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  1. Yessir. I plan on going later this week. I want there to be no chance of having some last minute family emergency interfere on election day. Georgia seems to sliding toward "purple" status. I will do my part to keep it red.
  2. TeaDub

    New K frame

    Very cool indeed. Hopefully, the second will prove to be as nice. I'm a late bloomer to the K-frame. I am now a yuge fan. Smith really hit a home run in the balance and weight with it's mid-size frame. While I'm not a fan of the stupid internal lock, I am glad that they revived it. Likewise, I wish Ruger would bring back their Security/Speed series. As to ammo.... OP, you are no newbie to Smith revolvers. I'd imagine you have other, similar guns to train with full power loads. If it were me, I'd load it up for carry with the best available. Even an older Smith will not self destruct in a cylinder or two of new production, +P ammunition. Most of the ammo makers seem to have downloaded their wares in the last decade or two. Choose a practice load that matches in projectile weight and carry with confidence. Two very nice finds in a week is excellent! Lately, I'm growing weary of all the "latest and greatest" hype. Returning to my revolver roots is a growing thought. We'll see where it lands.
  3. TeaDub

    Any serious contenders to the G27?

    Congrats on your new Smith. A really good price and having owned one before, you know what you're getting. I'm currently at a stage where I stick with what has worked for me. I really like my 27/35 combination. Now that the weather is finally cooling off, I may switch over from my 43/19 for awhile. While there is nothing wrong with the M&P series, I just prefer a common trigger, the utter simplicity of maintenance and interchangeable magazines of the Glock line. If I was ever forced to sell most of my firearms, the 27 would be in the final few holdouts. The 27 is an awesome package.
  4. TeaDub

    Springfield Armory 10mm XD next week??

    Cool. I'm a fan of the XD series guns. Especially in what are the Glock large frame calibers. I have a pair of 45 caliber Mod 2s and really like them. Why Glock's engineers couldn't make them a little less blocky is beyond me. I no longer reload and don't currently have a 10mm. If I were in the market for a polymer 10, the XD would be near the top of my list.
  5. TeaDub

    End of the G17L?

    It seems that Glock does the 17L in batches. The 24 as well with even longer breaks between runs. That can be a year, two or more. Glock rarely seems to completely quit making a model (as long as it's generation is still current). It's a smart move IMO. Let demand outstrip supply and then make another run.
  6. It's not like this contradicts any of her sworn testimony to the Senate....
  7. I waited to read this until I was done. Thanks for the "spoilers" alert. I thought it well done overall. Perfect? No. Very few if any action series are done completely realistically. I'd grade it above average and I'm looking forward to season two. IF I stay with Amazon Prime, but that's a wholly different issue.
  8. TeaDub

    Hold my beer...

    Thelma & Louise got a new ride...
  9. TeaDub

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    She should be on the court? As long as you don't want AR15s, et al. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/375390-condoleezza-rice-calls-for-a-conversation-about-what-the-right
  10. TeaDub

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    So Kavanaugh went through the confirmation process to the 2nd highest court in the land (DC Appellate Court) and not a peep out of her? There was no guarantee or even likelihood he would ever be tapped for SCOTUS. Sorry, I'm not buying it. Perhaps "something" happened between the two? Maybe. If I had to guess, she is giving an incomplete or embellished version of what happened. Likewise, we are talking about both of them being juveniles with alcohol involved. Where are the complaints from the last 35+ years of his interactions with many other women. Rarely does the senate think logically though. This is pure politics now. We'll see.
  11. TeaDub

    Kavanaugh is done for now

    Well, she has gone public. Yes it's the WAPO. That's who she gave the story to. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/california-professor-writer-of-confidential-brett-kavanaugh-letter-speaks-out-about-her-allegation-of-sexual-assault/2018/09/16/46982194-b846-11e8-94eb-3bd52dfe917b_story.html?utm_term=.829f7d47e468 Plenty of supposed "facts" listed. We'll have to see how this plays out in the coming days. I think a delay is possible. Unless the story is totally debunked, this gives an easy out for any Dems that were thinking about a yes vote. Likewise with Murkowski and Collins flipping to "no". I wouldn't completely rule out having Kavanaugh joining the ranks of Bork. Yes, it's probably all Bull Squeeze. Senators don't want the truth. They want votes. We'll see...
  12. TeaDub

    A Rare S&W M19-3 with Fixed Sights

    Interesting. A pre-model 13? Going by wiki, the model 13 began production in '74. I wonder if this order spurred Smith to make a full production gun? I have a 65 and it is one of my favorite revolvers. The heavy 3" barrel gives it very good balance. If that is yours, well done indeed, sir. Beautiful.
  13. Good for Orban. It looks like a unanimous vote is required to trigger the voting penalty. Poland is also facing this, so it seems likely that each will veto the other's punishment. As long as the eastern European countries hold firm, they may be only ones left standing in the years to come.
  14. TeaDub

    We have a new member of our family.

    Beautiful dog. Pick him up and hold him while you can. He'll squish you when he is grown.
  15. TeaDub

    Ruger GP100 .357

    Lookin' good! I may have to try their red-insert front sight. From your picture, it looks bright enough. The one complaint about them that I've read is that the red was a bit too dull to pick up quickly. My painted one works OK. Having a permanent solution for under $20 isn't bad.