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  1. Yep. I do remember him letting me feel the "braking" thing. Something to get acclimated to, but not a big deal. My driving habits would probably do well with an EV. It's my checkbook that the Missus has other plans for.
  2. Very cool Scott. I was able to ride in my brother's model 3 a month or so ago. The acceleration was impressive. The whole package was pretty cool. I'll probably just stick with my Corolla for now. I can still throw a leg over my Yamaha V-Max when I feel the need for speed.
  3. Lots of good suggestions. One I haven't seen mentioned is the Remington Golden Saber 125gr +P. Online they can be found at really good prices (to allow more practice) and test very well out of a snub nose. I bought a decent supply of them before I was able to find the Gold Dot 135 grain, short barrel stuff.
  4. TeaDub

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    My two favorites are Hot & Cold.
  5. The Glock 30 or 30S is a really good choice. You are used to them and they're a Glock. The grips are too thick for my use. I love my Glocks in 9 and 40. I had to look elsewhere for my 45s. I ended up with the XD Mod 2 Sub-compact. The grip circumference is actually a little less than the 9/40 Glocks but they still managed to pack 9 rounds (or 13 in the extended ones). The length is 1/4" longer than a G26 and shorter than the 19. The height is about halfway between the 26 and 19. Loaded weight is the same as the model 30, so about 3ish ounces heavier than the 30S. I keep a couple short mags stock and put Pearce extensions on a couple more for the pinky finger. The 13 rounder is backup or for the home. Very reliable and accurate gun.
  6. Very nice. Congrats. I've never seen that configuration on the new Colt. Enjoy it.
  7. I believe some of later variants came with a rail just prior to changing the name to "XD". It does look like '99 was the first year of the model. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HS2000 When I first heard they were made in Croatia, I pictured them being made in a barn or some such. I found this video that gives a glimpse inside their factory. The video is in Croatian but if you skip to about the 1:20 mark, you see they are actually pretty automated. Pretty good stuff.
  8. Nice find. I don't think I've ever seen the original version in the wild. I am a fan of the current production guns. Specifically the large frame versions. They managed to pack the magazine capacity of the big Glocks into a frame the size of the 9/40 framed G-brand. The original HS2000 looks pretty close to identical to the first XD models. The only thing that "looks" different is that Springfield had them add the Black Melonite finish when they took over sales here. From what I have read, the HS series was a little more prone to corrosion than the newer ones. For $200, that thing was well worth the purchase.
  9. Yea, the new Kimber DASA should be really nice. In 2" DAO form, it's nearly identical to the Smith 640 Pro for weight, size etc. Even the six shot cylinder is only something like 0.10 inches wider than the 5 shot J-frames. The new Colt really didn't do it for me. I was looking forward to it's release but I have been looking elsewhere after handling a half a dozen or so. I haven't held one recently so maybe they are a little better now? DrB, good luck in your hunt.
  10. SMH. Even in a thread dedicated to promoting civility, the bad conduct continues? This after the powers that be have asked y'all to stop? Numerous times.
  11. The article you list is from last Oct. Here's a newer one from today: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2019/01/23/president-trump-just-sent-a-boatload-of-judicial-nominations-to-the-senate-n2539892 So I see two nominees to the 9th Circuit. 1) Bridget S. Bade. She was nominated last year and seems to be nominated again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Shelton_Bade 2) Eric D. Miller. Likewise, he was nominated last year and has been re-submitted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_D._Miller
  12. Hmmm. I've not seen where he re-instated the blue slip deference. It was first changed in the fall of '17 and then Grassley seems to have gotten involved in the spring of last year. Now that Graham runs the Judicial Committee, I would believe the faster process will still be in place. Also, the fact that Trump submitted the same nominees for the 9th Circuit as before (against Feinstein's wishes) adds to my belief. That was part of the blue slip tradition. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  13. The article says there are 163 vacant seats. Toward the end of the last congressional session, McConnell really stepped up the pace. If he makes the same priorities now, two years would be just about right. It's not like the senate will be doing much voting on anything else.
  14. The Bill is H.R. 8. The Congressman that introduced it has posted the text. He has managed to pack a lot of bad stuff in a short, 6 page bill. Here is the text: https://mikethompson.house.gov/sites/mikethompson.house.gov/files/THOMCA_001_xml (002).pdf And here is a textual analysis of it's effects: https://reason.com/volokh/2019/01/09/textual-analysis-of-hr8-bill-to-to-requi Read that analysis. All I can say is wow. If Trump supports this and pushes McConnell to pass it, he will be a one term president. I'm hopeful that McConnell will foresee how ticked off the republican base would be and stand firm anyway. Will he?
  15. I'm not "anti" 5th Gen guns. I just have no interest in them. The largest negative for me is the ambi slide stop. I'm a lefty BTW. It looks clunky, adds width and caused the loss of the third frame pin. The new barrel and reports of the short throat causing occasional feeding issues also seems like a negative for me. I'm also not a fan of the slippery feel to the finish on the slide. None of it's issues are major. They just don't seem like progress. YMMV.
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