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  1. My wife makes killer, homemade pizza egg rolls. All the goodness of pizza "stuff" wrapped up in egg roll wrappers. Dipped in sweet and sour + Sriracha. Absolutely fantastic!
  2. Good to hear that you are doing better than at your worst. Hopefully it will improve as time goes on. I do have a question about those oximeters. We bought one that was rated very high on Amazon. It seems to work fine. My "normal" on it is 97-98%. You mentioned 88% is low. Dangerously low? Anything under what is a time to call doctors office?
  3. Ah, the posting when first seeing vs posting after catching up on the thread. A few posts down, Tadbart posts from home having been discharged from the hospital. Seemingly, feeling a good bit better from his ICU days. I try to wait. Sometimes I don't have the patience. Regardless, I haven't posted my well wishes since the "patient" has survived. I am truly glad to see that you have recovered sir.
  4. I'm uninitiated on hospital labels. Looking on DDG, I see several variations. Coronary/Cardiac Care unit or Critical Care unit seem the most common. There seems to be a difference in diagnosis between them. Regardless, out of the ICU sounds like a plus. Prayers your way Tadbart.
  5. As to the first part of your post, I don't boycott much at all. It is really becoming the oddity for a non-niche business to actively support the 2nd Amendment. Local laws here are pretty friendly toward CC. The second part of your post has me thinking I value protecting my family and myself more than corporate policy. The state and local laws allow me to carry "anywhere in the state". Well, minus prisons and other obvious exceptions. If/when that changes, I may reevaluate my thoughts. Private property? Tell me specifically you want me to leave and I will.
  6. I am not a Colt fan boy but am glad they are back in the revolver business. Maybe they can earn a new customer? Congrats on your new toys.
  7. The LCR seems to be a solid design. Ruger is definitely a solid company if there's a problem. I have FAR more experience with the Smiths. The triggers on the LCR are slightly sluggish on their reset compared to a J-frame. Also, there seems (to me) to be a false reset that will make the gun not fire unless you fully clear it. It's mostly felt when shooting a little faster. All of that is training related to MY experience. If I were just starting out, I'd likely just get the LCRs. I still may and just spend a lot of time learning the trigger. Ruger now offers a 3" LCRx in 357 Magnum. It also has adjustable sights and a hammer for that single action option. I want another 3" revolver. The Ruger has everything I want except that 6th shot that others like the Kimber have. We'll see.
  8. Sad news Silentpoet. We just lost our little buddy last Wed. Cancer is a cruel thing. We watched him waste away and used meds the last few months to try to keep his quality of life as good as possible. The time came when it looked like the pain outweighed the good. He would've been twelve next month. We got him from the shelter. This is Buster not long before he was diagnosed.
  9. Indeed. Over at TOS, I had one person on permanent ignore. Guess who? That only after reading a dozen plus postings that should have been a ban. Things up to and including threats of physical violence toward other forum members. I saw the first hints of that starting up here so I continued the tradition. I will say that the ignore function here is no where near as effective as TOS.
  10. It's pretty sad that republican presidents only seem to pick true conservatives about half the time. The dems always seem to bat a 1000.
  11. I've never been a hat wearer. I'm finally getting a thinning spot on top so I broke down and bought a khaki, boonie style hat for when doing the lawn. It has been a bit of a challenge finding my size. Not many companies make a 7 7/8 size. Size 8 would probably be better. Motorcycle helmets have also been a pain.
  12. Yep. I do remember him letting me feel the "braking" thing. Something to get acclimated to, but not a big deal. My driving habits would probably do well with an EV. It's my checkbook that the Missus has other plans for.
  13. Very cool Scott. I was able to ride in my brother's model 3 a month or so ago. The acceleration was impressive. The whole package was pretty cool. I'll probably just stick with my Corolla for now. I can still throw a leg over my Yamaha V-Max when I feel the need for speed.
  14. Lots of good suggestions. One I haven't seen mentioned is the Remington Golden Saber 125gr +P. Online they can be found at really good prices (to allow more practice) and test very well out of a snub nose. I bought a decent supply of them before I was able to find the Gold Dot 135 grain, short barrel stuff.
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