false god of environment. I worship the Creator, not His creation. I use earth day as a reminder to test every machine I own, well over a hundred, every one gets fired up and run. I really like the big old diesels that spew a nice cloud! But I don't neglect even the humble weed wacker with the two stroke smoke! I leave on all the lights all night long for earth day, even run the light towers overnight, just for fun! It's a good test anyway, make sure they are ready in case of emergency. Since I been doing this I've been joined by some of my neighbors, we make it an event. So, if anyone finds an authoritative list somewhere I'd like a copy, I could use some suggestions for how to improve my performance.
  10. Well, according to my mother it started when I was seven months old and learned to run. She says I crawled one day, walked the next, then ran everywhere after that. I also crashed, a lot. If it has wheels I've crashed it. I've fallen from pretty high, and crashed. Fallen off beds and crashed, but in my defense that was a sword fight with my brother, so a crash was sort of expected. Doctors would stitch me back together and marvel that I didn't have a concussion. After a while mom skipped the ER and just stitched me back together herself. For work I've done landscaping, high climbing (trees), logging, welding, roofing, law enforcement and executive protection. My hobby was martial arts and defensive tactics. I was never happy unless I was pushing myself, I had to be the best at everything I tried. If I get bored with something I find something else to try that looks like a challenge. Most of the jobs started as helping a friend out and deciding "Hey, I like this!" Growing up I was always frustrated by how skinny and weak I was, so I was always trying to get stronger, work longer and harder, lift more. I wanted to be older, and bigger, and better, and wiser. With age came wisdom, with wisdom came a realization that I didn't need to push so hard. I was big enough and strong enough and I'd have to trust God would use me the way I was. My greatest fear has always been that if something goes wrong I won't be strong enough, or know enough or act fast enough to make it better and save the people I love. Now I have to take care of myself, not overdo, enjoy the health I have and not misuse it. I made a few diet changes, nothing drastic, my wife feeds me really healthy anyway, some excercises and cold therapy, and I can't complain. I don't do a huge amount of physical labor anymore, I own my business and have machines to do the heavy lifting. I train the young guys to not show off and over do, lift carefully, etc. One thing I do have is a lot of stories, someday that'll be all I have and I'm hoping to have grandkids to tell them to. Between now and then I want to get my back well enough to learn to ski, always wanted to do that, we'll see.
  11. I was talking to a gal in walmart little over a year ago, when all the mask crap hit, neither of us were wearing one. She got in line right behind me and then backed up and apologized for getting closer than six feet. I told her not to worry, I'd been exposed to far worse and if the chinese flu got me oh well. She laughed and said that when she was in the air force she worked in the Clinton WH and was pretty sure she'd been exposed to worse too. I commented that had to have been a toxic work environment and she actually shuddered a little and said tersely "Yeah, it was."
  12. I'm not that old, but I have about two lifetimes of miles so far, my body reminds me that working takes it's toll. When I was young I could and did sleep on a concrete floor with a chunk of wood for a pillow. Now I lay wrong on my expensive mattress and I can't stand up straight the next day. My chiropractor tells me that she hasn’t seen many skeletons as messed up as mine.
  13. Might be that every time he gets some isn't a successful impregnation. I thought they used AI in expensive breeding programs, they still covering mares the old fashioned way?
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