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  1. TeaDub


    Cool find. If it's mechanically solid, I'd also be tempted to strip the cerakote and have a skilled smith reblue it to look nice. I love the old K-frames.
  2. TeaDub

    Climate change, yep

    And here I have been sympathetic to your perspective in your prior posts. Never mind. Dismissal is far easier than dialog. Indeed.
  3. TeaDub

    Climate change, yep

    The earth has seen hotter and it's seen colder over the millions of years. Perhaps man plays a part in climate? I'd venture the errant volcano and the rest of nature contributes far more. I'm old enough to remember the ensuing "Ice Age" in the 70s from man made conditions. Agenda driven hype. I'm also curious about this "fossil fuels" terminology. Do people really believe that it's from dead dinosaurs? Last I saw, we (meaning just this country) were pumping out over 10 million barrels a DAY. That's a lot of dead animals.
  4. TeaDub

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    There is a saying I think is true. "It's not what we eat between Christmas and New Years that kills us, but between New Years and Christmas". I'm glad that you enjoyed Turkey Day! Get back in the saddle and reach your goal.
  5. TeaDub

    Opinion/interpretation Needed

    Where is this subsection placed in the law? Much of the code in my own state's laws are placed in Chapters such as "rules for pedestrians", "motor vehicle violations", etc. That would be the first indication. In the chapter for pedestrians? There's your answer. If it stands alone? I'd tend toward vehicles. Only those charged with issuing tickets in your area would know for sure.
  6. I don't live there so I have to go by commentary and articles I've read. Some suggest that McSally's campaign was poorly handled. That she relied too much on her military pedigree and lacked for a clear message outside the "cookie cutter" GOP stuff. Likewise that she was only partially engaged with grassroots campaigning. My information may be totally off base and I'd love to hear from those that live in Arizona. In her few years in Congress, her voting record is not that of a staunch conservative. More like Ryan/McConnell/McCain. Perhaps that's what the voters in Arizona want? As an outsider looking in, I'd love it if Gov Ducey could find an up and coming, strong conservative and give the two years to that person to gain name recognition. Unless McSally retools herself for 2020, we could be doing a repeat.
  7. TeaDub

    Politics "Sore Loser Stacey" refuses to concede

    This is local to me. I have recently feared that my state was slipping to purple. Abrams came within a breath of flipping the state. She had all the "credentials". Black, female and a supposed "uniter". She had two right. She openly campaigned as a hard-core leftist. What I thought was a decade or more away has arrived. The liberal disease has spread throughout the country. Georgia has another four years given Kemp's likely victory. The GOP can no longer take past strongholds for granted. Given the right color, gender and charisma, a blue wave will threaten us all. Vote and become involved accordingly.
  8. TeaDub

    What Car Did You...

    1979. An AMC Pacer. My father called it the "car of the future".
  9. TeaDub

    Eric Felt Like Cooking

    This picture is from a while back but we did this again tonight. Korean Samgyupsal. The only thing missing from the picture is the rice. Take a leaf of lettuce, add pork, fresh garlic, rice and ssamjang paste. Roll into a ball a pop it in. Yum. And no, I don't get to cook this. Mrs Teadub does this one.
  10. My shoulders and wrists are beginning to ache just looking at the pictures. This is plenty fast enough for me these days.
  11. TeaDub

    New 4" GP100

    Five inch revolvers are very cool. I miss my 629 Classic at times. I gave up 44's when I quit reloading decades ago. My latest love is the three inch. The balance is fantastic. The full length ejector rod along with increased velocity and potential accuracy vs a true snub nose. It doesn't take much for me when revolvers are the topic. I love'm all.
  12. TeaDub

    Who am I?!

    He came into my LGS a couple of times over the last 5 years or so. Not an introvert.
  13. TeaDub

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Outstanding. It sounds like you know what works for your body. Stick with it and you'll get there. I need to lose 15-20 pounds to get back to my high school weight. While I'm very intrigued by Keto, I don't believe that I could stick with it. What I have done recently is incorporate intermittent fasting (16/8) into my schedule 3-5 times a week. For me, that means drinking black coffee in the morning and eat between 11AM to 7PM. I've found that very easy to do. Cutting out most sugars and starches as well. It not as quick this way but seems easy to maintain. After reading a bit about IF, the health benefits seem far greater than just weight loss.
  14. TeaDub

    Politics Any other early voters?

    I don't mind early voting. It makes sense to lessen the crush on election day AND to allow some allowance for those travelling, etc. I'm not a big fan of the mail-in stuff. IMO, everyone that isn't deployed overseas or out of the country for months should: 1) show up in person at a polling place and 2) show picture ID before a ballot is handed to them. GA requires state ID to vote. I was actually impressed that the poll worker looked at my picture and immediately looked at my face as if she was actually doing her duty. I voted straight GOP as always. The eGOP sucks but they are head and shoulders above the only other option.
  15. TeaDub

    XDM 10mm 4.5

    I'm actually OK with the 4.0, 4.5 and 5.25 inch barrel options that SA offers in most of their full sized guns. In 10mm, 4.5 and 5.25 is a decent balance. I'm more interested in a 3.5 inch barrel vs the 3.0 they currently offer in their other double stack, compact guns.